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Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster! (695)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Black & White' started by Serebii, May 26, 2011.

  1. Mijuma

    Mijuma New Member

    Awesome episode, really enjoy the emotional moments and it helped to develop Iris. This series keeps impressing me!

    btw Drill Run has to be the coolest move so far, the animation looks epic!
  2. Pikacu

    Pikacu Cant Beat The Heat!

    Pretty sure the main reason to watch Pokemon is to rot the mind not to go turn into some analytical English scholar
  3. Geodude

    Geodude Well-Known Member

    Anyone else think that when we finally saw a full-body shot of present-day Iris after seeing the younger Iris for so long in that extended flashback, she looked a lot older? Funny how things like that can skew your perceptions.
  4. The sandwich

    The sandwich Banned

    What ?
  5. Littlemyuu

    Littlemyuu Orig. Solar-Sceptile

    Cool episode, all the past about Iris and her Excadrill...cute =3
  6. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Langley is such a troll.

    Iris: Let's battle again!
    Langley: No.
    Iris: Wha-?
    Langly: Just kidding! I just wanted to see your shocked face. :D
  7. Lance The Champ

    Lance The Champ The Aura Guardian

    Amazing battle! Finally Excadrill has made up... and also was great to see the flashback
  8. vodor

    vodor Banned

    I wonder, Does Langley can be consider Iris's Rival ? I mean She doesn't want to be a Dragon master but want's to beat other Dragon Master
    I Think Like Iris's fear toward Ice type, Langley dislike Dragon type
    Man,I heard In Bw042 Langley gonna Battle Ash, I wonder how It's gonna trun out
    By The way, How is Iris's popularity after this episode ?
    I Alway Try to find All the pokemon Character popularity
  9. Yugito

    Yugito Active Member

    Damn, why do some cute girls have to be so damn *****y like her lol.

    She is cute but it's a real damn shame her personality stinks alot.

    I'm not too big of a fan for Iris myself as she started out so damn annoying with her constant insults to Ash of how he is being a kid. I was like

    "Erm, hello? He just won the first badge."

    After that she still goes on about it I was like

    "Alright gal! We get the damn point already."

    But yes this time, she seems more nicer.
  10. ĿŏŘď ή

    ĿŏŘď ή Pokemon Breeder

    Awesome episode,Excadrill very strong
  11. SmartD

    SmartD Well-Known Member

    A great episode. Georgia is snobbish and rude for a Dragon Buster. Excadrill listens Iris after she understands it and also learns Focus Blast. The rematch between Beartic and Excadrill ends in a draw, but it was a good battle. Can't wait for the next episode.
  12. the1stpkmnfan

    the1stpkmnfan Your Big Buff Bro

    This episode was pretty good, and I finally woke up on time to watch it!

    Georgia is wow. Her personality reminds me of Ursula, but on a higher scale. She even ate the gang's breakfast, how snobby. xD Plus her Beartic was a real beast.

    The story behind Iris and Excadrill was really heartwarming, yet unique by how they met. Can't believe Iris actually fought Drilbur, noting Cilan's reaction to that. Seems like they came a long way, up till they met Drayden and to challenge him and Haxorus. Overall, it's great to see Excadrill come out of it's shell to fight with Iris again and obey her. Now we'll get to see some real Excadrill.
  13. Darkness Angel

    Darkness Angel Lover of Fate-Chan

    Ended up waking up to late so I missed it, though to those who watched it. How was Georgia's voice was it any good?
  14. Nekaku

    Nekaku Well-Known Member

    Langley is like a fusion of Naoto Shirogane and Ursula. Naoto's character design and Ursula's personality or should I say Persona!

    On a side note was it just me or was Pikachu only in the last 5 seconds during the To be continued part. I did not hear him speak of even noticed him before that lol.
  15. Demonsead

    Demonsead Hoenn Challenger

    Iris>every other female Ash ever traveled with for me now.
  16. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "And just what are you starin' at?"

    Georgia is really a complete and total b*tch (eating someone else's breakfast and then ASK for more the next time) but her voice really fits her. Her name is even meaningful in that it references St. George and the Dragon, a famous English tale of a crusader who slayed a dragon. Even though the fight ended in a draw, it was very good.

    Too bad I didn't get to see Drilbur's evolution sequence because I went to get breakfast... Oh well, I'll watch that part later. Overall, the episode was very entertaining.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2011
  17. Remmie

    Remmie Here I go!

    If someone is interested Georgia's english actress voice is Brittney Lee Hamilton. Doesn't ring a bell to me, but they couldn't have found a better voice for Georgia. Watched the episode on youtube, well actually part 2 of the episode I'll see part 1 later when the guy will have made back the video, and she sure sounded cool! Go Georgia!
  18. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    "Georgia" > "Langley". Because her dub name makes total sense. I applaud you for catching that reference. :)

    And yes, Georgia is a b*tch who popped out of nowhere, ate everyone's breakfast, was horrible to Iris, and was totally snobbish and Ursula-like.

    One of the best episodes of BW yet. Finally, a plot hole is filled and more background is given on Iris and Excadrill. Which means... her main used to be Drilbur, not Axew.

    And Iris now has a mean, conceited rival just like Ash... I wonder how Georgia will develop throughout the season.

    Iris's little-kid voice annoyed me though. >:-(
  19. Venomfang

    Venomfang Perky Goth

    So her name is Georgia? Meh, Langley fits her better.
  20. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "And just what are you starin' at?"

    Well, is there any meaningful meaning to Langley? It sounds weird to me.

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