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Innocent Sprites from an Innocent Bystander


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Also, can anyone recommend a good program from rotating sprites with making them blurry and un-useable? (MS paint does it, but it only rotates them to very uniform angles.)

Most programs, and Paint tool SAI I know for a fact, all you have to do is rotate it, and then do a print screen of it before it makes it blurry. Then just paste the print screen in paint and cut it out.
That's seriously how people do that sort of thing? Huh.
Anyway, I used a few of Asmoday's ideas and came up with:

Burmy's bubble cloak.

What happens if you're using a Cherrim and someone uses rain dance?

Miss Alexis

Event Collector :)
Anyway, I used a few of Asmoday's ideas and came up with:

Burmy's bubble cloak.

The bubble burmy is cuuute :) but the head is a bit fishy, hard for me to tell but it might be the bubbles being transparent and the tiny bubbles over its head. It is as if burmy doesnt have a body at all, because bubbles are seethrough, maybe you could give the bubbles more of a water effect so they are no longer transparent. Either that, or with this picture, maybe make burmys body visible inside the bubbles?


What happens if you're using a Cherrim and someone uses rain dance?

And as for the rain dance cherrim, I love how you also made it look small cute and somewhat unhappy with its form :) but its body looks a bit... blocky

Im not really good at rating or critiquing peoples sprites, but I did my best :p
My first proper animation, I'm quite proud of it considering I wasn't really paying attention to the angle of the parts.

Also, thanks to -Raiga- for the idea to use the print screen button.

Animated Desukan, Not too proud of it though.

I also did Shandera, but, I'm still not exactly happy with it.

Any ideas as to what's wrong?
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Believe it or not, I HAVE got Shandera's flames moving. BUT, I could probably make the movement a lot more noticeable. And, if I slow down the frames, it just looks weird. Maybe if I add more frames I could slow them down, so I'll see what i can do.

Marakacchi pixel over for the pixel over dex. It's still a WIP though.

I plan on animating it sooner or later.
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6 different pokemon
The picle over of the 5th gen plant looks good for a WIP.
The new animation op shandeera is much better, the flames are really well made. But it goes a little too quick...
I really love your spriting! You have a really unique style in these animation, the two in your sig and Roopushin, as well as the two Legendaries. I really like it.

The Roopushin has too few frames in my opinion. He needs a few more, as do all your current animations. That's just my opinion, mind you. And I also think he's look better wielding the stone pillars like clubs. The way he's holding them doesn't look natural.


6 different pokemon
wow that roopushin looks great, I reallyl iek the sprite but the animation could be made alittle more special
I decided to make a scraps sheet, it's pretty much where I put stuff I can't be bothered saving as individual files

Darumakka. My new claim. I'm not really that big on the animation, but meh.
Oh yeah, any thoughts on the scraps sheet?

Because I was bored and needed something to post so I'm not bumping my thread for nothing.

Spherical Ice

Average Spriter
That style is just ♥♥♥.

Seriously it's so fitting for that Pokémon and I think I might try my hand at doing something similar!

Epwna is a Sceptile

The epic turnip king
Nice Klaus from Mother 3(I think).

I have to say, I'm a pretty big fan of your sprites. So far your Marakacchi is looking really good. And I love your devamps, especially your Kyurem. And your scrap sheet is good, just the colored ones, except the Roopushin, needs some better shading. Like the Virizion's back leg seems a bit blocky.

And for rotating parts, I think that GIMP is good for that.