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Instead of the OU teams,I decided to make a UU one.


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Hi all,
instead of making a OU team,I decided to make a UU team.

Crobat @ Leftovers
Jolly Nature
104 HP / 252 Speed / 152 Attack
-Brave Bird

My lead.Set taken off Smogon.Taunt allows me to Taunt any Toxic Spikes Roserade or Stealth Rock Uxie.Brave Bird as my primary attacking move,Roost for Brave Bird recoil recovery and U-Turn for scouting.

Claydol @ Light Clay
Careful Nature
252 Defense / 200 SpDefense / 56 Attack
Levitate Ability
-Light Screen
-Stealth Rock

Sets up Stealth Rock,Light Screen and Reflect and booms away.Self explanatory.

Spiritomb @ Leftovers
Impish Nature
200 Defense / 252 SpDefense / 56 Attack
Pressure Ability
-Sucker Punch

Spin blocker and PP staller.Spite+Pressure = 6 PP lost.Taunt and Sucker Punch is a good combo.Protect is to PP stall after Taunt.Taunt also destroys Blisseys with Seismic Toss.

Scyther @ Focus Sash
Jolly Nature
4 HP / 252 Attack / 252 Speed
Technician Ability
-Swords Dance
-Quick Attack
-Aerial Ace

Focus Sash allows Scyther to get a Swords Dance in if Stealth Rock is not in play,then it follows up to sweep with its high speed.

Slowbro @ Leftovers
Sassy Nature
252 SpecialDefense / 56 Defense / 156 HP / 44 Special Attack
Own Tempo
-Thunder Wave
-Slack Off
-Calm Mind

Cripples sweepers with Thunder Wave.Calm Mind boosts its Special Attack and Special Defense into greater heights.Slack Off for recovery and Surf for a move.Need help with the EVs.

Shaymin @ Wide Lens
Timid Nature
4 HP / 252 Special Attack / 252 Speed
Natural Cure
-Seed Flare
-Earth Power
-Hidden Power[Ice]

My special sweeper.Rest is a form of recovery.Paired up with Natural Cure,Shaymin has free 100% health recovery.Seed Flare as its STAB move.Earth Power and Hidden Power[Ice] are for coverage.

Gren Draco

Crobat's attacking EV's allow it to KO machamp, machamp's not in UU meaning you can change that.
164HP/136Atk/212Spe gets a lefties point and also outruns the next fastest thing in OU; Swellow. though it may be outrun by some scarfed thing, they'd probably outrun it at max spe anyway.
Claydol would benefit more from max HP than DEf i think, but i'm not sure, the whole def> hp or hp>def thing confuses me.
this is a UU team and you want your spiritomb to taunt blissey? not to mention spiritomb wouldn't be affected by seismic toss anyway.
Protect should go for pain split, although the whole PP stalling set seems a bit gimmicky anyway.
Also his EV's should be something like:
252Hp/216Def/40Atk or SpD since you'll be mainly switching him in on physical attackers DEF is the most important. HP needs max since it has such a low base.
Scyther should lead if you use him without a Rapidspinner, so if i was you i'd just change him for a more reliable physical sweeper, like altaria.
Slowbro should be 212Hp/216Def/80SpA or SpD and you should replace thunder wave with Hidden Power (electric) since with one move you're likely to be beaten down by stuff that resist it.
you should give shaymin Choice Specs to give him a hard hit, and you should also switch out rest for another attack, like air slash or psychic. Since i doubt shaymin will get down to low enough health to warrant using rest over another attacking option.

Drummer Tom

NU/UU Connoisseur
Wow, three of those guys are on my UU/NU team!


For my claydol I use
252 HP / 252 Def / 6 Sp Def
But you can use whatever.

And for scyther I suggest Reversal and focus sash.
It surprises aggron and other steel and rock walls in UU/NU


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I suggest replacing shaymin with a rapid spinning starmie, so that you still have a special sweeper and can clear rocks for scyther.
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I apologize for that post, it slipped my mind, I have seen the tiers before and got shaymin mixed up again somehow...


so adorable...
Well, try to keep up to date. =) Metagame constantly changes.

Claydol and Spiritomb need 252 HP. Without it, they cannot take hits.

Focus on Slowbro's strengths. Don't bother maxing Special Defence because you don't want it to take special hits. If you want something to take special hits, use Slowking. Slowbro is the bulky Water of the two.