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Is Ronald McDonald the actual cause of Child hood obesity?


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Take cooking classes and learn how to better manage their money. For example a burger might be cheaper at McDonald's than buying a loaf of bread, but in the long run a loaf of bread is better cos it will last longer and feed more people.

However, lessons and cookbooks cost money they don't have.

Not to mention I'd rather eat a burger than a loaf of bread.


It's everyone's fault for giving in to the food. Of course, I have a mixture of high metabolism and overall hyperactiveness so I'll have to eat at least 100 burgers for me to gain any significant gain in weight, so I really don't know what lures people in to it. Or maybe...maybe its because the food is so damn good!


New spicy version
Take cooking classes and learn how to better manage their money. For example a burger might be cheaper at McDonald's than buying a loaf of bread, but in the long run a loaf of bread is better cos it will last longer and feed more people.

a) a burger isn't always cheaper than a loaf of bread, actually. See Alleviate's price.

b) Limiting the number of restaurants a franchise can build is a gross exercise of power.

c) The government actually can't just "make healthy food cheaper".

Breeder Drew

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It's the toys, dammit, the toys. They make you want McDonald's even more, and then there's the clown promoting them. And then there's the parents buying McDonald's every day for their kids, when they could just say no. So Ronald is only part of it.


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Yeah, totally!!!!!!!!

...Actually, no.


I initially read this thread title as reading "Is Ronald Reagan the actual cause of childhood obesity?" Then I realized that was incorrect.

No though the true cause for childhood obesity is careless parents feeding their children way too much shit because they're too lazy to make either beneficial meals or they just don't put a limit on the food consumption around certain times of the day. The child may just be hungry and go grab a cookie out of the cookie jar, and then again and again and again. A repeating process it is. All the blame is on the parents, though.


Ocarina of Calm
You're supposed to say come at me bro. I don't know what you're trying to comprehend by saying get@me.

No, he's right. Anyways, to the topic, not directly, but his corporation is.


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The cause of most childhood obesity cases are because parents don't know how to say no to their kid when they go "Mommy! Get me some double cheeseburgers!" Then those idiot parents can't admit they made a mistake so they blame something else.

The same thing happens when parents complain about what's on TV. Change the channel if you don't want your kids watching it, moron.

Flame Mistress

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Nah. I used to eat Happy Meal like three times a week and I never got fat. Or gained weight.

I was actually trying to, you know. I was really skinny for my age.


TRC Boss
Are you serious guys?!?

It is the parents fault they have the choice to buy it or not for there child. Its because the parents also eat Mcdonalds 3 times a day. The parents should be able to keep their children healthy by controlling their diet!


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I had Happy Meals when I was younger and I was extremely skinny as well.

And I will say the exact same thing that I have said to everyone else who has said what you just did:

Hm, you do realize that the entire world and you are not all the same person, right?

Metabolisms vary. People process things a different way. Not everyone has the same amount of Happy Meals as you. Everyone is not you.


Club Paradise
You can't blame Ronald... It's clearly the parents fault for allowing their children to have it...


Unova Trainer
While Mcdonalds/Ronald Mcdonald can be blamed for some obesity, they aren't the sole cause of it, nor is the obesity they cause just recieved in children. Parents, for one, are to blame. They are the ones who take their kids their after all. Mcdonalds isn't the only fast food restaurant making people obese anyway. Burger King, Wendys, Sonic, Taco Bell, and even Subway contribute. (A footlong at subway can have just as many if not more the calories of Whoopers and Big Macs.)

I never went to Mcdonalds for Ronald. I went solely for the toys. Half of my life up to age ten was spent eating Chicken Nuggets. I just started back getting Happy Meals after not having Mickey D's for a while, and I don't like eating them. I try to pass them on to my mom when I can. I'm just doing it for the Pokemon promotion. I shudder at the unheathlyness of their food.

Then there's metabolism and parents that don't take regard of that. Parents need to know their kids metabolism and establish eating periods on that. Even for themselves. I, having a quite high metabolism, can eat a lot without gaining weight, but in 20 years, it's going to bite me in the butt that I didn't practice heathier eating because I will be fat if I don't excerise regularly.

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. One of the keep ingrdients to staying slim. Something everyone should practice to some extent whether it be just walking for 30 minutes or doing intense cardio.


Playing sports all year long for 4 years will get you a 6 pack. I have a 6 pack and I'm only about to go into high school :)