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is my pokemon leaf green good?

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by i am pokemon Trainer n, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. meowth lv26
    faint attack cut bite flash
    pidgeot lv37
    featherdance aerial ace fly quick attack
    blastoise lv 40
    tackle water gun water pulse bite
    mankey lv23
    mega kick mega punch focus energy fury swipes
    gastly lv20
    lick spite curse night shade
    hitmonchan lv25
    comet punch agility pursuit mach punch
    i don"t know if my team is good or not? i got 4 gym badges but is it good in tournaments
  2. Hello is my team good? If not how can i fix it
  3. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    Because they're at low level I guess you haven't done very much in the first history yet.

    It's to early to rate your team. Your Pokemons will grow a bit more and learn some new moves.
  4. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    Because they're at low level I guess you haven't done very much in the first history yet.

    It's to early to rate your team. Your Pokemons will grow a bit more and learn some new moves.
  5. Boxofcookies

    Boxofcookies Member

    Hey, I hope this can help you

    Leaf Green
    Hmm... In Leaf Green, i don't think you should keep that Meowth, the moves it learns are very limited. Why did you teach it cut and flash? Is it because it learns most HMs when others cannot? It seems to me that you treat it as a HM slave. Keep it that way. I really wish you would not have used Mega Kick AND Mega Punch on Mankey. Using one on Mankey would be... Meh, acceptable, but both?! Oh well, too late now. You have 2 fighting types on your team, Mankey and Hitmonlee. I recommend dropping Hitmonlee, as you have already taught both Megas to Mankey >_>. Try to choose a variety of different types, as right now, my Jolteon, or any electric type could sweep your team (Blastoise, 2x damage, Pidgeot, 2x , and the others are of an extremely low level). Maybe with Meowth's empty space you can add an electric type *hint hint, nudge nudge*. The goal of a successful Pokemon team is to be able to combat all types effectively. I never said to have super effective for everything, but there should never be a time when your team is not able to combat a single type(excluding if someone fainted).

    To give you a good idea, I will show you how my team would handle each type.
    (I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging, I just want to show you an example)

    Ice: Charziard
    Water: Jolteon
    Ground: Vileplume
    Fire: Snorlax (Surf)
    Grass: Charziard
    Normal: Hitmonlee
    Fighting : Jynx
    Steel: Hitmonlee
    Electric: Jolteon (Volt Absorb)
    Flying: Jolteon
    Poison: Jynx
    Rock: Hitmonlee
    Dark: Jolteon (Thunder)
    Ghost: Snorlax (Ghost moves do not effect it)
    Bug: Charizard

    Notice something? All of my six Pokemon are up there, and they can fight against all the types. In other words, using that chart, if there is a Pokemon on your team that does not have a place, why is it on your team in the first place? I think the only exception would be having a normal type, because they are all-rounders. My Snorlax, being a normal type, may not have a super effective attack with type stab, but a strong normal move with that same stab (in my case Mega Kick) can OHKO a Pokemon. I still don't what you to mess around with a weakling like Meowth though.

    Another problem is that your Pokemon are so varied in levels. I order for a team to work well, they should be near the same level... and by that, I mean only a 1, 2, maybe 3 level difference between all your Pokemon. Heck, your Blastoise is level 40 and your Gastly is level 20. You do the math.

    For emerald the Pokemon themselves are good... except Azumarill and Zubat. You already have a water and flying type, and very good ones at that. You don't need another. I don't know if I empathized this enough. DIVERSIFY YOUR POKEMON!!! DIVERSIFY ,DIVERSIFY, and DIVERSIFY SOME MORE!!!!!!! I don't even think your Pokemon can fill out my chart! If in doubt about which Pokemon to dump, GO BACK TO THE CHART. In fact, here it is again.
    Fighting :

    Now that I am done yelling at you about types, let me ask you this; why is Kadabra 9 levels above your starter, and WHY is it NOT EVOLVED???? Come on, you aren't a noobie. Like i said before, keep your team around the same level.

    Well, both games have the same mistakes :/ But, now you can fix them! Hope this helps!

    P.S : If you can actually understand my rant, sent me your Emerald Pokemon's moveset, and I can give you some tips
  6. Thanks for the help;I am thinking to replace meowth with a electric type pikachu or jolteon Which one is better? and i was thinking to get a sycther are they any good.
  7. Boxofcookies

    Boxofcookies Member

    JOLTEON. or even a electabuzz if you fancy. if you want a sycther, i would make sure it follows the list above.

    And for your emerald team, give me the moveset.
  8. ok got a jolteon it's moves are helping hand

    double team

    shock wave

    quick attack

    and my pokemon emerald team



    razor leaf

    magical leaf




    secret power






    rock smash



    take down


    rock tomb

    water gun


    fire spin

    body slam


    flame thrower




    wing attack

    confuse ray

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