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Iris and the Rogue Dragonite! (750)


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Iris and the Roughneck Dragonite!

While training for the World Tournament in Undella Town, Ash & co. soon find that the power for the entire town has been taken out. Officer Jenny appears and informs then that a Dragonite is responsible. Iris is angered by this, claiming that Dragon-type Pokémon would never act this way and runs off to the substation. Ash, Cilan and Dawn quickly follow and find the Dragonite in the area, injured. However, Dragonite has a distrust for humans and starts to act hostile. Will Ash & Co. find out what caused the blackout and will Dragonite get calmed?

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Can't wait! :)


Episode begins with Dragonite VS Hydreigon. Hydreigon greatly injures Dragonite. Dragonite is in deep trouble but it was obviously not done on purpose. :c
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The episode starts off with Dragonite and Hydreigon fighting.

Hydreigon attacks Dragonite and he falls to a river below.

He flies out of the river with a sore on his back. He flies to a power plant and comes across some Magnemite.

In the morning at Cynthia's villa, Dawn is brushing and drying her hair as Piplup, Iris and Axew watch. Ash comes in but then the hairdryer goes off.

Jeremy's coffee machine won't work, or some sort of machine.

Jenny talks to Ash and co. and Jeremy.

Jenny mentions Dragonite and someone Pokedex's it.

Jenny leaves on her bike.
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Shoot, missed the first part! I missed freaking Hydreigon...

Post opening:
- Iris and Dawn moment, Dawn's blowdrying her hair, but the power fails.
- They walk outside with Jeremy to Jenny, little talk about Dragonite here.
- Iris obviously takes a stand and makes sure everybody knows she has a dream of being a Dragon Master.
- Switch to Dragonite rampaging through the powerstation.
- Flamethrower, Thunderpunch, and guess what: Ice Beam.
- The group arrives at the powerstation.
- Ash states that Iris wants to become a Dragon Master.
- Jenny gives her the benefit of the doubt.
- Jenny wants to give Ash a monsterball, Ash declines.
- Cilan has trouble entering the building through a small hole, for some reason. I guess he isn't going to be doing much here then.
- Iris and Dawn talking about her goal while they're crawling through an airvent.
- They see Dragonite, and Iris sees the wound on its shoulder.
- Iris drops down right next to it while it sleeps.
- It wakes up in a grumpy rage.
- The 3/4-gang tries to reason with it. Ash and Dawn fail.
- Dragonite suffers another painshock from the wound, and rages.
- Thus, Iris fails as well, here comes Flamethrower and Pipwott's Bubble/Hydro Pump. Seems Water Gun is finally gone people! :D
- Here comes Thunderpunch and more rage-Flamethrowers!!!
- Dare Da: Dra Dra Dragonite! :p

Post commercial break:
- Damn Meloetta comes out and soothes Dragonite's rage. It's like the answer to everything...
- Dragonite stares blankly at Meloetta.
- Everybody glares in sheer appreciation.
- Dragonite is like 'wtf'.. and then, oh.. what've I done? Or: Damn, doesn't she know that she ain't that good.
- Dragonite kneels with pain again...
- Iris approaches Dragonite again, but something happens and Dragonite falls over and uses Flamethrower on the roof at random...
- The roof collapses and Ash and Dawn are shut out of the room. Iris is alone with Dragonite. So, forced.. -.-
- Ash and Dawn have gone outside and brief the situation to Jenny, who mentions getting in touch with the strong trainers.
- Iris is mumbling to Dragonite about how it did nothing wrong blabla..
- Oshalup use Bubble and Razor Shell on the wall, oh wait, they're with Iris as well! :p
- Ash screams through the door that they're trying to get her out and save her from the Dragonite.
- Iris is obviously upset about this as Dragonite didn't do anything wrong.
- Iris' power activates and she senses what happened to Dragonite and why it got hurt. Awesome, she's am official psychic now...
- Iris yells at Ash what has happened, meanwhile Jenny and the strong bunch of trainers approach.
- I'm assuming Ash and co are going to the river where Dragonite got his injury.
- There's a videocamera, I'm betting they're gonna get some evidence to prove what happened that Dragonite isn't the cause of the blackout.
- Yay, Ferrothorn! Jenny owns it! :p
- The strong pokemon are busting into Iris' room.
- Jeez, the strong trainers are clliché as heck...
- Oh noz, the screen froze.. Going of the soundbites here:
- The strongguys are using Magmortar and/or Darmanitan use Flamethrower and Gurdurr uses Stone Edge and Dragonite got hurt...
- Iris is defending it, and Jenny is screaming at Iris for not listening to reason.
- The screen is unfrozen again, yay.
- Iris is making a compeling arguement, even Dragonite is wow'd by it.
- Ash comes in with the evidence... Cilan is 'smizing' with his eyes...
- Ash tells Iris to stop Dragonite from further rage, and she succeeds.
- Dragonite is like: What should I do with this kid.. and falls over from pain.
- Skip to the PokeCenter. Joy is healing Dragonite. Jenny is kinder now to Iris.
- They're outside of the pokecenter, saying goodbyes to Dragonite.
- Dragonite is like: Why are you being so overtly emotional about it! Bye!!
- Dragonite flies off, and has second thoughts and is like.. hmm.. I dunno, I dunno, I dunno... RAAAGE!!!!!!!!!
- Cilan whispers to Iris that she might just have to throw a pokeball to see what happens...
- Iris: Ike Monsterball!!!
- Pokeball: Caught!
- Iris: I caught a Dragonite!
- Dawn: Something I don't really understand..
- Ash: Well it sure is lucky for you to have caught such a strong pokemon just before the Junior Cup.. -.-

