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Is Pokemon really aimed just for Children?

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Okay, besides the obvious fact that its a cartoon and they show it on kids channels, and the games are based for the young demographic, is the anime really "aimed at 7 year olds"

My point, okay, we look back to the original Indigo league, the episodes had a basic formula, Ash and friends travelling somewhere, meet Pokemon, get attacked by Team Rocket, they blast off, smiles, and then they carry on.. thats easy to digest.

But you cant tell me that a thorough well thought out bunch of story arcs like the Diamond and Pearl series has wouldve been done solely for the kids sakes?

When I was a kid, I used to watch Teenage mutant ninja turtles, no real deep story to it, all you had to know was at 7 yrs old is that the turtles like pizza and fight shredder...

Diamond and Pearl had so much going on, Pokemon development, Ash and Paul, Chimchar, Dawn and Piplup co-ordinator quest, team galactic... I dont think so much effort would have gone into something for an age range that wouldn't even be able to appreciate or comprehend the continuity of the series which ran like 180 odd episodes.

All im saying is, the fact that an older mind can keep up to track with everything thats going on makes me think that the show was aimed for a more mature mind, just with a childish delivery... what do you think?


besides the obvious fact that its a cartoon

Implying that if it's a cartoon/anime it must be for kids?


Pokemon will always be created with kids in mind as the priority. And I have no problem with that. The show is just made with a very simplistic mentality. Too simplistic at times. But somehow that is also mixed with humor and situations that people of all ages can relate too.

DP, IMO, was the highlight of the Ash story. Despite still relying on the same COTD and shafting/ignoring game characters and concepts tropes, the way Ash was handled was wonderful. It was this young pre-teen getting closer to his dream and overcoming obstacles and challenges that where against his nature. If that's not good story telling all ages can find some draw to, I don't know what is.


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Waittttt so if its animated its only for kids? By that logic Death Note is a kids show


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I think they aimed it at kids with some aspects of teenagers and adults in mind


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The anime is aimed towards newcomers to the series to get them interested in the games. This is why Ash and friends introduce themselves to everyone they see, scan Pokemon they've already scanned, and even why most Pokemon say their names rather then roar or cry. We get a lot of repetition because the writers are assuming that people who watch at this point are only watching bits and pieces instead of the completed series.

For people who actually watch the series regularly we get little rewards here and there. Sometimes development though its at a snail's pace compared to other anime. Sometimes an arch. Sometimes that really good episode instead of a Filler. It doesn't happen often, but its when it does its enough to keep the show sticky for them.


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I didnt mean just because its animated its literally meant just for children..

Last time I checked, you dont see Deathnote on before school on kids channels?

My point was, anyone can just flick on a single episode of Pokemon, enjoy it as a singular episode and move on, but the fact the series as a whole does alot of bouncing back and forth with Ash and his Pokemon, in regards to old Pokemon returning and keeping track on the development of new ones, as well as story arcs that take 150+ episodes to be completed, I just think alot of effort goes into the show in terms of detail and continuity to be appreciated, merely by a 7 year old.

And its only got me thinking about posting this on here recently as more and more members state on other posts that its targeted specifically for children,with the older fans being more of an afterthought in the writing process. Say that was the case, then why in the Battle frontier, have Ash use Pokemon and characters reoccur from a series that came like 8 years before it, im pretty sure most 7 year olds wouldnt be aware of Ash's Pokemon from then or where they had been untill now


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Say that was the case, then why in the Battle frontier, have Ash use Pokemon and characters reoccur from a series that came like 8 years before it, im pretty sure most 7 year olds wouldnt be aware of Ash's Pokemon from then or where they had been untill now

The Battle Frontier aired after the Gen 3 games came out, but still a year or so before Gen 4 was released if I remember right. So they didn't have anything new to introduce at that time. Whether they did it for older fans or not cannot be claimed either way.

I think some people tend to underestimate the intelligence of some kids. There wasn't much in DP that was particularly difficult to understand. The themes of that saga were pretty clear.

The show overall is simplistic and easy to understand, but there are aspects that older audiences can enjoy. That's pretty much all there is to it.

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Pokémon is targeted at children for the most part, that's part of its demographic. However, there are parts of the show and the game (with this being the entirety of the manga) where it has a deeper meaning, and is rather darker than normal when you ponder on it some more. The movies may look very kiddy, but it may actually cater to the older audience, if just subtly. The first movie is the first that comes to mind when I think of dark themes in Pokémon. You don't expect small children to understand what cloning is, and the meaning of one's existence, right? So there are some moments where an older viewer will catch a topic that is clearly more mature than normal.

