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Inspiration Needed


Hellos Earthling, been a while since I've posted here.

Anyways, nearly a year ago i started a RPG which died in about 2 or 3 pages, but i was told the storyline was quite good so I am going to re-write it as a fan fiction/story (which i might post on serebii in a while)

However, throughout my fan fiction saga of writing stories which i get bored of after a few posts/chapters/pages, i have not been able to master the art of Inspiration.

Inspiration may occur in many ways to different people, but it is not something i have a knack of (maybe because I'm only like 14). So pretty much, i was wondering what other peoples' inspiration was or any general tips for a semi-rookie writer, as i am not wanting to get bored of this story.

Thank you, caio


Americanreigon champ
My main problem was always getting started, but If I ever get stuck I start a rp on neopets and it usually gives me some ideas.


Backstreet's back
Can't say that Neopets roleplay sessions ever helped me, but to each their own, I suppose. XD Personally, if I were you, I would start off with things that require rather less inspiration than most stories: one-shots. I'm sure your one-shots won't be twenty-page doorstoppers like mine are, but at least they'll be a story you have finished, and that will serve to remind you that it is indeed possible to finish a chaptered fic, even at your age. (My first fanfic was finished in early 2008, when I was... oh I dunno. Eleven?)


Well-Known Member
My problem however is that I have all the imagination but then I just loose the motivation occasionaly to write. So what I'd say is go into it a Chapter at a time, not worrying about what is to come ahead later one, except I would say the ieda of long running story ideas may be useful to conjure up first! So good luck with all this, and as the person above said with one-shots, count the Chapters as completeion enough and that may drive you forward!