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into the world of yugioh

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Mc: Hi this is my first Fanfic, so it might not be the best. This is a story about a girl who is transported into the Yugioh world and has only a no memory of how she got there and why she was sent there. Will she find out why she is there or will she fail in her quest.

Disclaimer: Don’t own anything YGO, but really wish I did. The only thing I own is Stela and she resents being owned. (Glances nervously over to where Stela is standing and smiles sweetly.)
(Ding-dong) 15-year old Stela looked away from the T.V, were she was watching Yu-gi-oh, the ringing doorbell distracting her. (Ding-dong, Ding-dong) The door rang twice this time, as if the person who was outside was growing impatient. Stela sighed, got up, and hurried to the door, muttering, “I’m coming, I’m coming, ” Under her breathe.

Opening the door, Stela saw a tall, pimply delivery boy, with a rather large package under his arm, standing on the porch. ‘Hmmm, I wonder if it’s the book I ordered.’ Stela thought as the delivery boy looked down at her, then at his clipboard. “Are you Stela Mist?” he asked in a bored voice. Stela nodded. “I have a package for you, please sign on the dotted line.”

After giving the boy her John Hancock, Stela closed the door and looked down at the package, which was plain in itself: a foot x foot box with brown cardboard and an address label. Stela humored herself that maybe it was from Pegasus, then she saw something funny about the package. ‘Odd, it doesn’t have a return address except that it’s from Egypt…’ Furrowing her brown in thought, Stela walked down the hall to her bedroom.

Stopping in the hall by a large antique mirror hanging there, Stela looked at her reflection citable, thinking. It had been only a short time ago that she became interested in Yu-gi-oh and before that time people who knew her and also watched the show had said that she looked and acted a lot like Ryou Bakura. Stela had long white-blonde hair and pale skin. She was shy and was a loner at times. The only difference between Ryou and Stela was, besides Stela obviously being a girl, was that she had large blue eyes instead of brown, and she was short. As she looked at herself in the mirror, Stela sighed. She was the shortest person in her grade and most people made fun of her because of it.

Stela sighed again, then smiling at herself, she continued down the hall to her room.

Closing her door behind her, Stela flopped down on her bed, ripping off the tape on the box and peaking into it and gasped, not believing what she saw.

Reaching into the box, Stela carefully lifted out a gold pendent shaped like a heart that was about the size of an orange. “Wow, its beautiful, and light…but it looks like its solid gold.” Stela whispered to herself.

Staring at the spinning pendent, Stela blinked in surprise. On one side of the heart was a symbol, one Stela knew very well. “It’s an eye, a Millennium eye, but how and why would anyone go through the trouble of making real looking Millennium item, just to give it way.” Stela said to no one in particular. Shaking her head to break the trace the beautiful item seemed to have on her, Stela looked back down into the box and saw a type, nestled snuggly in memory form.

Slipping the pendent around her neck, Stela eased the tape out of its protection and walking over to her T.V. popped the video into her VCR, and pressed play. At first the screen was deep black, then suddenly a strange person appeared from the darkness just enough so that you couldn’t see its face. It looked at Stela, or at least Stela thought it was looking at her.

“Greetings young one.” the faceless person said, who sounded male by his voice, with an accent that held no emotion. “You have been chosen to bear the Millennium Heart.”

Stela let out a small gasp and looked at the object around her neck and whispered, “Millennium Heart?” To her surprise the man answered her. “Yes, though I no time to explain it to you, you must know that you are the only one who can use the powers of the Heart and transfer them to another. You will have to figure out the Heart yourself though, but you will have help if you need it, and someone is always close by. You may go though many trials to reach your destiny. Now, you will have few memory of the life you lead now, so you won’t have questions that need to be answered. Now prepare yourself.”

And as the man said this, a bright light emitted from an object on his chest and the room around Stela stared to dissolve into darkness. Leaping to her feet, Stela started to panic as her room disappeared.

Noticing that her deck was one of the few things left, Stela grabbed it as the rest on the room disappeared, and falling into the dark void that was once her room and feeling herself slipping away from consciousness, Stela’s last thought before she fainted was ‘What is happening?’
Mc: So what do you think? I hope you like it. Well I’ll try to add chapters as soon as I can but you have to R&R to get them. Well until next time .


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Mc: Ya, I got three reviews! You know what that means don’t cha.

Stela:(looks hopeful) We can all go home?

Mc: Nope, it’s time to add the next chapter! (Turns to readers) Thanks to all who read and reviewed. I really appreciate it!

