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Is it pointless to EV train now that Gen5 is comming?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by acer blaze, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. acer blaze

    acer blaze Well-Known Member

    Is it pointless to EV train in Gen4 now that Gen5 is comming?

    I recently started to EV train awhile back.

    But, then I realized that the 5th generation is comming (most likely with battle mechanic changes too). Would it be pointless to EV train now, because the 5th generation is comming? I feel like my progress would be wasted if I did stop training.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2010
  2. SolarPowerX

    SolarPowerX Well-Known Member

    Maybe, maybe not. The demand for specific EV placement would depend on the new type of moves certain pokemon gain and of course, the new pokemon you'd have to battle (like, walls with unique typing and such). If anything, I'd say just EV train whatever you can and have fun with it now, and hopefully, the EV spreads won't need to be changed with all the new additions in the new games, well, not much anyway. If it makes you feel any better, we've still got quite a while to go before the new games come out. There's still plenty of fun to be had with the 4th gen.
  3. deathseer

    deathseer Oh, u mad bro?

    If, and only if, you have no interest in Competitive battling. Because if you do try to battle with Pokemon that weren't properly trained, then you'll be in for a world of hurt.
  4. Cerex

    Cerex Well-Known Member

    It really depends on what the new moves are and if there are any new changes in the gaming mechanics.

    But I don't think it will be very pointless. If anything you can use EV trained Pokemon to get good trades in the meantime as everyone outside of JP will have to wait until 2011, and I don't think competitive players are going to stop and just sit around and wait.
  5. KGB13

    KGB13 Man of Mystery

    I don't think a majority of pokemon's stats are going to change (except for maybe those that get new evo's), so whatever stats they are dominant in now will probably remain the same. So the new moves that will be introduced in the 5th Gen will most likely reflect whatever movepool they already had. For example, if Garchomp receives any new moves they will most likely be Physical ones, and if Starmie gets some new moves they will most likely be Special ones because those are the types of moves that their stats are made for. So you should continue to EV train despite the fact the 5th Gen is approaching.
  6. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    Not at all. It'll carry over to Gen 5, assuming its possible to trade between Gen 4 and 5.
  7. DBK

    DBK Renegade Trainer

    It is possible. That is how the beast trio event is going to work.

    Keep on EV training. It will help when B/W come out.
  8. Lord Scalgon

    Lord Scalgon What title?


    EV training is necessary regardless of what generation.
  9. darksteel460

    darksteel460 slice and dice

    id definitely suggest doing it in case if you want a good battle, you could always come here to the forums for battle and with ev trained guys, you may have an advantage over guys who aren't
  10. flygonabsol99

    flygonabsol99 Well-Known Member

    yeah i was kinda wondering this too.but still,you can somehow get 4th gen pokemon into 5th gen,so you can just take them into there
  11. WarriorX

    WarriorX Active Member

    If you're a serious competitive battler then you will continue to EV train.
  12. Cherry!!

    Cherry!! Member

    Like pretty much all of the above posts have stated EV training is key to having the best pokemon, I think it's highly unlikely that the 5th gen games will get rid of the effort value system, so keep at it.
  13. UmbreonLord

    UmbreonLord 5th Gen OU

    ofc it's not pointless to EV train now, if the worst comes to the worst, just grow some EV reducing berries, and re-EV. It might even be easier with B/W, but I'm not getting my hopes up ^^
  14. ev training is never a waste!!
  15. Mupen64 Man

    Mupen64 Man Hitmonlee

    I don't really think that they would make that drastic of a change to make EV training useless. Why? are there rumors of that happening? Haven't been on the forums in a while.
  16. Witchan

    Witchan Shauntal, FTW!

    Eh, not really. In my opinion, I think that EV training is pretty awesome. :)
  17. Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

    Lunafreya Nox Fleuret Don't look here.

    Yes I think ev training is necessary. It will help alot for battles even if B/W is coming out. But I think just new moves will affect this. I think the moves we have now will stay physical and special respectively.
  18. acer blaze

    acer blaze Well-Known Member

    Hmm, but then I'll have to switch around my EV's in the new generation. Movesets last when changing generations right? Like subseeding. That was around in Advance, and kept going in 4th gen.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2010
  19. Tag3r

    Tag3r i wantz beef!

    Even though personally i do not EV train, you should probably train because although its not been fully pointed out, you will be able to transfer Pokemon form DPPt and HGSS to Black and White. Or at least the legendary dogs because you need them to activate the Zoroak event, but I highly doubt that they would make it so you can only trade them. Where as the EV mechanics may or may not change, I would still train them because...
    1. They may not change at all,
    2. We have at least 8 months till it comes out.
    3. When it does come out, they will be worth a couple shinies because people will want them to put on their new games
  20. bookist

    bookist Well-Known Member

    It would depend if there would be trading between the two gens. If there is trading you might be able to get something good, otherwise there will probably be little point to it.

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