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Is Serena's relationship to Ash very similar to Yellow's relationship to Red, almost copy and paste?

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by shoz999, Jul 25, 2018.

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  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Mimi! Master of Disguise!

    The textbook I created here are just my thoughts and analysis on the relationship. You can skip down to the incredibly short summary I created or post your own thoughts immediately if you want.

    This was something I noticed when I was researching the characters for a little project I was working on, trying to get a better grasp of the characters. To sum it up in one word Red is the stereotypical "hero" while Yellow is the "angel" of the group. I had a bit of a hard time to grasp Yellow's character because she was in many ways similar to Red. Then I saw a comment that earned around 300 to 400 likes on a Pokemon Generations YouTube video, Episode 15, on the main Pokemon channel. I was surprised to see a comment about Yellow, a character only well-known in the Adventures manga and not the more popular games and anime, earning top comment on the main Pokemon channel and is actually one of the reasons why I think the Pokemon Adventures fanbase is bigger than some people may think, it's just annoyingly silent. Basically the comment was a response to Ghetsis calling N a "freak" for talking to Pokemon, saying Yellow isn't a freak, she's an angel. That one word instantly summed up Yellow's character differentiating from Red, Yellow is an "angel" and it got me thinking how she could potentially progress into a mother figure if she was developed further in dedicated arcs rather than just appearing as a supporting character in the remake arcs. Than there was her relationship with Red.

    I honestly really do not care much for shipping but for some reason Adventures seems to be the exception to me. Many of you know that SpecialShipping (Red x Yellow) is one of the more popular and older shippings among not just Adventures fans but amongst Pokemon fans as a whole, getting more progression than shippings between Red and Blue (female) or Misty. Difference between SpecialShipping and Amourshipping (Ash x Serena) is that romances in Pokemon Adventures, unless were talking the RS arc which is basically a love story in disguise, are usually treated as side-jokes and subtle character progressions with no real confirmation for the most part, it's actually very quite common. The XY anime series on the other hand does have confirmation and have episodes dedicated to progression, similar to the RS arc actually.

    Another thing are the characters. XY's take on Ash in many ways remind people of Adventure's Red, in that he is a freaking badass who knows how to adapt strategies and battle. Yellow and Serena on the other hand are entirely different characters. Yellow is the angelic hero with psychic powers who cares for Pokemon and hates battling but when she has to, she really knows how to battle to an extant taking on Lance and his army of dragons. Serena on the other hand... is nothing really like that. She cares about Pokemon of course but so does almost every character, even villains to an extant, just nowhere on the level as Yellow who hates the idea of Pokemon getting hurt in battle. Instead her story arc essentially revolves around her trying to decide what her dream is, trying out a similar form of Pokemon Contests in Kalos, as she follows Ash around across the Kalos region. They are entirely different characters, heck if you read the XY Adventures series, you know that Serena is nothing like Yvonne from XY.