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything; I repeat nothing, except Stela (gets death glare from Stela) 00

‘Blurry...why is everything so blurry?’ Stela asked as she opened her eyes, then shut them tightly, not able to see anything anyway. Opening her eyes more slowly, Stela blinked a few times, clearing her eyesight. Sitting up, a wave of dizziness washed over her, forcing her to lie back down again. So looking around from her fetal position, Stela saw that she was lying in her bed, in a pale blue room that had a few posters tacked to the wall.

‘Everything looks almost the same as before…before what?’ Stela asked herself racking her brain as she tried to remember what this room reminded her of.

‘And why is everything in boxes?’ and indeed about half the room was scattered with closed and open boxes.

It puzzled Stela; for she didn’t remember what had happened last night when she had went to bed. In fact, Stela couldn’t even remember going to bed last night. Glancing around again, Stela saw a glint of gold on the bedside table and picking it up, Stela saw that it was the heart-shaped pendent she had gotten in the mail.

“But when did I get it and from whom?” Stela asked chewing her lip in thought as she sat halfway up on her elbows and slipped the Heart over her head.

Sitting up the rest of the way, Stela heard someone call her name.

“Stela, are you up yet?” Looking towards the voice Stela saw a short golden-blonde haired woman standing in the open doorway, smiling at her. Stela smiled back at her mom, nodding her head and looked at the clock beside the bed and saw that it was 11:55 am.

Stela gasped. “Wow! I’ve been asleep for a long time.”

“Well it’s about time you got up. You must have had some serous jetlag to sleep this long.” Stela’s mom (who’s name is now going to be Linda) joked, her green eyes dancing. Looking up so sharply that Stela hear her neck crack, she stared at her mother.

“Jetlag? I don’t remember flying here…wherever here is. Where are we?” Stela rambled in surprise. Linda gave her daughter a funny look, sitting on the end of Stela’s bed.

“We’re in Japan, don’t you remember? I got transferred here for my new job at the city’s biggest company. Ring any bells Stel?” Linda asked, using Stela’s nickname as she ran a hand through her daughter’s hair. Stela looked into her mother’s eyes and nodded her head yes for lack of better response.

“Well breakfast is ready down stairs, and when you’re done you can go and see the neighborhood. I have things here taken care of. Oh, and I have something for you…” Linda said in a singsong voice as she went out into the hallway and came back into the room carrying a stack of folded clothes, placing them on the bed. “It’s is your new uniform for school!”

“I have to wear a uniform here!” Stela inquired as she picked up outfit and wrinkling her nose as she half-grinned half-gaped at her mom.

“Yes, you have to wear a uniform here.” Linda smiled back at Stela, and then added thoughtfully. “Though I do wish the skirt wasn’t so short.” She said with a sigh. Stela turned her attention back to the pink uniform and blinked in surprise, thinking that she had seen this type of outfit before. Luckily her mom didn’t notice the surprised look.

“What’s the name of the school?”

“Domino High, why?” Linda asked over her shoulder as she left the room.

“Oh, just wondering…” Stela answered as she studied the uniform more closely as the name of the school click in place somewhere in the back of her head, though Stela didn’t register it until much, much later.

‘Now where have I heard that name before?’ Stela asked herself as Linda left, but not before reminding Stela again to come down stairs and eat.

Looking around the room, Stela saw a box labeled CLOTHES and swinging her feet out from beneath the covers, Stela leaped lightly onto the floor near the box and started rifting through the box, all the while tried to figure out what had happened so far.

“Ok, something strange is going on. Everything from the uniforms to the name of the school looks and sounds familiar. And why can’t I remember moving here? I mean, come on, who wouldn’t remember moving from their home on a plane.” Stela asked herself feeling depressed as she pulled a pair of jeans and a shirt. Dressing and brushing out her hair, Stela put away her thought and headed down stairs.
After finishing her breakfast, Stela stuck her head into the living room where her mom was sitting on the couch, surrounded by boxes, glancing through some old magazines.”

“I’m leaving now mom.” Stela said picked up her pack-purse. “Ok sweetie, be careful and don’t stay out too late.” Linda said waving to her daughter. Nodding and waving back, Stela left.

After wandering around the big city, and staring at the skyscrapers, in particular the tallest onethat sporteda large KC sign on it, Stela noticed she was standing outside of a small store.

“This place looks…familiar. Odd. But this shop does look interesting.” She thought as she shrugged and entered the store.

A tiny bell tinkled overhead upon entering and at the sound an old man poked his head out from around a doorway in the back of the shop next to a staircase.

