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Is the 3rd Gen Old?

Darth Sabreus

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They're getting old yes. But to me, they still have hours of life left.


Petal Blizzard
Kinda but eh, they're still great games. Gen 3 was the best in my opinion.


Well-Known Member
Old, but as fun to play as ever. Out of entire series, RSE in-game is still my favourite to play through, mainly due to the fact that the graphics don't feel nearly as old as 1st and 2nd gen's and 60 fps framerate is a bomb.


so AWH-SOME /)^ɛ^(\
Sure it's old, but it's nostalgic for a lot of us. For me, it was the first video game I ever played, and since then I've bought a lot of the games.

I was thinking yesterday that it was old, but it's great fun to play and if anything reminds me of when I only had a GBA.


Well-Known Member
Its kind of old but newer to people like me who grew up with the 1st generation being released outside of Japan. I think that another reason why it doesn't "feel" old is because It was supported with the gamecube much like RGBY was with the N64 if you bought pokemon stadium. Also, you can eventually trade over your RSE to BW.

With that said, I hope they remake the 3rd generation because it was my favorite generation :)


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They are definitely old, there is no getting around that. But just because a game is old doesn't mean it's no longer played. I still play G/S/C more than any other Pokemon games.

CMD Calcio

L'Amore per Sempre
Are we getting to the point that the 3rd gen games are not played that often and are getting to status of Red and blue and gold and silver.

Consider this: FR/LG was made 7 years after the release of red and blue, and now they are 7 years old.
I didn't think they were that old. But now I just feel old. I've stayed with 3rd Gen and haven't moved onto the new games. What does that say about me?

CMD Calcio

L'Amore per Sempre
That you're unwilling to try new things. Or rather, unwilling to try slightly altered things.
Either that or I'm just too cheap and slow lol. But I guess they're definitely old by now. They're releasing remakes of these games pretty soon after all.


Well-Known Member
Nintendo no longer manufactures the game cartridges. Probably because they stopped making Gameboy Advance systems.

Nintendo thinks it's old, but when I think of an old video game, the first thing that comes to mind is Pac-Man.

Pac-man is pretty old, but it still entertains countless people around the world, right?

And look at Super Mario Bros, (yes, the first one) they made the software available for download on the wii's virtual console.

It doesn't matter how old the game is, we still play it. Who knows? Maybe in the future there will be a Video Game Museum (I bet there already is). And I'm sure a beefy security guard will be standing in front of a glass display case with a FireRed cartridge on display for all to admire.


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Yeah, no doubt these games are old. All games will become outdated as the years roll by, and 3rd gen games like RSE have now reached that stage.

Doesn't stop them from being fun to play though! =)