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Is bestiality fine?

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Grand Arbiter II
For once, the title relates to the thread. Amazing.

Now, I'm being serious in this thread. I'm neither being silly or troll-like, merely trying to have a debate that's rarely talked about. Would bestiality be acceptable if the animal and the person consented? I saw this [LINK]page and started thinking about it.

I'm not into doing an animal, but then I don't see anything neccessarily wrong with animal-human sex, so long as no organism is being used for the other's oragsm. But what do y'all think about it?


I usually don't intervene as far as debate subject matter is concerned, but I think the topic you've brought up is far too wild (Aha, bad pun to be made there.) to be discussed intelligently and the thread is more than likely to have 99% of users on one side leading to no real dispute/discussion whatsoever. Unless you're interested in being called an idiot and arguing with the entire community, which I don't think is in yours or my best interest.

Not open for further replies.