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Is She Jessibelle?

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Rocket_Kitty_Umbreon, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Rocket_Kitty_Umbreon

    Rocket_Kitty_Umbreon WOBBA WOBBA!!

    This is a Rocketshippy fic that my cousins, my brother, and i came up with. It was my main idea, and i wrote it, but we all added on to oit. Please tell me if you like it.

    Is She Jessibelle?
    By RocketKitty
    Notes: We just came up with this, it was RocketKitty’s original idea and we all added to it and had a blast coming up with more ideas to add on to it!
    Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em Don’t claim ‘em Don’t sue please
    Rating: G or maybe PG, Nothing too bad except for the twerps getting squished by a giant chunk of solid gold ^ _ ~
    Special thanks to Kire, Owltail, and The Professor for helping me think of ideas! We had a blast!

    We find our favorite villains, Jessie, James, and Meowth back near James’s hometown, hiding in the shrubs outside the mansion of James’s birth. “Come on, James,” persists Meowth. “Ya don’t really hafta marry her. We’ll fake a wedding, get da money and leave rich right, Jessie?” “Yeah,” says Jessie half-heartedly. “What’s da matter, Jess?” asks Meowth, obviously noticing the lack of enthusiasm in Jessie’s voice. “Nothing” says Jessie coldly. “It’s not gonna work!” wails James. “These plans never work!” “You guys will go blasting off again, we won’t get the inheritance, and I’ll be stuck with Jessibelle!” “He has a point” says Jessie. “Who’s side are you on?!” exclaims Meowth.
    Later that night, James sits staring into the blazing depths of the campfire, wondering what to do, while at the same time, Jessie is having a hard time getting to sleep. Deep down, she knew tat she didn’t want James to marry Jessibelle. This could be her one chance to tell James her true feelings about him, but how………? Finally, Jessie can’t stand it any longer. She gets up and walks toward the campfire to sit by James. “Heh-Hem” Jessie clears her throat and suddenly bursts out, “I can’t marry Jessibelle!” at the same time Jessie exclaims, “You can’t marry Jessibelle!” James stares at her in surprise. “I-I thought you wanted me to marry Jessibelle.” He stammers. “I thought I did” was the reply. They both stare at each other for a moment longer……then, at the same time, they both whisper, “I love you” They slowly scoot towards each other and share their first kiss. They are interrupted by a triumphant “Ah-ha!” from behind them in an oddly familiar Texas accent. “I finally caught you in the act!” the same voice shouts as Jessibelle emerges from the bushes, cracking her whip. “AAAAAHHHH! JAMES, IT’S YOUR EVIL FIANCE WITH THE STUPID TEXAS ACCENT!!!! And the very long, cruel, dangerous whip” say Jessie, now afraid. “Go Vile---“says Jessibelle, but James was way ahead of her. He had already called out Victreebell and told it to use stun spore on Jessibelle. “Way to go James!” exclaims Jessie. “Now lets tie her up and shove her somewhere!” “Great idea Jess!” says James. As they tie Jessibelle up, a desperate shout comes from her, “You’re not tying me up properly, if you could just untie me I’ll show you the right way to do it!”
    Once Jessibelle was securely tied up and shoved in the closet of James’s garage, Meowth comes out from behind the bushes. “I couldn’t help overhearing, and I think I have a plan……………
    The next day, Jessie, James, and Meowth head over to the Team Rocket base (which is conveniently disguised as Growlie’s doghouse) to tell Giovanni the news. As they spilled out their entire plan, Giovanni’s mouth drops open at first, and then he smiles wide and fakes a girly voice, “Really? You’re getting married?! Oh my gosh! I’m SO happy for you! Can I be your best man?!” “Really?” Asks James in surprise. “NO!” says Giovanni at once. “We’ll give you some of the inheritance” offers Jessie. Thinking he meant Growlie, the rare Growlithe with its newly acquired fire stone, Giovanni goes off into dreamland. Growlie, what a rare and powerful Pokemon. The power! The ultimate power!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAheeeheeeheeee……..giggle giggle snicker laugh. “I--I mean, of course I’ll be your best man.” “Heh, Heh, Heh. “Also, we kinda need our paychecks.” says an embarrassed Meowth.
