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Interview With The Authors

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Timid Kyogre, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Timid Kyogre

    Timid Kyogre Endangered Creature

    Author Interviews

    Approved by Dragonfree

    Interview with the Authors

    This idea came to my mind when I was watching an interview with my mother while I was extremely bored. An idea came to mind, and I thought...why not interview the authors?

    This is very simple. I just pick a random author every week and interview him/her. Of course, you have to keep it in mind that I have to read the author's fics so it may take some time so don't be hasty.

    I also have lots of other stuff I need to do in real life as you all know, so I may not finish an interview in a week (it depends) If the author has a lot of fics it will take more time and the interview will be longer.

    I will usually interview the authors who write well and the authors that have something to say.

    What's the use of this? Authors will learn more about the interviewed author, and they will probably learn a few things. It will also help people who are willing to be authors, and maybe reviewers too.

    So all you have to do is sit back and wait to be interviewed. I will send a PM to the author and when I have the answers, double-checked them, and all of that then I will post it here!

    If you have any questions about this please post (don't post the questions you have for the interviewed author, just post general questions)


    Timid Kyogre: Uhh, so I guess I'll start preparing the Roses and Chocolates Interview until Psychic is back from Polland...?



    Read the Rules
    Read the Rules
    Read the Rules
    Is that clear? Yes it is, so don't tell me you didn't know that you had to read the rules. :D (lol)



    Ooo, shiiiny!

    - Don't SPAM.

    - Please don't beg to be interviewed, I choose a random author each week. Everyone has a chance to be interviewed.

    - If the author I choose to interview chose not to recieve PMs I'm afraid that author can't be interviewed.

    - One simple thing...do not PM me questions, post them. Why? What if someone asks the same question?

    - If you are going to change your username please PM me even if you're interviewed. I might interview you again.

    - Psychic and I have the right to delay someone's interview if they were chosen and didn't reply in Five days.

    - A rule for new rules: When a new rule is created, I'll post the details. I will not post a link to the post here, you just search for it.



    Note: There are links to the posts, just click on the name of the author.

    Episode One: Interview with Burnt Flower - The Horror Mistress
    Episode Two: Interview with Negrek - The Slugma Extraordinaire
    Episode Three: Interview with katiekitten - The Kitten Phoenix
    Episode Four: Interview with Dragonfree - T3h spwriter
    Episode Five: Interview with Klaus - The Sophisticated Researcher *Who has a whip*
    Episode Six: Interview with xXSaberXx - The Drama Mama
    Episode Seven: Interview with Whit19 - The Lost Savior
    Episode Eight: The Winter Awards Interview 1 | 2
    Episode Nine: Interview with Jo-Jo - The Shipping Mistress
    Episode Ten: Interview with Ledian_X - Your Friendly Neighborhood Ledian
    Episode Eleven: Interview with Tale - The Dreamer
    Episode Twelve: Interview with Act - The Not Ever-Decisive
    Episode Thirteen: LaughingStock Interview (Interview with Saffire Persian)
    Episode Fourteen: Interview with CHeSHiRe-CaT - The Dream Wanderer
    Episode Fifteen: Interview with Scrap - The Homidical Rainbow Terrorist
    Episode Sixteen: Interview with Quakerdrill - Reclusive Procrastinator Extraordinaire
    Episode Seventeen: Interview with Sike Saner - The Pokécentric Workaholic (With Shoe-Hurling Action and Electronic Sound Effects!)
    Episode Eighteen: Interview with Psychic - The Insane Mewtwo-stalking, n00b-crushing Reviewer

    Coming Soon

    Roses and Chocolates Interview


    List of Authors​

    Note: Authors that have a star next to their name are authors who would like to delay their interviews.

    1. Power Shot
    2. IceKing
    3. Kisa
    4. Eternal Daydreamer
    5. Zephyr Flare
    6. Typhlogirl
    7. CyberCubed
    8. Brian Powell
    9. Lady Myuu
    10. Joshua - Avian Extraordinaire
    11. Yoru Ryu
    12. gladdecease
    13. Nylf
    14. Psychic
    15. Elemental Charizam
    16. Serpent Syra
    17. pokeplayer984
    18. Chibi Pika
    19. PDL
    20. Encyclopika
    21. RaZoR LeAf

    - No positions left, so please don't ask to be interviewed till I'm done with those authors.

    - If you want to be on the next list, wait for me to announce that you're able to send me a PM asking for that.

