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Is it worth restarting? (Emerald)

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So recently I started playing Pokemon emerald on my old gba (last time I played was like 3 years ago) and found out I had defeated the elite 4, but still hadn't touched the Battle Frontier yet.

I've restarted the game before just for the sake of trying out the different starters, since I love all three of them, but as I started to get into ev breeding and choosing movesets in order to get a team that could actually have a chance against the bf brains I realized something was off.

The problem is, I used almost all of my useful TM's before I could even clone them and even sold my macho brace for some reason (**** it's so hard to ev train without it) before I knew about ev's and competitive stuff.

Conclusion; this has ran through my head several times but I finally decided to ask for advice. Should I restart my emerald game just to spare all my TM's and useful objects for the battle frontier?
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