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is it any good at all?


Brooklyn rage!
this is a new team i've been working on, and i want to know if it's any good

Glaceon lv 47
Ice fang
quick attack
icy wind
ice shard

Vaporeon lv 51
aurora beam
water gun
last resort

Espeon lv 50
Last resort
future sight

umbreon lv 48
quick attack
bite assurance
faint attack

jolteon lv 50
pin missle
double kick
thunder fang

flareon lv 49
fire spin
fire fang

Thanks ;175;


<-The ninja god
There are some major flaws with that team, especialy with each pokemon having multiple moves of a single type. Also, Last Resort is not a good move to have since you can only use it when you have no other attacks.

I have never made an eeveelution team, so I don't know their respective move pools, but l believe Espeon got pokemon of the weak, so look at that.
If anything, try to have multiple types be covered with each eeveelution.

Also, certain evo's are designed for certain stats, so make your umbreon a defender. (Umbreon majors as a spc. Wall I believe.)


Anvils are awesome
Ok.. Basically what was said above. Don't have more than one move of a certain type. The eeveelutions in general tend to function as baton passers and wish support, so you can certainly go that route. But this is in-game, so do what you want. I do recommend getting a few more powerful moves in any case. Here's some movesets.

Glaceon (Modest)@ Leftovers
Ice Beam / Blizzard
Hidden Power Fighting
Fake Tears

Vaporeon (Bold)@Leftovers
Ice Beam / Toxic
Protect / Yawn / Hidden Power Electric

Umbreon (Bold/Careful)@Leftovers
Mean Look
Baton Pass
Taunt / Toxic / Charm / Yawn

Jolteon (Timid)@Leftovers
Baton Pass
Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Grass
Thunderbolt / Charge Beam

Flareon (Adamant)@Leftovers
Fire Fang
Return / Iron Tail

Espeon (Timid)@Leftovers
Calm Mind
Baton Pass


Marathon Trainer
This is nowhere near as detailed as the other suggestions, but I always seemed to put Thunder Wave on Jolteon, simply because of its high speed stat. I often relied on lucky paralysis to help me against more powerful heavy hitters. Perhaps that would help your Eeveelution team out, especially since some of them do not have a particularly high defence.


Psyched Up
Staff member
That makes me think.....

On sippy juice's suggestion about Jolteon, Thunder Wave can be used instead of Hidden Power, since getting the correct Hidden Power with correct Nature is quite a pain, not to mention getting a powerful Hidden Power.
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