“Oh, hello miss, if you can wait a moment, I’ll be with you soon.” He said with a smile and disappeared again in the backroom. Looking around the clean shop, Stela saw games of almost every type, especially duel monster cards. She smiled and wondered if she could find some rare picks for her own amateur deck as she started to browse through the card selections.

‘There are some pretty good cards here.’ Stela thought picking up a magic card to read it's effectwhen she heard the sounds people coming down the stairs in the back of the shop.

She turned; just enough to see the stairs while still looking like she was browsing, and saw three boys enter the room. Two of the three were talking and laughing while the third silently listened and occasionally gave his opinion.

One of the boys that was talking was short, shorter then Stela, but just barely, with spiky tri-colored hair of black, red, and blonde, large, bright violet eyes, and a kind, good-natured face. Around his neck he wore a strange golden pyramid pendent with an eye on it. Reaching up a hand Stela touch her Millennium Heart, taking note in the resemlece of the two pendents.

The other boy that was talking was tall with long blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes and his dialect was that of a Brooklyn speaker (a/n: every find that odd? That Joey has a Brooklyn accent.) The silent boy looked like the brother of the shorter boy, but was taller and he had a more serious face, but he still had a small smile playing on his lips as he listened to the other two’s conversation. He also wore a pyramid pendent, identical to the short boy’s. ‘Funny, I think I’ve seen them before…’ Stela thought as she continued to peer through her hair at the boys.

The boys stopped when they reached the bottom of the stairs and turning their heads towards Stela, andfell silent. Stela blinked in surprise when she was the boys walk closer towards her and she turned her head so that her full attention was backonthe cards again, embarrassed and hoping that the boys didn’t notice that shehad beenlooking at them a moment ago, when she heard the boy with Brooklyn accent address her. “Hey Bakura. Umm…did you get shorter or did I get taller?”

Turning to face the boys, Stela smiled shyly at the three surprised faces. “I’m sorry, I’m afraid that you have me confused with someone else.” Stela stated quietly. Snapping out of their surprise, the short boy smiled sheepishly. “Sorry about that, you look like a friend of ours.” He explained. Stela smiled again, this time more warmly and held out her hand to Short Boy. “That’s alright. My name is Stela. Yours?” Taking her hand in his, Short Boy said. “My name is Yugi Mutou. Are you new in town?” Stela nodded and before she could answer, her hand was grabbed by Blonde Boy, who shook it hardily. “Da name’s Joey Wheeler!” Blonde Boy a.k.a Joey said good-naturedly.

The other boy, who was silent up till now, bowed his head slightly and took Stela’s hand in a strong but gently grip. “You may call me Yami.” Stela smiled brightly and nodded her head at the trio. “I’m glad to meet you all.” Though in the back of her head she felt like she already knew these names, these faces.

Yugi looked behind Stela and noticed what she had been looking at. “Hey, do you duel?” he asked. Stela nodded and pulled her deck from her purse. “A little, I started a little while ago so I’m not very good. Would you like to duel?” She asked, looking hopeful at the three. The boys nodded and pulled out their decks.
Stela grinned as she brought Joey’s life points down to zero.

“Wow you’re pretty good…for a beginner!” Joey exclaimed staring at his life point counter. Yugi and Yami laughed and congratulated Stela.

“Well, good duel. Guess I’ll have to work harder next time to beat ya.” Joey continued with a smile. Stela grinned and shook his hand in good sportsmanship before glancing at the clock, which read 5:56.

“It looks like I have to go. My mom is expecting me back home soon.” Stela said apologetically, gathering her things. The boys nodded in understanding.

“Hey, do you go to Domino High?” Yugi asked as he walked Stela to the door. She nodded. “Yes, I’ll be starting there tomorrow.”

“Great. Then we’ll see you tomorrow.” He smiled, but then frowned in thought. “Umm…Do you know the way to the school?”

Stela blinked, just then releasing that she didn’t know the way and she told him so.

“Ok then, why don’t you meet us in front of the shop and we can take you there. You can meet the rest of our friend too.”

Smiling, Stela thank him, and then waving said good-bye to Yugi, Yami, and Joey she left the shop.

Stela smiled as she walked down the street to her home. ‘They’re nice’ she thought, thinking about Yami, Joey, and Yugi.

‘Though I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen them before…’ Then turning a corner, Stela started and turned her head sharply to look at the wall beside her. She had thought she had seen something, like a shadow or reflection of someone, but the sun was on the other side of the building and the wall was make of brick so it couldn’t be either a shadow or a reflection of herself… Stela shook her head and shrugged.