    - If you think one of the authors doesn't deserve to be interviewed send a PM with the name of the author and the reason.


    How the Interviews Work​

    - I'll send you a PM telling you to list your fics (includes one shots if you have some). You also have to list the awards you won.

    - After Psychic and I finish reading your fic, the interview will start and both of us will ask you a few questions If you would like to ask a question to the interviewed author, PM me.

    - If I write ____ in the interview...well, it's obvious, that's where you write your answers. Please don't erase the line, write your answers next to it. Why? It makes it easier to me when I post. Don't ask, just do it.

    - Don't just write "Yes." or "No." as an answer, give long answers that have a point.

    - Please don't give links to fics outside SPPf, goes to awards too.


    Getting Your Fic Accepted​

    Like I mentioned here a million times before, PM me if you want to be interviewed, and I'll reply. Please PM ONLY when you see there are places left for another author.

    How do I accept and reject fics? I judge like this:

    - Grammar and Spelling. If the Grammar and Spelling of the fic is good.

    - Description.

    - If the whole fic was dumb, interesting, or whatever.


    Wall of Shame​

    Whoever will be in this list will never, ever be interviewed...ever.

    This is the result of TK getting so sick and tired of rule breakers. I had a list of rule breakers before, but I gave them all second chances. Later on, I ignored it, hoping it will get better, but it didn't, and err...this was created.

    Gradius - who obviously ignored the first post, aka this.



    lol, I find the title funny o_O FAQ...lmfao.

    Q: I'm confused, how do you interview the authors?
    A: First, I send a PM to the interviewed author asking them to list thier fics and awards they've won. Then after me and Psychic finish from reading the fics I write questions and send them to Psychic, then she sends the PM back with a few questions (includes the questions that had been asked) Then we send the PM to the author and he/she answers. After that we could ask more questions and PM it back. Finally, after editing the interview I post it.

    Q: How can I be interviewed?
    A: Send me a PM with a link to one of your fics and I'll send a PM telling you if I accept or not.

    Q: Are Shipping Fics and Previews allowed to be interviewed?
    A: Yes, Shipping Fics are allowed. Previews are not though, because most of the previews don't show much detail about the fic. The fics have to be posted.



    Psychic is my helper.

    - Don't ask me to replace her. I chose her, and I could change her whenever I want to.

    - Psychic will always double-check on the things she will announce by PMing me to make sure first, so everything she will say is true.

    When I'm not available, Psychic will work on the interview with the helper we chose, and when they're both done Psychic will post it. No one else, only Psychic.

    - Please remember that any PMs that go to her about this thread get forwarded to me, and I do the same.


    Other stuff​

    - After I finish from inteviewing the authors on the list, I will take a short break, then return to interviews. During that short break, you are allowed to PM me with ideas and post here if you have any questions Don't post ideas, PM them. And don't PM questions, post them.

    - To the authors I didn't accept, you get to have unlimited chances. Just try your best, practice makes perfect. Please keep it mind that I am able to not give you any chances. You should be thankful that you even HAVE chances. I'll refuse it if you just keep on writing horrible fics and I'll also refuse it if I saw you flaming anybody in the forums.

    - Authors are allowed to get interviewed again only if they wrote more fics.


    Any mistakes, PM me.

    ~Timid Kyogre
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2007
  2. Kiyohime

    Kiyohime Well-Known Member

    Interesting idea. oO;; It sounds fun. I'd DEFINITELY read Saber's interview..XD But you should also interview the lesser-known and beginner authors so they can be in the limelight and people would read their stories. Give everyone a chance, etc, etc. xD
  3. Ledian_X

    Ledian_X Don Ledianni

    Hmm..I'd like to read Burnt Flower's interview to gain insight into her mind, which comes up with with scary stories. Then there's you Scrappy! Let's see what makes you tick! =P Either way, this is very interesting! Go for it! This should be fun!

  4. IceKing

    IceKing Sexorific!

    Suprisingly enough, she is actually quite a pleasant and nice person XD Unfortunately, her beign so pleasant and nice from talking to me an others is holding back her writing ;__;

    Here's an idea: why don't you say who the author to be interviewed is beforehand so people can submit questions
  5. Lady Myuu

    Lady Myuu Damsel mostly Stressed.

    You know, just a sugestion but perhaps you should have a sort of poll of like three authors you might interview? and the order of votes is the order of interviews...

