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Inoculations and Therapy Graphics

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it's beautiful, thanks so much my dear


Guess who's back
This Munchkin would like a Banner*

Image + I found two versions of the same pic (One's more zoomed in, the other has more of the background) so I'll post both so you can choose which one's easier/you'd rather to work with :)
Version 1: http://i49.*******.com/2envjnq.jpg
Version 2: http://i49.*******.com/117afic.jpg
Style + Like your David Tennant banner if that's ok?
Text + MUSE, So confused when you're lost in the groove (Could that be underneath like the text on your Tennant banner but with MUSE on the actual image?)
Colour Preference + Whatever works really...

Thanks in advance! :D

Wouldn't it be easier to write that under the banner yourself, in whatever colour and font you take a fancy to, so you can edit it?
Yeah ok, Just MUSE on the banner itself then please
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Northern Lights

This Munchkin would like a Banner

+ http://nimbuzzer.co.cc/uploads/Emo_angel_by_Samir.jpg

Style + Any style, as long as it fits the image [If possible, can you reverse the colors?]

Text + Love Hurts

Color Preference + Anything, as long as it fits the image

Incorrect Image Source - Banned [01/03/10]






Hi, yeh im really sorry and i promise this is the last one for a long time, but our clan just merged with another one and we mixed the two names, so i was wondering if you could make me another title header?

This Munchkin would like a Title Header

Image + http://pokemon.marriland.com/images/.../sw_15_mew.jpg (if the link doesn't work its the mew you used before.)
http://www.serebii.net/M10-TCG.jpg ( can you fit two in, if not please do not make this request as we already have one very similar. Also just the pokemon please, not the backgrounds.)
Style + Symbolising Unity? ( representing the clans have merged.)
Text + The Legacy
Colour Preference + Pinks, Purples, Blacks (representing the colours of the two images.)
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Corroded Arceus

Shiny Hunter
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<-- so adorable ^_^
before I post my request I have a question.
would u do a banner with uhamm.....3-4 pokemon?
I will send u the pics and all but can u do that?
(kind of something like the banner I have)


<-- so adorable ^_^

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
Heyy NL~!

This Munchkin would like a Banner*

Image + This one~!
Style + Mystical
Text + "You have a strong heart. No fear. But stupid, ignorant like a child."
Colour Preference + Same as the image

Is it possible that I can get a Avatar to go with it? If not I completly understand!

Thanks NL, you're the best :)

EDIT: Can you make it large, but still inside the sig rules?

Northern Lights

ok ~.:Northern Lights:.~ check this out:
this is from what u said (sugimori art)--->


now I want to add 2 more pokemon pics I found but they aren't from where u said. can I still use them? (its kind of important)

Just copy and upload those two image, and the ones you found onto ******* [you don't need an account]

It's just my comp has problems going to some sites from links, and it's already had one major virus as it is.

Mr. Joker; you just made my day =D [i love her to pieces X3]


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