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Is exploiting glitches cheating?


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Like using the Missingno glitch to get infinite TMs of strong moves like Earthquake and Blizzard or even good items like Rare Candies or Master Balls. Or to catch some rare Pokemon early on, like getting a Lapras or Scyther before Misty, using an extension of the Mew glitch. Or even exploiting things in battle like Hyper Beam not recharging if your opponent is defeated. It's not like it is one sided. For instance, Focus Energy lowers your critical hit instead of increasing it. And a glitch causes moves other than Swift (and in the Japanese versions Swift is not immune) to potentially miss. If the game is unfair with its own rules, is it not fine to exploit for your benefit, given it is not like you are using any external devices? And ny young kids might not have realized the developers did not intend these to happen and just used them on discovery.


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It's absolutely cheating. You're using glitches to do something the developers didn't intend. Only question is who/what if anything is being harmed and how much it bothers you.


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Well I memorized the Missingno trick by reading a cheat code site...

Never heard of that hyperbeam trick; if I were playing the games I’d assume the move recharged whlie my opponent was selecting their next Pokemon. I don’t doubt that it’s a glitch, but without looking at the source code or a design document, there’s nothing obviously wrong.

If we’re talking about competitive play, stick within whatever rules the competition’s organizers have set up. On your own time have fun with the games, even if it means trying out bugs.


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I personally think that depends.

More generally glitches are considered cheating because that isn't what the creators intended and thus might ruin the experience they were going for. Not only that, but not everyone can cause these things to happen, especially in a competitive scene where it's meant to be a test of skill and not using easy/cheap means to get there.

However, as pointed out by @Gamzee Makara that isn't really the case in speedrunning and the FGC, or at least with Smash Bros. Melee anyway, the only one I know for sure where they are technically using glitches in competitive play. And as I'm discussing this, I think part of the reason it's more accepted, in this case I mean more for the speedrunning community, since the majority of the games are being played in a way that isn't intended, with sequence breaking, overpowered items, physics failing and more being used...if they're allowed. Because iirc there are some speedruns that try to do it without 'em.

Tl;dr generally yes it's cheating unless it's allowed in the rules of something and it might ruin a playthrough unless you don't care about that.