    After getting their paychecks, the trio heads to a bridal store to buy the most elegant, dignified wedding dress at the lowest price, for they both know that Jessibelle wouldn’t be caught dead in a wedding dress that wasn’t elegant. They go back to their camp, and Jessie switches clothes with Jessibelle while James helps her style her hair like Jessibelle’s. “How do I look?” asks Jessie in a fake Texas accent. “Nice” replies Meowth, “But work on that accent.” Jessie cuffs him on the head and she and James walk arm-in-arm up to James’s mansion.
    When they ring the bell, the servant comes and opens the door and then sees James. “Master James! You’ve come home! Now we can finally have the wedding!” James’s parents come running to the door. “Oh James dear! We’re so happy you’ve come home! Now we can have a grand wedding for you and Jessibelle!” “Yes” replies James. “I have finally discovered my true feelings for her.” “Oh! There is so much to prepare!” exclaims Jessie in her fake Texas accent. “Yes” agree James’s parents. “The wedding will be in one month” says James’s mother. “No!” exclaim Jessie and James at the same time. “Can’t we have it sooner?” “Like in two days?” asks James. His parents look at him in surprise, then agree. “Okay” says James’s mom. “We’ll choose the bridesmaids and the flower girl, and you choose the best man and the ring bearer.
    Once that was settled, Jessie and James were ready to find the ring bearer. After asking every Team Rocket grunt and Butch, no one wanted to be the ring bearer, so they ended up choosing the clumsy Meowth instead. “JUST DON’T TRIP!!!!!!!!!” they told him.
    Meanwhile, James’s parents were looking for a flower girl. Suddenly, they see Misty walking by outside the mansion. James’s parents look at each other, grin, and James’s father opens the door so that James’s mother can jump right on top of Misty. “Ha!” “Gotcha!” exclaims James’s mother triumphantly.
    They tie Misty up to a chair and sit down beside Growlie opposite her. “Now aren’t you a lovely young lady,” says James’s mother in a sugary-sweet tone. “You are going to be our flower girl at the wedding” she says firmly. “Or else we will turn Growlie on you” adds James’s father. “Growlie, look fierce!” he whispers in Growlie’s ear. Growlie bares his teeth threateningly and breathes fire. “But I have water Pokemon” says Misty smugly. Growlie jumps up on Misty, snatches her Pokeballs, and then starts licking her face. “Now you don’t” It is James’s parents’ turn to sound smug. “I still won’t do it says Misty stubbornly.
    Meanwhile, those lousy twerps are spying outside the window. “We’ve got to save Misty!” exclaims ash. “I don’t think so!” says James from behind them. “Weezing, amnesia!” “Heh heh heh” “Good thing I taught amnesia to Weezing!”
    Jessie, James, and Meowth were in the boss’s office. “This is the only TM 51 in the world” Giovanni was explaining. “It contains Amnesia. I am trusting you numbskulls with it. Gee, I sure hope this doesn’t turn out like the master ball incident, WHEN YOU NITWITS USED IT TO CAPTURE JAMES’S 2nd MAGIKARP!!!!!” “But Magikarps are so cute!” argued James. “YOU ARE LUCKY I DIDN’T COOK IT FOR DINNER!!!!!” “No! Not Splashy!” Anyhow,” said Giovanni, calming down a little. “Use it wisely. Don’t teach it to your random Weezing right after you get out of my office. *right when they get out of his office* “My Weezing is anything but random! Let’s teach it to him!”
    *****end of flashback*****
    “Now Weezing, knock them out with poison gas!” “Everything going according to plan” James mutters under his breath. He catches his father’s eye and winks. “I still won’t do it” repeats Misty. On his father’s queue, James comes in carrying the twerps and all of their pokemon, including Togepi, unconscious and tied up. “Be our flower girl, or they all die shish kabob style.” says James’s father evilly. “NOOOOOOOO! Not ash--I-I mean NOOOOOOOOOO! Not Togepi!”
