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Interrupting meditation

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Lulu_used_SunnyDay, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Lulu_used_SunnyDay

    Lulu_used_SunnyDay Petal Blizzard

    A very simple fic, not featuring any characters from the anime whatsoever. Will eventually include characters from the game in the following chapters, but as of now there are only pokemon in this story.

    So please tell me what you think and....well, enjoy!

    Rated: PG.


    Chapter 1

    The blue bisharp slowly raised his eyes to meet the very last sunlight of the day, that was already spreading its crimson colour in the river beneath Village Bridge, now looking like a slow, glistening lava lake. Voices; human, noisy voices drifted in the air, sinking the tired warrior’s mood even more. There was going to be a festival of some kind, one of those multiple occasions that the inhabitants of the small town never missed to enjoy themselves and to forget, even for just one night, the problems they had to face every day.

    Bisharp didn’t want to admit he envied them, so he shook his head and began to walk out of the water. How many days had he been training his heart out in the field? He deliberately chose not to remember. What good could such a knowledge ever bring? He certainly wasn’t the type that proudly marked his progresses on rocks or trees in his hunting ground, just to tell himself he did a good job even though he may not have made any actual improvement. To wish for improvement, was rather something to be proud of. Nobody ever told him so, yet he believed so with his whole being.

    Had anybody ever understood his need of more power? Certainly not his siblings, who were so annoyed with his stubbornness they chased him off with the excuse of his different colouring being a deformity their pack could no longer tolerate.
    Neither did the other wild pokemon he encountered in his aimlessly wondering about. They all, just like his old group, hunted only to fill their bellies and to defend themselves from those who hunted them for the same purpose.

    Not even…no, nor the extravagant humans did. As soon as they were considered old enough, they were sent out in the world on their own to work and provide for themselves, and one was considered lucky if he didn’t need to continue for the rest of his or her life. They seldom had anything to look forward to, as they endlessly dragged their way to survival. So he shouldn’t really blame them for taking a break now and then, still, when they did, he sincerely wished not to be there. Young maidens singing their hearts out accompanied by rougher voices of drunken men was nothing but useless noise for him. Never once had he found himself following the rhythm of their dances, and never will.

    He was now wiping himself against the wide branches of a tree nearby, drying his wet armour after training in the river. He couldn’t think of any real motive behind the choice of such an ambiance, if not that that he just liked the way the water kept him cool in the hottest summer days and gently wiped away his sweat as he slashed the air with the blades on his forearms. Shaking off the useless dripping afterwards was the price he had to pay for the treatment. He didn’t disdain the task itself, anyway, just the fact that he pretty much had to hide while doing so. He knew all too well how the trainers ’s eyes were skilled in seeking wild pokemon in the shaking grass, and never once had those greedy kids missed a chance to catch him. Oddly enough, the same thing that pokemon disdained, humans apparently considered a rare beauty that anyone who didn’t possess envied those who did.
    Kicked off by his own family, hunted down by the creatures he hated above all…
    “Could I have been more unlucky?” He asked himself, regretting it a few seconds later as his eyes began to sting. How foolish he was. Had he not learned by now that reviving painful memories only shattered his courage and left him drowning in sorrow?
    But as he let his eyes lift to the sky once more, he froze. A thin, elegant shadow was sitting, motionless, on the bridge’s railing, straight against the dying sun with a strange, silent pride.

    The blue warrior instantly forgot everything but the small figure several feet above him. He went without hesitation back in the water he had just finished drying himself of, ran until the river was deep and swam towards the basement of the bridge. He reached and steadily climbed it until he was close enough to the railing to clearly see the Mienshao, far deep into her meditation with her eyes closed, her paws gathered against her thin chest and their long furry sleeves elegantly hanging in front of her.
    He stopped not far from the pale weasel, gripped on the cold iron bars of the bridge’s structure, fondly admiring the only reason he didn’t quit that small town just like any other place he’d been to. Just as always, fear and anticipation filled him at once, while he tried to slow his breathing after the climbing and the sudden emotions that invaded his heart. He forced himself to widen his smile and climbed up on the railing.

    Minnie felt her small nose vibrating as the unmistakable scent of her friend grew stronger. She couldn’t help but feeling butterfrees fill her stomach when she realised that Bisharp had noticed her and was climbing up the bridge to meet her. She nervously started wondering how she looked like and resisted the impulse to laugh when she heard him stopping just beneath her, thinking she didn’t know he was coming. How silly, she thought, when for the whole evening he noisily skipped about in the river, probably waking up the few creatures in the valley that were taking a small nap before the beginning of the festival.

    Right, the festival. It was hard to ignore such a big event and to isolate her mind from her surroundings like she did almost every evening. She’ d always been dead serious about this one aspect of her training, and tried her best to make her teammates understand how important it was for her. It had been surprisingly difficult. She could scarcely believe they honestly didn’t understand the benefits of meditation, how reinforcing the spirit was at least as important as the body. Though in the end they all agreed not to interfere, accepting the fact as a small, odd habit of hers.
    Which is also the reason they were all startled when they noticed how little she cared about a blue guy regularly interrupting her meditation. But the Mienshao, who posed herself the same question, soon stopped wondering about it. Even though she didn’t dare saying it out loud even to herself, it was all too obvious.
    As soon as she realised the truth, she spent most of her spare time on her own, alternating between feeling guilty for so girlishly desiring the blue bisharp’s company more than anything else; and fondly recalling every instant of the evenings he came to visit her.

    Could she ever tell what exactly made him so damn fascinating? She doubted it. More than once, the mienshao carefully divided what she knew about him and examined every bit of his personality as if she was a baker who needed to select the proper ingredients for his recipe. None of these single pieces seemed all that special on their own, so she could only conclude that just when put together they gave the result she found herself holding dear.

    Minnie suddenly snapped out of her fantasies, nervously noticing the bisharp didn’t yet come to her. Did he change his mind? Was he thinking that maybe for once he should just leave her alone? Was he tired of her? Was he-

    “Hey” said the blue head peeking above the railing.
    All but showing the joy that invaded her, she calmly responded “You interrupted my meditation”.
    Such a big lie. That day she hadn’t even tried meditating, listening to him instead, trying to figure out his exact movements as he was training.
    “Oh. I…I’m sorry” he whispered with a sudden shadow crossing his face.
    Was he serious? Minnie doubted it, but had to change her mind when she looked into Bisharp’s eyes. He looked so ridiculously mortified that, this time, she didn’t bother resisting the impulse to laugh.
    At first, her dark prince looked puzzled, then he smiled and, with an agile jump, joined her on the bridge.
    Soon, their laughter softly died off and the two pokemon let a serene silence descend on them, happily enjoying each other’s presence.

    End of Chapter 1
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2011
  2. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    It was alright. Just letting you know that there were a few times that you didn't capitalize 'Bisharp' other then that, I couldn't see anything else.

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