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Is the sun effective anymore?

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Gameshark2k2, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. Gameshark2k2

    Gameshark2k2 New Member

    Are sunny day teams still effective anymore? If so what pokemon are used? I used to think that chlorophyll was the only way to go with sunny day.
  2. Vis_Mage

    Vis_Mage PokeGyms Creator

    Most sun teams these days will require Drought Ninetails as a way to get endless sun up and going. Once the sun is up, Chlorophyll users such as Venasour, Leafeon, and several others become highly swift. as well the powerful grass STAB move Solarbeam can be used with no recharge! Also keep in mind that the sun is not only a help to grass types, but boosts fire moves as well! Swift fire types can excel in the sun as well, such as Infernape. There is also the ability Solar Power that can be used to your advantage, and any pokemon with Morning Sun as their main healing move (Such as a Magic Bounce Espeon) can get a major increase in the HP recovered!\

    Overall, although it is commonly overlooked by rain and sand teams, sun teams are still very visible, and unlike rain teams, sun teams can use Drought+Chlorophyll (Drizzle+Swift Swim had been banned).
  3. Fabulous Ampharos

    Fabulous Ampharos Pokemon Breeder :3

    I do NU a lot and I would say that sun teams are really useful.
    They have useful pokemon like Ninetails,Venusaur,Sawsbuck,etc.
    From my perspective, you have to much pokemon you can use in the sun in NU. You can use specs Eggy with Chlorophyll or you can use Solar Power Charizard./but there are many more.

    Sun can be very effective if used correctly.
  4. MetalSonic

    MetalSonic Orderan' Defendan'

    As long as Banded V-Create exists then Sun is more then super effective.
  5. Eaglehawk

    Eaglehawk Banned

    Despite the fact Ninetales itself is a bad pokemon, Sun is pretty "anti-metagame", as it can serve as a strong counter to Sand and Rain team components. The only reason they aren't as popular as the former two is because Stealth Rocks.

    Ninetales is:
    - Weak to SR (needs a decent SR)
    - Fast (which means that non-scarf Weather starters' weather take priority over Sun)
    - Frail (even the bulky sets)
    - Bad (Sp) Att Stat (can't offensively pressure pokemon that resist Fire or have high Sp. Def)
    - Can't actually fill a secondary role outside of Auto-weather

    These qualities makes Ninetales hard to play with. As a result of these bad qualities, a sun team with Ninetales requires a lot of team support, unlike Rain, Sand, or even Hail to some extent. Furthermore, many Sun abusers either have an SR weakness (Charizard, Victini), weak to Fire e.g. Heatran (Venusaur), or have really bad coverage (Lilligant, Shiftry).

    Sun can definitely shut down the other weather if you play the team right and know the playstyle's weakness.

    Sunny Day teams have a small niche is some ways. If you really hate using Ninetales, you can opt for Sunny Day. However, Sunny Day is not consistent as you have to repeatedly reset it up, which in of itself is a major hassle. In a metagame where auto-weathers are accessible, manual weather will most of the time be at a loss against auto-weather. However, many auto-Sun teams utilize team members that have Sunny Day as one of their moves just in case Ninetales die or just to switch the momentum. Some things, such as Heatran and Venusaur, utilize Sunny Day to counter Auto-weather switch-ins. For example, if Auto-sun is up and you're predicting the opponent's Politoed might come in, you throw up a Sunny Day to counter it, putting the momentum in your favor and potentially forcing a switch.

    You can also use Sunny Day to level out a playing field. Suppose both your Ninetales and your opponent's Tyranitar are both dead and Tyranitar won the weather war. You can have a Sunny Day user throw up a Sunny Day. This gives you a temporary weather advantage for 5-8 turn. After the sun is gone, the battle is back to Square one, where both players have no auto-weather on the field (technically you have a slight advantage if your Sunny Day user is still alive).
  6. Cosmic Potato

    Cosmic Potato Sexy Trainer

    yes, it works.
  7. insanityhand

    insanityhand Well-Known Member

    Sun works, in my experience, as long as you are carrying air balloon Heatran. This might sound strange at first, but I will explain. Most sun uses Venusaur as its primary sweeper and if you haven't been able to boost, then Earthquake won't be able to one hit a physically defensive one. So what is the best way around this? Something immune to ground and fire moves. The idea is you bring in air balloon Heatran, take the fire blast and show the earth power so your opponent will have to be more wary about bringing Heatran out. So yes, sun is still effective.
  8. Barbeller

