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Is Shinx A Good Partner?

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Is Shinx a good partner? I want to re-start my game, and have my partner be a Shinx (I'll always have Pikachu as my partner), and I just wanted to know if anyone had Shinx as their partner. Also, does Shinx know Discharge (this is why I liked Pikachu the best!)? Thanks in advance!

Mr. Joker

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I have one as a partner, it really depends on your style of exploring, the shinx has a good move set and everything.


I'm baaaack. >:]
I had Shinx as my Partner in Sky and I'd say he's excellent! He gets the Egg Move Quick Attack to start off with, which is quite helpful.
And yes, Shinx learns Discharge at level 41, which makes him very efficient for those infamous Monster Houses.
He gets Bite, which can make the foe cringe, and Crunch which can lower Sp. Def. by level-up, as well as Spark and Thunder Fang, which are solid Electric-type moves. On top of that, if Discharge isn't enough, Shinx can learn Thunderbolt from a TM to hit every enemy Pokemon adjacent to it (as well as Shockwave, which attacks long distance in straight lines and has perfect accuracy).
Also, Shinx is part of the Group C IQ group... these Pokemon tend to learn skills that are very useful in combat: Intimidator, Nonsleeper, Extra Striker, and Brick Tough, to name a few.
Based on my experience with him, he's a sturdy, reliable Pokemon. And Discharge makes him a real winner.

So personally, I thought Shinx was a great Partner, plus his little facial expressions that are shown as you progress through the story are pretty cute. (=


It's decent because it has range and area moves, but its type coverage isn't something to boast about.

And use the help thread when asking questions similar to these. :ll
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