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Is ghost type pokemon hatched from an egg?

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Um, what is your question?

Ghost-types do hatch from eggs, many Pokemon hatch from eggs.


My Little Ponyta
Well, I guess he/she's saying that it's pretty unnatural for a dead pokemon to be born.


My Little Ponyta
You mean, stillborn? Lol.
However, it is true, but we should take into account it's the pokemon world. I will be discussing this as if this is real.. for the time being.
They are what? Ghost type pokemon. Now by ghost type pokemon, what does Nintendo mean? Do they mean, a) that the pokemon are ghosts(likely),b) that they look like ghosts and have a few characteristics of them, but are not "dead"?(also likely) c) or do they mean the pokemon are scared of ghosts?(very very unlikely)
Discuss, everyone else. Too tired to go into extra details ATM.


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Eh.. The Pokémon in the egg dies before it hatches and emerges as a ghost? >_<
Meh, I think they're not actually dead Pokémon.

They just have the carateristics of ghosts (being able to fly, go through walls etc).

And they like graveyards, at least Ghastly, Haunter, Shuppet and Duskull.
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