“Strange…I thought I saw someone there…” She thought as she continued down the street, occasionally looking out of the corner of her eyes nervously.
Later after Joey had left and Yami and Yugi were sitting in the living room, watching TV, Yami turn casually to Yugi and said.

“Did you see the pendent Stela had, Yugi?” Yugi looked away from the TV and looked at Yami questionably.

“Yeah. It looked like a Millennium item…but I thought there were only seven items?”

Yami nodded in agreement. “Yes, that’s what I thought also. But it seems there may be an eighth. We’ll have to talk to Ishizu about this…”
Mc: Well there you have it. The revised vision of chapter 2, but if you’re new to this chapter then you know what to do. R&R please. See’ya!

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First, never bump your thread with SPAM saying "review plz". Second, don't type out in the reply box; I maybe wrong but this fic seems to have been done with that same laziness. Third, think of something original once in a while! Fourth, don't make your character so uber.

Description is abysmal. She looks like Bakura Ryou as a girl, so what? You could have described a little, oh, I don't know, IN-DEPTH? Not just saying:

Stela had long white-blonde hair and pale skin. She was shy and was a loner at times. She had large blue eyes instead of brown, and she was short.

That tells us little. Are the eyes a certain shade or type of brown? How short exactly, or at least a rough estimate? How pale is the skin? How long is the hair? How shy? You get my point.

The first part that turns Stela into a Mary-Sue (a character who usually is either popular, talented or has some sort of unbeliveably powerful strength; essentially, perfect) is the "Millennium Heart". Here you've come at the Yu-Gi-Oh! canon with a meat cleaver and diced it into bits. You should know by now that there were seven Millennium Items created from the blood of 99. Look at the Stone in the duel against Yugi and Atem. There are seven slots for seven items, and where the heart is anyway is the Millennium Puzzle. Here the Heart has come into existence purely for Stela's case. This is a classic trait of Sueism.

Another trait: the fact that she reduced Joey's LP to 0 in her first duel. Now that is just a glaring trait. Need I remind you Joey is a PRO DUELIST? Second in Duelist Kingdom, fourth in Battle City? Lady Luck's favourite duelist? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, HAVING HIM GET WIPED OUT BY A NEWBIE?! Oh wait, it's all for pwecious widdle Stela. So Joey has to lose.

Overall: This is poor as a YGO fic. As a regular fic, it's disgraceful. Get back to the drawing board pal and while you're at it trash Stela. Quite frankly, she's a classic example of How Not To Create A Character. No more "Random-person-gets-sucked-into-canon" either unless you can do a VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY good twist on it.

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do not say

(Glances nervously over to where Stela is standing and smiles sweetly.)

Try something like this, it's a rough sentance cause im not spending much time.

Disclaimer turned around his head at stella, he smiled a sweet smile like nothing was wrong and he had never said anything.

or the next thing

(Ding-dong) 15-year old Stela looked away from the T.V, were she was watching Yu-gi-oh, the ringing doorbell distracting her. (Ding-dong, Ding-dong)

No that doesnt work... try...

The door bell rang through the house making a soft and sweet but still loud noise. Stella's eyes were glued to the screen of the TV while the ringing wet on. She didnt move she didn't want to stop watching Yu-gi-oh. One more sound from the doorbell rang out, Stella could take no more, throwing down the remote she muttered, "I'm coming I'm coming."

try to describe more.


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Thank you everyone for the reviews! I know this fan-fiction isn't that good, but I started it when I was 13 almost 5 years ago when I first started watching Yugioh. Why am I taking credit for Moonclaw1's story? Well because it's really my fanfiction, under my name of Moonclaw from fanfiction.net!

And for you, Moonclaw1...I would like to say please remove my story. You stole it from me and no matter how rotten this fanfic is, I still would like credit for my preteen thoughts. So please remove this ASAP.


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Thank you everyone for the reviews! I know this fan-fiction isn't that good, but I started it when I was 13 almost 5 years ago when I first started watching Yugioh. Why am I taking credit for Moonclaw1's story? Well because it's really my fanfiction, under my name of Moonclaw from fanfiction.net!

And for you, Moonclaw1...I would like to say please remove my story. You stole it from me and no matter how rotten this fanfic is, I still would like credit for my preteen thoughts. So please remove this ASAP.

Proof: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1621669/1/

I looked it up on FFnet and, sure enough, there was the fic, under Moonclaw's name. And the date posted is November 2003, so that's proof enough for me that this was plagiarized.

Moonclaw1, I don't know what your real alias is, but you're getting a nice big warning for plagiarism. Enjoy it.

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