    “Well, what do you want to do?” James asks Jessie. “My parents gave me some spending money.” “Hmmmm,” replies Jessie “Oh! I’ve got it! Let’s offer it to the boss if he will lend us his Mewtwo for the night, I just love watching it use its splash technique!” “Oh…..yeah….splash…” says James slowly, remembering that dreadful day when it learned splash….
    “Jessie! Jessie! Guess what?!” James shouted excitedly to a preoccupied Jessie. “What?” replied Jessie distractedly. “One of the Rocket scientists made me this wonderful HM09, Splash!!!” “It only cost me my whole salary!!” “Whatever” said Jessie, still not paying attention. “I’m going to teach it to Giovanni’s Mewtwo! He’ll be so proud’ I bet he’ll give me a bonus! Splash is just the best move in the world! I’m so happy!” “Whatever” repeated Jessie. “Wait, WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!” But James was already heading toward Mewtwo. “Hmmmmmm…. He said to himself as he tried to decide which move to delete for Splash. “I know! I’ll delete Physic!” 1,2.3..and poof! Mewtwo forgot physic, and…Mewtwo learned splash! “Yay!” exclaims James happily. “Wait till I tell the Boss!” “JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jessie and Meowth Came running after James. “WHAT did you say you were doing?!!!!” “I already told you” said James impatiently. “I taught Splash to Giovanni’s Mewtwo. Now, I need to go tell him, I bet he’ll be so proud!” “SPLASH IS THE MOST USELESS MOVE EVER YOU IMBISBOUSUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Jessie, going into an anime rage, complete with bulging vain and head twice as big as body. “Now come on! We have to get out of here before the boss finds out!” “But what about my bonus?”
    *****end of flashback2*****
    Luckily, the boss hadn’t used his Mewtwo since then so he never found out. A few hours later, Jessie and James are back at their camp with Mewtwo. “Luckily the boss has been drinking all day!” says James happily. “He never would have let us borrow Mewtwo otherwise.” “Now, Mewtwo, use Splash!” commands Jessie. Mewtwo used Splash! But nothing happened! Mewtwo used Splash! But nothing happened! Mewtwo used Splash! But nothing happened…..
    “Meowth! Get up! Come on! Get your lazy butt out of bed this instant!” Jessie hollers at the sleeping Meowth. Already dressed in her wedding gown, Jessie impatiently tries to rouse Meowth from his sleep. “French fries, shrimp stew, tuna salad” Meowth mutters. “AAARRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!” Jessie loses her temper and whacks Meowth with a mallet that she randomly pulls out of her pocket. (What else is new?) “Meeeeeeowth!” he shrieks as he fury swipes Jessie. Then, with one last “ice cream sundae” he plops back into bed. At that moment, James heads toward the camp from his parents’ house. “Come on Jess, we have got to get to the wedding! Hey, Meowth, buffet to your right” “Mmmm… where?” Meowth finally gets out of bed. “Wow! Looks like I overslept!” he says contentedly. “Why didn’t one of you wake me up?”
    The wedding has finally started as Jessie walked down the aisle with Misty following her. James’ parents are overjoyed, believing that James had finally come to his senses. Why, our lil’ bdarlin’ must’ve had a change of heart. James’ mother thinks happily. At that moment, Meowth comes down the aisle carrying the rings, just as Togepi gets overexcited from all the sugar it ate before hand. It rolls out into the aisle, happily squeaking Togi! Togi! Togiprriiiiiiiii!
    Looking straight ahead, Meowth doesn’t notice the pesky ball of joy until it was right under his feet. “Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoowwthh!” As he stumbles, the rings fly out of his hand, through the air and onto Jessie and James’ fingers. “Meowth!” they shout, annoyed that he tripped. If only that stupid Togepi hadn’t interfered! Oh well, it was over now, and at least the rings were safely on their fingers. “You may now kiss the bride” The newly wed couple share a kiss, as the crowd happily “awwwwws.” “Oh, James I love you so much” mutters Jessie. “I love you too, Jessie”
