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Is Serebii.net / SPPf your homepage?

Is Serebii.net your homepage?

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Well-Known Member
Is Serebii your home page? (since you didn't answer your own question)
And for me, nope, I'm not the only one who uses this computer.


Well-Known Member
Nope. My homepage is my email. If I want to go here I just type the URL XD; I don't really do bookmarks or anything, so.


<- Shiny Hunter
Nope, although its the first site I see after the homepage ;)


Well-Known Member
Google is, but I have the site up in my toolbar or whatever on Safari so I don't have to put the URL in.


Think Magical!
My homepage=serebii.net.

Osha Say What?

Well-Known Member
Nope, on my ZuneHD I can't have a homepage set in the stupid Internet explorer mobile. And on the regular computer, I'm just too damn lazy to put as the homepage, even though I'm the only one that actually uses it.


The Living Hologram
Funny you should ask... yes, I use Serebii.net as my homepage.