    Barbeller Scatter Brained

    Sun is effective, yes. Technically, every playstyle is viable if it is used correctly. Sun has major problems though, in that Nintales is such a bad pokemon, and Rain and Sand are so used. Rain can potentially kill Nintales at any point, due to Ninetales' awful defences and the super effective boost. The primary abusers of Sand can breeze past Ninetales, and Tyranitar beats Ninetales in pretty much every situation. Also, Ninetales only has four switch ins if SR is up, so it's basically on a stopwatch timer. Finally, Ninetales is so bad, unlike Tyranitar, Hippowdon or Politoed, you basically have 5 pokemon on your team. If you go for a Rapid Spinner, then you only have 4 Pokémon to abuse sun. You see why it is often pretty bad? It's practically impossible to cover the whole metagame with 4 pokemon and keep sun up at the same time. Of course, it is possible and good players can pull off sun very well. It's just nowhere near as good as some things are.
  9. Touché Amoré

    Touché Amoré WAKABA-KU

    I dont think it is so much because Sun has became ineffective but because Rain and Sand in most situations is more effective and because Sun generally has more cons then the others. It has been said a bunch of times now but Ninetales is easily the worst of the weather Pokemon. It just feels like dead weight most of the time. First of all it is hard to lead off with it against other weather users since the rest of them are all slow which alone can already lead to a bad situation. It is also weak to both Ttars/Hippos STAB and Polis STAB (So are many of the Pokemon who benifit from sun) as well as Rocks (which we all know is a pretty big part of the game right now) putting even more pressure on you and less on your opponent. And this is just some of this issues with Sun. I mean of course there are ways to deal with these iproblems and with some effort a sun team can take down a opposing weather team and really be just as good. But when you compare Sun to Rain or Sand the other two just have way fewer draw backs and can be very powerful with little effort on your own part so naturally more people are going to want to use that over Sun which has become more difficult to use as the metagame took shape
  10. Sparkbeat

    Sparkbeat FLASH! AAAHHHAAA!

    With sun, you pretty much either win or lose at team preview. Sand - Depends on you trapper, Rain - Win with a trapper, Weatherless (Unless the other team packs Heatran AND Lati@s) - Win. What sun wins against heavily relies on what trapper you use and what weather setter or sun counter the opponent uses. If you play your Ninetails conservatively, like playing a Snover against Sand in LC, you shouldn't be in too much trouble against other weathers with a well built sun team. And if you aren't running a trapper, then you're doing it wrong. So yes, sun is still viable, but it relies so heavily on the team matchup.
  11. Pookey-man

    Pookey-man The Man of Many...

    Of course. Without it, Cherrim would be completely useless.
  12. Sparkbeat

    Sparkbeat FLASH! AAAHHHAAA!

    Honestly not sure if you're joking around or not, due to the fact I don't really recognize you, but even in sun Cherrim is completely useless.
  13. Pookey-man

    Pookey-man The Man of Many...

    You are wrong, my friend.

    Boosted by sun, Cherrim in sun has 90/87 attack/sp and 85 speed. Which makes it a good sweeper in lower tiers. And combine that with a boosted 117 sp df, it can function as a Special wall.
    Solarbeam is the kill move of course, but Leech seed is just as effective in a different way. And then just give it a focus sash, so it can last one more turn, and you have an extremely formidable opponent.

    But let's not get Off-topic here...
  14. Sparkbeat

    Sparkbeat FLASH! AAAHHHAAA!

    If you're using it in lower tiers with Sunny Day, there's many other better abusers like Eggy and Victreebell who are much better than it because they are much faster with Chlorophyll, and won't get outsped and OHKO'd by the many physical attackers that are faster than Cherrim.
  15. Honus

    Honus Well-Known Member

    yeah sun's still effective, but you need an answer to or a means of playing around garchomp and landorus otherwise lol 6-0d xD mmmith
  16. Fabulous Ampharos

    Fabulous Ampharos Pokemon Breeder :3

    Yes, and you have Ludicolo, which is a good setter of sun...even though he does not get Chlorophyll.
    You are right about there being good sun abusers in lower tiers..Eggy being one of them.
  17. Gameshark2k2

    Gameshark2k2 New Member

    what pokemon would be used in a sun team(I'm gonna use OU as the default meta)? I mean besides obviously ninetales, the only other one I'd consider a must-have is a chlorosaur(which I don't have). I'm guessing the entire team shouldn't have chlorophyll, but how many should have it? what other pokemon would be beneficial in the harsh heat?
  18. **** yeah Cresselia.
  19. Tommy Botham

    Tommy Botham Member

    Imagine if they gave Drought to Arcanine.. The amount of imba being cried would be relentless.

    Arcanine on paper looks like a Legendary.
  20. cxinlee

    cxinlee Lc ftw

    Well it kinda works, but rain teams are everywhere, and thats a major problem.
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