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Is anyone...

Are you?

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Admiral Neptune

Cosmical Commander
I'm using it.
I just wish that Nintendo could have made it fit inside the DS.


PokeTrainer Miki
I wish I were getting one but i'm not. I'd have probably used it though


who ate my sandwich!
i am
does it fit in a ds lite

Poke gal

I'm going to use it but I'll manley stick with my pikachu and piplup ones. And whats the point of getting it if your just gonig to sell it?


Future Master
I pre ordered both and only got 1, but i'm not using it


Well-Known Member
probably not. i mean its sorta collectible but c'mon, its only a stylus so if my backup stylus also goes dull then ill use it maybe.. i may use it wen im catchin legendarys


<---Chaining For!
Yes, im using mine.


Marsh Trainer
I'm going to get one from ebay or something. but I probably won't use it.


Lone Wolf
I will. It might fit the DS Lite EXCEPT for the D/P part.


Top Coordinator
Meh, I'll only use it when I'm playing at home alone or with my friends who play it. Otherwise, I'm not gonna walk around with a huge Dialgia stylus.

At my school, playing Pokemon is frowned upon so I'm forced to keep it hidden.
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