And besides, there are quite a good number of moments in the show where something rather complex is brought to attention. As I re-watch the episodes I haven't seen in years, I'm noticing that there is quite a bit of material that are sticking out to me more prominently that went over my head as a kid. I was watching "A Poached Ego" a couple of days ago, and the whole topic of poaching was being brought to attention. Yes, I know that it's a rather known topic even among kids, but most of them don't really understand the topic very well. They just know that "catching this animal (or in this case Pokémon) and keeping them locked up like that is bad, and thus the person is bad". What I saw was greed and animal cruelty, and just how weak they were upon capture, much like how actual poaching works. It was also a bit horrifying to see they were kept in electrified cages, and couldn't move without the risk of electrical shock, which they experienced off-screen.

And of course, you get to see Team Rocket getting beaten to near-death by a Tyranitar. That is brutal for Pokémon, if I say so myself.

So, while the show is aimed for children, and thus is kid-friendly, that doesn't mean it can't appeal to older audiences. If it didn't, it wouldn't have the wide-spread audience that it does, at least for the anime. The Japanese are aware of periphery demographics in (the majority of) their anime for kids. At least they don't talk down to their children unlike a lot of children's shows here.
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True that Pokemon is a kids franchise, but Nintendo should at least once try something aimed at the older fans of the franchise...


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What the heck do you think it's aimed for? If you want a more mature version, that's what Pokemon Special is for. However, the games, all of them are mostly for kids and preteens(even though I play it too). I don't understand how BW is being questioned so much about who is supposed to be watching the show or not. Best Wishes is the most kiddish of the entire Pokemon series that it doesn't even make sense alot of times. Mostly because it has alot more Pokemon interaction than with the characters unlike with DP.


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Hmmm...even if it's aimed at children,I think it's a little too childish.Most of the time it looks like it's aimed at 3 year olds.A little more seriousness wouldn't do much harm in my opinion,kinds would still watch it

Haunter ゴースト

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Yes it's aimed for kids, every so often a mature/darker event happens in the show, although it's not much and very rare.

I'd love a more darker and violent version of the show, I can't see it happening at all though.


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Its like a lot of cartoon shows/films. Its aimed at kids, but if you watch it as your older, you can see the meanings to it. Back when I was younger, it was just pokemon, you'd watch it and laugh, and it would pass the time by, you wouldn't really see the development. But watching it as your older, you see more in it. DP is a prime example of this, take Dawn's losing streak. As a child, its just her losing this contest, and the next, and a few here and there, you don't really think about it more than that really. But as a teenage/young adult. You can see what the story is really about. The development of a character, seeing her grow from confident, to self conscious, with very little confidence in herself and in her pokemon. So its pretty much like a majority of cartoons, not all, but most. Designed for kids but has more meanings as you get older.


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The only time I felt they weren't aiming at children was Paul's emotional scarring of Chimchar. I doubt any kid would understand the psychological issues about that.


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I think it's aimed at kids, but Pokemon is a show that's been around for a long time, and most of us here have been watching since we were kids, and we still enjoy it. That's my excuse reason.

Haunter ゴースト

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The only time I felt they weren't aiming at children was Paul's emotional scarring of Chimchar. I doubt any kid would understand the psychological issues about that.

Hmm theirs a few other moments imo.

-Ash/Celebi/Arcues nearly dying - Latios dying - Very mature themes to touch on imo.
-Clone Pokemon severely beating the original Pokemon in Movie 1.
-Fake Groudon and the The Tree of Life (Movie 6 + 8) absorbing the characters away was very shocking for a younger audience imo.
-Paul's attitude towards Pokemon if they are weak.

Yeah most of them are from movies, but that's the advantages to them. They can be taken that bit furthur and more seriously which always makes some of them more enjoyable over the anime a lot of the time.

I think it's aimed at kids, but Pokemon is a show that's been around for a long time, and most of us here have been watching since we were kids, and we still enjoy it. That's my excuse reason.



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The franchise in general is aimed at children.

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The public usually categorizes pokemon for children. Just in perspective and opinion could one enjoy pokemon without having to be a "child". This is all in my point of view. Though I do see the point you're trying to make.

In the 1st generation, pokemon has been normally aimed towards, as you say, "7 year olds". But since pokemon has developed in a way were it caught the attention of young adults, I guess they decided to add a bit more substance and story towards the series in all ways
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