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Is EV Training really [that] important?

EV's I love to train. Like others may have said, EV training really isn't that difficult. You just need to plan ahead what stats you want to support for your pokemon. The long and annoying part, really, is just breeding the right pokemon. The actual training, though, can be done in a matter of 1-2 hours if you do it right. I find it fun to plan everything out, to be honest.

it shouldn't take you 1-2 hours to ev train a pokemon, it should take about thirty minutes max

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it shouldn't take you 1-2 hours to ev train a pokemon, it should take about thirty minutes max

Quit trying to sound cool. Some of us who do not yet have the good equipment and aren't blessed with Pokerus DO take longer than that. Not that I don't find it enjoyable. Some may have their own paces, but I don't even think the battle start animations added together are less than thirty minutes. Depending on how many times you have to battle.

What are the circumstances in which you could finish in 30 minutes, exactly?
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The way I see it its overrated in the aspect that people seem to think if you don't "EV train" that your pokemon doesn't have EV's. Which is obviously wrong, since if you take a pokemon through the story surely by the end it will have full EVs. And from any battles I've done, there are just as many circumstances where maybe an extra defense EV from an "unproperly" trained pokemon could have saved me.

I do think however if you truly are building a "team", each pokemon should have a use, and how specifically you allot those evs shows how confident you are. So basically I think it doesn't matter as much as people think.


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Here I am again with nothing to do. Guess I'll post here.
For Competitive: YES
For Battle Frontier: NO
For beating the game: NO

I've beaten the Battle Frontier without EV training. Only with the 3 starters of Sinnoh.
Don't believe me? Then ask my Infernape.


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I do EV train. I have a pokerus epidemic contained in my box and all 5 Power items so it's usually a good 45 minutes spent training. However since I don't use Smogon strategies and never go for speed boosting natures (Adamant, Modest, Calm, and Impish forever), and refuse to breed for IV's and Hidden Power, my team absolutely sucks in competitive battles. Which raises the question, why do I EV train exactly? Probably because I like seeing BIG offensive numbers


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It's a sad thought, but you cannot win competitive battles without good natures/EV training. I wish it didn't have to be this way, wasting Pokemon just because they don't have the right personality. I wish the system still worked the simple way like in Red/Blue.


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Yeah, it is! It helps a lot, even when you're not playing competitively. I'll give you an example of when you need to have some ev-trained Pokémon in-game: The Battle tower! Try to get a good record (20 straight wins and up to begin with) without using ev-trained Pokémon, it will be nearly impossible :p

Also, it is actually really easy to ev-train, it might seem hard in the beginning but once you've done it a few times it's not that intimidating anymore :p. Buy the power items and try to obtain the Pokérus. I got the Pokérus fairly early in the game (I got it when I had spent less than 100 hours on HG), maybe you will too. So if you have the Power items and the Pokérus then you could ev train a Pokémon in 30-45 minutes. Easy ^^

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it shouldn't take you 1-2 hours to ev train a pokemon, it should take about thirty minutes max


Power Items are obtainable with a bit of work gathering BP in the Frontier and pokerus can be traded or just plain caught.


Personally, I don't see the point in EV training. Why should I waste my team training my Pokémon like that? It's not like I'd rather train my Poké the "regular way" and get them all to level 100 on my own pace. If you want to battle with competitive players then sure you may want to EV train. Most competitive players do anyway. If you want to beat the Pokémon League and the Battle frontier then you don't need to do so.


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Tbh you do. The AI uses EVs and perfect IVs, so you also need to. Unless by "beat", you mean get to 49 battles, in which case you might be able to get by,

I have to agree with this, to beat the Battle Tower it is definitely a necessity to have some sort of specific EV training on your Pokemon, the opponents will be throwing some pretty mean Pokes at you and without the proper training they will have the upper hand without a doubt.

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In the modern metagame if one doesn't EV train his pokemon then he will be crushed


Tbh you do. The AI uses EVs and perfect IVs, so you also need to. Unless by "beat", you mean get to 49 battles, in which case you might be able to get by,

That's strange since I was able to beat the whole thing with Pokémon that weren't EV trained.


Battle Tower I meant. I suppose I won with pure luck then if it really requires EV training to defeat that facility.


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I don't think its necessary to EV train in game so yeah only do it if you can really be bothered. It's a must for competitive battling though.


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I believe you should only EV train if you battle competitively. Other than that, you don't really need to. EV training for the battle frontier does help a tad though.