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Internet Memes you dislike


Dark Poke'mon Lover
I pretty much dislike all memes (especially trollface, Chuck Norris jokes, forever alone, and any of those involving My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), but I do like a few such as Caramelldansen, Leekspin, and Smooooch


Tsun in the streets


The arrow to the knee meme.It wasn't funny the first 1000 times and neither is it funny the 1001 time. Thanks God the meme isn't used that much anymore.

And I also start to dislike the Chuck Norris jokes.


Perky Goth
Chuck Norris jokes.


She wants it
I used to like arrow the the knee jokes.....but screw it you know the rest.

now I don't like them.


Well-Known Member
My college has been doing something called "College Memes" in which they make memes of stuff on campus. I hate those, because people don't know what they are doing. It's like


Active Member
I think memes are a pretty cool guy, eh makes everyone happy and doesn't afraid of anything.

Truly, the only memes I despise are the chuck norris ones. I never understood why he was so awesome or why they were funny. He is just some old cowboy unless I missed something.


First Male Swiftie
I lied. It drives me mad


Pokemon Trainer
Not the ones made to cause controversy. An example would be the one with a picture of the twin towers and #YOLO written on the bottom.

Corroded Arceus

Shiny Hunter
I like most of them, but not the "I can count to potato" one. It's just mean and flat-out not funny.


pringle user
I hate bronies, they're a meme right?

to change the subject before a huge ridiculous pony related argument starts, I also hate the overuse of the trollface.