    I'd be interested in Iceking's interview cuz he's all ready an interesting person to talk too. Scrap too... Ooh and Renegade though I think I know everything about her fic through and through (happens when you close friends XD)
  6. Ledian_X

    Ledian_X Don Ledianni

    There's a thought. And yeah, I talk to Burnt Flower and Scrap frequently so, yes she's a nice person. Anyway, I second the motion to reveal the first author!

  7. Dilasc

    Dilasc Boip!

    I wonder if anyone would read an interview of me, or if they'd just not care about my words in favor of other authors, as per usual. I have far too much to say to NOT want to be interviewed though.

    The idea is good, but I seriously think you should not choose people's favorite authors, and opt instead to interview a bunch of underdogs instead, simply because they are not known, and need their chance to shine.
  8. Seijiro Mafuné

    Seijiro Mafuné Diogomainardista!

    I'd read. I think there should be an emphasis on the lesser-known authors, however.
  9. Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix

    Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix rEvolutionary INC.

    XD. I was mulling an Idea like this over. Beat me to it. I'm sorta looking forward to it, mt questions were all simple, I wanna see what you'll do
  10. Kiyohime

    Kiyohime Well-Known Member

    Relax, she/he's doing random authors. Not ones based on how well or less known they are. Let's not be biased here, okay? I'm sick and tired of this whole "well-known" authors versus "underdog" authors rivalry ********. It's petty, it's irritating, and it's ridiculous. You write because you write, and that's that. Popularity does NOT NEED to be a factor. It's just interviews for Chrissake.
  11. billy5772

    billy5772 SENIOR

    Awww, this idea is awesome! These interviews should be very interesting to read. I can't wait till the first one! Billy apologizes for not actually adding anything to the thread, but he just wants you to be encouraged by his enthusiasm for the idea.
  12. Seijiro Mafuné

    Seijiro Mafuné Diogomainardista!

    He's the one who said that certain authors take preference. Not my fault I doubt I take preference.
  13. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    Interesting idea. How are you going to select the author, though? There are so many on here that they wouldn't really fit on a poll, and as you can see, there are already many different opinions on who you should pick otherwise. And if we had nominations or something like for the awards, it would take even longer to do each interview.

    So I think it's a neat idea, but just the fact that it will probably get an overwhelming response could mean, IMO, that you would find the task a bit... overwhelming.
  14. Eternal Daydreamer

    Eternal Daydreamer Surrender to the Sea

    To pick, I think you should put almost every author on a slip of paper then put all the scraps in a hat. Then draw one.

    Honestly, good idea. Can't wait for Klaus's interview. His will be wild and zany as always. Hopefully.
  15. Lady Myuu

    Lady Myuu Damsel mostly Stressed.

    I think we just need to let her (guessing by the 'water goddess' its a her) choose who she wants to interview first as it is her choice since she started this. When I meant poll I meant she would pick out three authors that she would look forward to interviewing and letting peopel vote who goes first.

    Then the sumbitting question one was a good idea too... its not really our choice who gets chosen in the end. Let the thread owner decide.
  16. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Don't forget there's a Non-Pokemon section too. Not everyone here writes Pokemon fiction, and it would be unfair to ignore people for this. Otherwise, this is a great idea, it'd be interesting to hear of people's reasons and backgrounds behind their writing.
  17. Kamex

    Kamex Team Rocket's rockin

    Good idea. I'm sort of concerned with the questions, though... Make sure they're good. Maybe simple and straightforward, maybe specific and efficient, maybe the most wondered question. But try and make them good ones, however you do so. ^^
  18. Ledian_X

    Ledian_X Don Ledianni

    Yeah! Non pokemon authors deserve a shot at this. So, we got to add them in. It's only fair. PX has a point. He always does.

  19. IceKing

    IceKing Sexorific!

    Honestly, do you think people would rather read an interview of a beloved Serebii author who has been around for years or some new guy who got about 2 reviews and nobody knows? Not saying it's exactly the fairest of situations, but I think we should acknowledge the fact that there are some more popular people (e.g., Breezy and Dragonfree) that people would love to read a interview from. I think perhaps we should do two interviews a week conducted by two diffferent people: one of a more well known beloved serebii author and a less known/beginnier author
  20. Kiyohime

    Kiyohime Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm well aware of it, but I REALLY WOULD LOVE IT IF PEOPLE WOULD STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT AND BRINGING IT UP EVERYWHERE. I know I'm overreacting in some aspects, but this is really starting to grate on my nerves like nothing else.

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