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Inoculations and Therapy Graphics

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Northern Lights

This Munchkin would like a Sketch

Image + Shiny Umbreon
Style + Umbreon jumpping out of a darkish forest, (a few leafs flying forward) with its mouth open a litte
The feet kinda like this: http://th05.deviantart.net/images3/150/i/2004/10/6/6/Umbreon_in_the_Shadows.jpg
but the head tilted a little to the right. the front legs up a little in the air so you can see a little of the belly and the back legs.
Text + A True Nightmare (under the picture with a red glow)
Colour Preference + Dark Blue glow around umbreon and the trees

Thanks a bunch! ^_^

PEOPLE! I don't do sketches anymore, you can't just make up forms >.<


Sparkling Star
This Munchkin would like a Banner

Image +x
Style +Girly ,and Elegant ,if not any that looks good
Text +Drifblim Away
Colour Preference + Any that looks good


Northern Lights




This Munchkin would like a Banner

Image + My current Avatar
Style + Quite flowy, like waves of the ocean, but aside from that, do what you want.
Text + Dancing Treecko
Colour Preference + Green and yellows


Angel of Chaos
Erm..um...>_> Sorry, but I'm reposting this. It's at the bottom of the last page, and I wasn't sure if you saw it, so sorry if you are working on it right now. >_< Again, sorry.

This Munchkin would like a Banner

Image + This
Style + Dark with white overtones
Text + Shadow and Light
Colour Preference + None
Size + The same size as the banner in my sig. Doesn't matter if the image is a bit squashed.

m!ss p!nk

Puss wuss >3
This Munchkin would like a Icon*

Image + This
Style + cute :3
Text + none
Colour Preference + Deep pink and light pink ~


The afro is powerful
This Munchkin would like a Banner

It's me again, I made another sketch, I didn't like the other one-_- could you again make a banner:

Image + http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x149/Akatsuki_Dragon_/Afbeelding-5.jpg
Style + (Evil) Same as before,
Text + Horror Ryders
Colour +same as before, http://i47.*******.com/20zo4y1.jpg so like this one which you made before
Size + 468 x 60

again thnx very much!
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I'm back!!!
This Munchkin would like a Banner

Image +i435.photobucket.com/.../359Absol.jpg
Style +Absol jumping onto the human and in a forest.
Text +Absol brothers
Colour Preference +Anything that is nice.
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The afro is powerful
Yeah! ban's over! Anyway, sorry for reposting that quickly!
Could you please accept my request now?
thnx in advance
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The Mono-type Man
This Munchkin would like a Banner

Alright, so I was the Normal GL for the OSL, and I was dropped. However, I really loved the smeargle banner you did, and I was wondering if you can do something along the lines of that.

Image + See above
Style + See above
Text + Hauntershadow92
Colour Preference + Pastely. Softer colors, nothing too dark. Pretty much the same thing as the Gym Leader Sig. Just without the Gym LEader stuff on it.

Thank you so much.

Northern Lights

This Munchkin would like a Banner

Requested over Three Request Limit - Banned until 8th December





m!ss p!nk;


Now, I am Free for Requests.

Dragon of miracle

Meh... I don't care
This Munchkin would like a Banner

Image + This
Style + Transparent would be cool, add some sparkling, shiny effect.
Text + 奇跡のドラゴン (If not, then Dragon of miracle)
Colour Preference + Blue?

Northern Lights

Dragon of Miracle




^Something new i decided to try =]


Queen of Charizards!
Hey northern lights i have a question i have this pic a friend made me and i want it to become a banner can i give u the link to the pic or should i just request a banner?
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