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Is discussing Nintendo WFC replacements legitimate on the site/chats?

Discussion in 'Serebii.net Discussion' started by Sceptile Master, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. Sceptile Master

    Sceptile Master Survivor of the Great Avatar Depression

    Give me an infraction if i'm being a naughty little forum user here. But for the meantime:

    We all [should] know Rule #1 of the site/forums is:
    "1. Don't ask for or provide illegal content, discuss cheating devices or cheat codes
    This includes episode downloads, Gameshark, Action Replay, ROMs, etc"

    Now, you should also all know that Gen 4 and 5's Wi-fi has been down ever since Nintendo WFC had to shut down roughly over 4 years ago, a bunch of parts and features of the game are currently inaccessible, yaddayadda. However, there *IS (are?) still a way to get online with Nintendo WFC *DS games, by in short, manipulating the DNS address to a server being run to "revive" the connection, and tricking the game into thinking it's Nintendo's.

    I wanna know if discussing ways to get Gen 4 and *5 (and other applicable games) online anymore is legitimate to discuss or not though, since, at least IMO, this is a gray area. I certainly didn't consider using alternate servers legitimate when the actual service was up, but now we have no choice. I'm sure if Nintendo's contract with whatevercompany running up didn't shut down the servers, Nintendo WFC would've lasted longer, if not indefinitely or forever. That being said though, the server I use DOES host illegimate WFC event Pokemon, but those are not something I participate in, nor encourage others to do. But if allowed to discuss, I'd of course condemn that part of it. I'm not doing anything illegitimate in of itself at least, and I would encourage others to use the service in a legitimate fashion as well.

    TLDR: Is discussing getting Gen 4 and 5 Pokemon games online in the present-day okay?

    *I only know of one server. To my knowedge, only the DS portion of Nintendo WFC currently is and can be revived. Not all games are fully compatible, Gen 5 in particular has less function than Gen 4, namely because the Gen 5 GTS has not been revived.

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