Team Rocket-bit:
- They've got a 3D replica of the Abyssal Ruins now...
- A bit of talking that I don't understand, but their hightec sub is approaching it.

Good episode, I like that Jenny owns the Ferrothorn, gives me hope that we'll see it again in larger roles: cough*TR-PLOT*cough

Eitherway, I predicted Dragonite being captured having an Ice-attack based on the preview. Now we only need to know the fourth move.
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Dawn doing her hair and Kimi no soba playing in the background~~~

Oh! Electricity is off.


Dragonite knows Ice Beam!
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Iris is excited I think, probably because of Dragonite. She runs off, then Ash does, followed by Dawn and Cilan.

Dragonite goes crazy inside the power plant or whatever that is.

The Magnemite can't stop it and Dragonite uses some Ice attack.

Ash and co. arriver and I think Iris mentions that she wants to be a dragon master.

A Magnemite goes through the vent first.

Iris follows, Jenny offers a Pokeball to Ash, for Dragonite I think.

Cilan hurts himself trying to get through, or he has trouble getting through.

He goes through and so does Dawn.

Ash and co. find Dragonite and see that Dragonite is hurt.

They eventually come to Dragonite who awakes and is angry.

Ash brings Oshawott out and Piplup and Oshawott attack Dragonite.

Dare Da? Dragonite.

Meloetta appears and calms down Dragonite, sort of.

Oshawott and Piplup are still in love.
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Iris, Ash and Dawn attempt to calm Dragonite down but they fail to do so. Dragonite attacks with flamethrower but Piplup and Oshawott stop it with Bubble Beam and Hydro Pump.


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Oh, I didn't know Dragonite also had Ice beam. So far we know that Dragonite's movepool is Thunder Punch, Flamethrower and Ice Beam. Who knows if Mist/Haze too.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Dragonite is still angry and only Iris, Axew, Piplup and Oshawott are with Dragonite.

Oshawott's and Piplup's attacks can't destroy the rubble.
They will do anything to keep Piplup and Mijumaru together.

Here comes Iris's special power. She just touched it and saw everything that happened to it.

Edit: Jenny is bringing trainers to capture the Dragonite in her vehicle and those trainers don't seem pleased.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Iris's knows what happened to Dragonite from touching it. Jenny brings some help to attack Dragonite.

Ash talked to Iris and now Dawn, Cilan and Ash are outside of the Power Plant and run off to start a new journey somewhere.

Jenny and the other trainers come to attack the rubble.

They do so and now they'll get Dragonite.

Iris defends Dragonite from Jenny and the trainers.
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Meleotta sings to calm Dragonite down...the group was about to leave to talk to Jenny but Iris is left behind with Oshawott & Piplup due to rocks falling and covering the entrance because of Dragonite's flamethrower. Iris is in the room with Dragonite and talks to him. Ash warns her that Jenny and a few others are going in to stop Dragonite. Iris gets angry and tells him that it's wrong to do that. She then touches Dragonite and realizes what happened to Dragonite.


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Ash, Dawn and Cilan walking around! Ah now this is the BW group I wanted!
Trainers are here and one Gurdurr broke through the Ice. They are so manly and angry sort of people. Magmortar seems awesome.

Iris is trying to protect Dragonite and it seems pleased.