    So the one similarity that I said that I couldn't help noticed that Amour Shipping felt almost like a copycat of Specialshipping is to simply put, the relationships itself feel too similar. The characters are definitely different but there relationships aren't, almost identical. Unless you guys think I am absolutely wrong then please bring it up but here are some thing I've noticed. Ash and Serena meet each other the first time as little kids at Oak's summer camp after Serena stumbles upon a Pokemon in the forest. She gets injured a bit and Ash helps her out and states his love for Pokemon leading to Serena admiring Ash to the point she has a crush. Adventure fans, see where I'm going with this? Red and Yellow meet the first time as kids as well in the Viridian forest after Yellow gets attacked by a Pokemon. Red helps her out and states his love for Pokemon after defeating a hostile Dratini and proving they are all friendly by helping Yellow catch her first Pokemon, a Rattata. It doesn't actually end there, later they meet again after Yellow nurses Red back to health after his difficult battle with Giovanni. These events leads to Yellow having a great admiration for Red to the point she has a crush on him as the series progresses. This basically what sums up both shippings, there both based around admiration for Ash and Red, who both show qualities of heroism and a caring nature for Pokemon in a forest somewhere that both Serena and Yellow can relate to. Simple right? That's until you dive deeper into the smaller steps. Even though they are almost identical, there are some noticeable differences in how the relationships "heavily" progresses. There are episodes dedicated to progressing Amourshipping, for example Ash and Serena attend a ball party with different dates only to end up battling as tag partners leading to Eevee's evolution, Sylveon. Adventures is, and for some people who love Specialshipping are annoyed by this, done in more subtle longer progressions. Unless were talking about Ruby and Sapphire, which honestly I think kind of deserves it's own thread, much of the relationships are told through subtle hints, imagery, and discussions and teasings by other characters. Red's relationship with Yellow has arguably received the most attention through this way to the annoyance of Specialshipping fans lol who want to see more dedicated progress like the XY anime series or the Ruby and Sapphire arc does. The closest thing Pokemon Adventures has to a "Serena kissing Ash" moment is an older Red, shirtless I am not joking to any curious anime fans out there, showing off some of that muscle while holding a fainted Yellow in his arms... frozen as a statue. Surely we'll see Blue back to her teasing self about this, maybe Yellow shocked she's been in Red's arms for so long... nope? Nope? Back to the Emerald arc plot? Okay. And then Specialshipperes everywhere drop to there knees crying to themselves... "It's been over 10 years..." Yeah that's kind of the problem with that relationship. Unlike Amourshipping which actually got a satisfying conclusion to it in the XY series, the moment where Red holds Yellow in his arms in all his shirtless glory, that's really more of subtle progression and imagery hinting at a possible relationship. There's no admitting one's feelings, kissing, or any of that satisfying conclusive concrete confirmation that says Specialshipping is now canon and the problem now actually lies with Yellow herself, specifically she hasn't gotten any comic book time since the Emerald arc, or for some fans, her own dedicated arc since the Yellow arc which is even older. When Yellow appears, you know that Red is going to show up too as either a supporting character or the other way around. Whether you don't see them as a couple or not but rather a student-teacher relationship, they almost always appear together and Yellow hasn't appeared in a long time leaving many of those who like Specialshipping clueless on what is the state of there relationship after all these years. The Sun and Moon arc is the perfect arc to see the two cameo together on a tropical vacation and the Let's Go games could serve as a possible arc where the two would "tie the knot" together, look it up if you don't know what it means lol there not kids anymore, but atlas many who are fans of Yellow fear that due to a tight schedule, the writer may skip the opportunity to bring back the RGBY gang back together in Sun and Moon, and because Let's Go isn't a core series games and it's based around two entirely new trainers and your new friendly rival, Trace, there's no guarantee that there will be an Adventures adaptation of Let's Go or that it will even be based around Yellow even though Let's Go are remakes of Pokemon Yellow.

    So all in all to sum things up, Yellow and Serena are two different characters and yet have a very almost identical relationship with Red and Ash, from it's origins to it being based on admiration and respect for each other, yet the almost identical basis for these relationships are handled somewhat differently through the anime and manga, from a puzzled oblivious Ash at the Airport creating a satisfying conclusion to Amourshippers everywhere to a shirtless muscled Red lol leaving many Specialshippers annoyed as it is still progressing with no real conclusion. Also from the title, I'm not suggesting Serena's relationship to Ash is a rip-off of Yellow's relationship with Red, rather it feels like the XY anime series took and adapted some material from the Adventures manga, similar to how some people have noticed that the 5th generation of Pokemon games may have taken and adapted some material from the Yellow Arc featuring the Elite Four who want to "liberate" Pokemon from humanity and featured Yellow and Lance who both can talk to Pokemon similar to N. What do you guys think, what are your thoughts on this?
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  2. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member

    I think Ash and Red are different. Ash has no any reaction to girls in XY. Red has. :D
    shoz999 likes this.
  3. shoz999

    shoz999 Mimi! Master of Disguise!

    Blue's (female) ability activates - Prankster (or in Japanese, Teasing Heart)
    Ash's ability responds - Oblivious
    Red's ability responds - Emergency Exit
    Yellow's ability responds - Wimp Out

    They should bring back Blue's little teasing moments in later appearances, it's pretty funny.
  4. horrahforyou

    horrahforyou Pokemon and Kamen Rider is life

    The battle of the Mary Sues

    I always think that Franticshipping is a plausable competitor to Amourshipping when it comes to romantic shipping.

