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Iris' VA Discussion


Who does Johanna's voice in the dub? It might be that lady.


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Iris sort of sounded like May from what I can tell. The video quality wasn't that great though, so maybe I didn't hear her properly. Anyway, I didn't really don't care what she sounds like since I rarely pay much attention to the female characters. I was just interested in hearing her voice so that I could identify her VA. I'll probably have to give it a few days though, since I'm still sort of confused about her VA's identity.

P.S. Was Ted voicing Giovanni in that clip? I could have sworn I heard Ted's voice :3


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Hey, my ears didn't bleed. That's kind of a good sign!

Okay, but seriously, not enough to go on, but she sounded alright I guess. A bit older than I thought she would though.
It's pretty early to tell who her VA is, considering we only have a couple words to go on.
She sounds very familiar, the closest voices i could think of were Bella Hudson, Liza Ortiz, and possibly Amy Bimbaum (these probably aren't who it is, but they are the only ones that come to mind right now)


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Omg she sounds exactly from the chic in the episode where ashs catches bulbasaur melenie(I think).


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Wow, I've been waiting to see how she sounds, thanks for posting that! I'm very pleased with the voice, it matches her look and personality well. It seems like all of the girl voices in the English dubs have all been very good. I really liked Rachel Lillis, Veronica Taylor, and Emily Bauer as Misty, May, and Dawn (sorry but I didn't like May's second voice too well.) Iris sounds great too, so I'm happy. I'm sure they'll pick a good voice for Cilan, too.


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You could always do what I do and stick to the Japanese version. It's always better to hear a cast who know how to act.

While I do like the JPN version and wish that the dub could get its act together, I'll pretend that I never heard that.


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WHY DID IT SAY 8/7 CENTRAL WTFF is it supposed to be the morning or night'' and it is airing on 9:00am WTFF CARTOON NETWORK


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Was that Amy Palant, voicing Iris? Such an expected voice for me, it kind of still sound like, JP, Iris.


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:( I was hoping for her voice to sound more high pitched and obnoxious and like a little chipmunk like her original...*sigh* that voice was cute and annoying in a good way. I couldn't forget it.

EDIT: just relistened to it. It's not that bad. It's something I could get used too ;)

EDIT EDIT: Nevermind. Just rewatched BW 11...I like Iris' JP voice better. burgh. Now I don't know.
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