    At the wedding reception, Jessie and James happily danced together as Ash runs up to Misty, exclaiming, oh Misty, I’m glad you’re okay!” Blushing, Misty replied, “Thanks, Ash. Umm…do you want, er well, um do you maybe-” Misty brakes off, as Ash takes her hand and says, “It would be my pleasure.” Over in a corner, sat Cassidy sat with Butch, as they hold hands and watch Jessie and James dancing together. “Um, Cassidy” Butch says, “There is something I have been meaning to tell you, for quite some time now, and well, seeing Jessie and James together, well, I guess it gave me hope.” Butch pauses, nervously as he wonders how to say this. “Butch,” Cassidy says, bravely guessing what Butch was about to say. “I-I- w-well,” She swallowed, trying to pluck up enough courage to confess. “I love you, Cassie” says Butch. “Oh, Butch, you have no idea how long I have been wanting to hear that,” says Cassidy. Butch kisses Cassidy on the cheek, then takes her hand to lead her to the dance floor. Brock sits forlornly in a corner, watching all the happy couples dance about. “Oh, Brock,” sighs a Nurse Joy walks over to him and holds out her hand. Blushing, Brock takes it, knowing that this is probably the only chance he’ll ever have to dance with Nurse Joy.
    “Oh, James, dear, I’m so glad you have come to your senses and decided to carry out your duty in the family” says James’ mother as he and Jessie approach them. “Yes, son” says James’ father. “I’m so glad you decided to marry Jessibelle and leave behind that stupid, ugly, idiotic Jessie. Stupid Stupid Stupid….Ugly Ugly Ugly….Idiotic Idiotic Idiotoic…The words echoed in James’ mind, turning him red with anger. He felt Jessie stiffen beside him, though surprisingly she was able to hold her temper. “Yes, dear” continued James’ mother “That Jessie makes me sick! She is such a failure!” That is too much for James. Without thinking of what he is saying, he suddenly bursts out, “How dare you say that about my wife!” Everyone gasps. “Ooops! Did I say that?” “That’s right!” shouts Jessie triumphantly. I love James, with all my heart, and if you can’t handle that, you had better prepare for trouble! “That’s right! And make it double!” shouts James. “To protect the world from devastation!”
    “To unite all people within our nation!”
    “To denounce the evils of truth and love!”
    “To extend our reach to the stars above!”
    “Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!”
    “Surrender now or prepare to fight fight fight!”
    “Meowth! That’s right!
    “Chime! Chime!”
    “Why, how dare you fool us, James dearest!” exclaims his father. “Now you are in for it!” adds his mother. “I don’t think so!” says James. “Ready for our get away?” asks Jessie. As Jessie and James ready their jetpacks, to blast off, “James’ mother exclaims, “Why, how did you two get jetpacks?!” “Duh! We’re anime characters! We can randomly pull thing out of our pockets! Gosh!” replies Jessie.
    After heading back to HQ (Which is conveniently disguised as Growly’s doghouse!), Jessie withdraws the inheritance from the PC, where it had been stored because it was in the form of solid gold. “All right, Boss, we brought you the inheritance!” When he sees that the inheritance is not Growley the powerful Growlithe with its newly acquired fire stone, he practically blows up. “Why, you idiots! I have no use for this! I wanted a rare Pokemon!” In his rage, he throws the solid gold out of the window, where it just so happens to land on Jessibelle and the twerps, squishing them. Without the stupid twerps to pester them, Jessie and James lived happily together for the rest of their lives.

    Please tell me what you thought of it! This is my first fic.
  2. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3

    That was my favourite part, loved the confessions :D

    Very lovely for a first fic, though I have to say, it would have been better double-spaced, but that is not a critisism of your writing. Just simply the way you lay it out. Great job hunni
  3. Rocket_Kitty_Umbreon

    Rocket_Kitty_Umbreon WOBBA WOBBA!!

    Thanx! I just had to make sure there was some pokeshipping and neoshipping, seeing as i follow both of the ships. ^_~ Well, i'm glad you liked it!
  4. Steffrox

    Steffrox de cold & de sorrow

    that was nice, its good to see some rocketshipping in the fics section, well done

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