    Both had spend their memorable yet traumatic childhood together

    The only thing is both Ruby and Sapphire confessed their feelings to each other.
    While Amourshipping is one sided (she kiss the boy though).

    And There's Laverreshipping (X and Yvonne). They spend their childhoods as well along with their 3 bestfriends. X saved Y from her mom's Rhyhorn. but their relationship is entirely different.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  5. shoz999

    shoz999 Mimi! Master of Disguise!

    Plausable competitor? Hah! Sorry for the boasting but the Ruby and Sapphire relationship, that's in a whole different league! Unlike the XY anime series, the RS arc is actually a love story disguising itself as a story of adventure, disaster, friendships, tragedy! It's on a whole different level that I don't think Amourshipping has a chance as a competitor when Franticshipping is in the room. The storytelling of Ruby and Sapphire's relationship together and how it progresses is just so phenomenal compared to Ash and Serena.

    Also I don't really think Yellow and Serena are Mary Sues. Yellow is a psychic, a power that Lance shares, who's received a lot of training and advice from her seniors and later she is able to successfully evolve all of her Pokemon after being through so much together when facing Lance and even with her training and psychic powers, it's still not enough to defeat Lance as his skills and Pokemon are still on an entirely different level. It took Blaine and Giovanni's help to defeat Lance. Serena on the other hand, although I do feel her relationship is a bit one-sided, is a character who worked hard to stand on her own away from her mother. She isn't handed over victory, she works hard learning from her losses.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  6. Lucky3

    Lucky3 Well-Known Member

    I can't say I see the relation. Sure they have some similarities, but they're mostly popular romance tropes. Meeting as childs and developing a crush out of admiration? That happens all the time in anime. And this is Pokemon, so of course Pokemon are going to be a part of it. With that criteria, FranticShipping could fit as well.

    I don't think there were ever plans to make anything serious come out of SpecialShipping, either. Their relationship has never really been the focus of anything but gags. Ruby and Sapphire's relationship was integral to the story of RS. You can remove Yellow's crush on Red from Yellow and nothing really changes.

    The only ship that I think could potentially reach the same status of 'canon' as Frantic is BlackxWhite, and I still wouldn't bet on it.
  7. shoz999

    shoz999 Mimi! Master of Disguise!

    What you say is mostly true. Removing it wouldn't really change anything, but you can say the same for pretty much all the potential relationships that aren't canon, except maybe Blake and Whitley. Also I really can't see the Black and White relationship reaching the same status of 'canon' as Ruby and Sapphire's relationship to be honest being any different from say Diamond and Platina's or X and Y's relationship. The gossiping or teasing jokes can easily be removed and nothing would change. The thing is, it is there and it is an important aspect of there character progression regardless if it changes much of anything if removed.

    Also honestly I think shipping between Red and Yellow is the most likely to be canon out of all the non-canon relationships, with the exception of Blake and Whitley. Even though it hasn't gotten any more attention due to the focus on other characters, it's definitely left behind a lot of subtle progress more than any of the other non-canon shippings, except for Blake and Whitley again, leaving a lot of room to be continued in the future. The problem isn't because the relationship hasn't continued in a long time, the problem is Yellow hasn't appeared in any of the arcs in a long time. Every arc that features Yellow hints a possible romance between her and Red that you'd have to expect it in future arcs starring Yellow. Currently it's been a long while since there's an arc featuring Yellow. In fact, it's far from a gag, being teased through gossip, not-so-subtle imagery, and there own Pikachu shipped by Jasmine, which is actually canon lol. Yeah, Jasmine, the Steel Gym Leader, is a Pikachu shipper lol.

    Other than that, I think you fail to realize how closely similar the two shipping are in terms of detail which I think is important to take into account. It's not just children, Yellow and Serena who are lost in the forest literally meet Red and Ash by random chance after encountering a wild Pokemon. Both Red and Ash care a lot about Pokemon which later progresses as Yellow and Serena holding admiration for Red or Ash to the point they are willing to search for them even though they both don't exactly remember who Yellow and Serena were from those years ago until later. The characters are definitely different but I'm saying the relationship seems incredibly similar in great detail.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  8. xEryChan

    xEryChan Ja Na Baka! Staff Member Moderator

    We don't really need a thread when Amourshipping has its own discussin thread.
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