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Is Ash's Journeys team now just his outright 6 strongest Pokemon?


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I mean, Ash is Ash... he's always done this silly thing where he believes it's unfair to whatever his current team is if he doesn't have them follow thru. The rare exception being the Johto League and I guess Battle Frontier. Lily of the Valley Conference, maybe, but the main team was used against the main competition. Anyway, they all gotta be pretty powerful... they're facing stiff competition in the form of Champions lol

Outside of Pikachu vs Charizard debates, I've never seen a Pokémon more wanked to this day than Ash's Greninja... it's literal best feat, aka a conclusive fight, was beating Sawyer's Mega Sceptile (which has no special feat of its own outside of being a Mega Pokemon). Greninja never carried a battle like Charizard and Infernape, never beat any Legendary Pokémon like Pikachu, Charizard, and Sceptile, and had to exclusively rely on its pseudo Mega form to even perform unless it had help from its teammates. If they knew full well Alain was gonna beat Ash, they never should've did that BS Diantha fight. That incomplete form lost every major fight onward... everyone of those Pokémon not being a Champion Pokémon.
There's a very fine line between defeating someone and almost defeating them, yes it makes all the difference in the world in terms of the result but it doesn't mean there's a huge difference in power. Greninja showed feats that we had never seen before at that time such as putting a Champion's Ace on the backfoot when we had seen what Cynthia's Garchomp did to Paul's team previously, and the difference in power between Flint's Infernape and Ash's despite it being one of Ash's strongest. This was a time when the E4 and especially Champions seemed to be pretty much untouchable unlike in Journeys.

Ash Greninja also almost defeated Alain's Charizard that had swept through all the gyms and league prior to that but more importantly, was the first time, I believe, where we saw a non-E4 or Champion pokemon take down an E4 pokemon plus he was able to fight toe-to-toe with Steven's Ace, who we know now is the 3rd strongest trainer in the world based on the Masters 8 ranking, even if Metagross did seemingly have the upper hand there. These are pretty incredible feats in themselves and while defeating legendarys like Articuno/Darkrai/Latios is very impressive, we don't know how they'd fare against E4s and Champions. Articuno was probably a step below E4/Champion Ace level and while Darkrai did have incredible feats including winning the freaking Sinnoh league final 6-0, he still probably lost to the Sinnoh E4 or Cynthia, some theories say Aaron I believe (Darkrai and Latios are weak to bug lol).

I think it's unfortunate that Greninja didn't really get the opportunity to get an iconic win but that's not the only criteria for being strong and the anime absolutely treated Greninja as one of, if not Ash's strongest pokemon yet at the time. The way it bossed around Lucario on it's return is proof of that too. Alain's Charizard was unfortunately the strongest pokemon we had ever seen in a League except for maybe Tobias Darkrai and there, it took 4 pokemon to down it even if Sceptile did do most of the heavy lifting. I think Pikachu did get some prior damage on Alain's Charizard meaning it was probably out of Greninja's league 1v1 but still, it was a very even fight and Charizard just barely edged it out.

Anyway, my own Top 6 for Ash would be:
1. Peakachu
2. Ash Greninja
3. Mega Lucario
4/5/6. Infernape/Charizard/Sceptile

G-max Gengar is up there but unfortunately you can only use one gimmick and why wouldn't you go with Mega Lucario or Pikachu's Z-move. Lycanroc and Incineroar are close too but I think they just lack the feats the above mons have. Dragonite is pretty solid too but once again, lacks the feats and lost to Paul's Garchomp which is probably not Legendary/E4 level. Sirfetch and Dracovish did defeat E4 level pokemon but the impression is that they are weaker than Dragonite.

All of this can change with the upcoming matches as we get new feats but so far, only Lucario is the new pokemon that absolutely makes it there based on the ridiculous Duraladon feat.