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Is the sun effective anymore?

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Gameshark2k2, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. Slayr231

    Slayr231 Grass Type Trainer

    In OU it's not as viable as rain or sand, but it's still really good if you have the skill to juggle Ninetales around and keep it alive. Sun is almost a necessity on fire monotype teams.
  2. Puma Italia

    Puma Italia Well-Known Member

    I have a Sun Stall team that is definitely still effective. It is not as good or as easy to pull off as Rain/Sand because Ninetales takes so much damage every time it comes in from SR so it is the most fragile of the weather starters.
  3. MCBarrett

    MCBarrett MCBarrett

    Weather Trapper Heatran is a great member for sun teams since it provides a desperately needed Dragon resist and can trap Politoed, change the weather and KO with Solarbeam. Mamoswine is great as well since it can deal with Heatran and dragons such as Latios that give sun a lot of trouble. Sun is still extremely viable simply because it has two of the most potent win conditions in the game in Chlorophyll Venusaur and Sun Boosted Volcarona. If you can take out their counters and keep the weather in your favor its gg. That is definitely easier said than done though.
  4. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    I find sun teams can be effective but it depends mostly on how you play really and the team build...as well as ninetales does take damage but i disagree though that it takes alot of damage if ev right and use properly in battle. The only thing though sun teams are not as common that i noticed as rain and sand teams and hail teams is the worst of seeing...I find latias does well in the sun as well cressilia is pretty good but still may be hard to use in the OU teirs...I have a sun team its pretty decent but still always needs it tweaking...team building can be pretty tricky though sometimes...
  5. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    So to assure my guess, the sun weather team is the most difficult to master I guess. I mean, who else could fit the permanent sun summon better besides Ninetales?

    So, in your own opinions, which pokemon COULD have been the better Drought User if a lot of you find Ninetales as a one role pokemon?

    For me, I have a couple options: Victini, Arcanine, or Heatran.
  6. MCBarrett

    MCBarrett MCBarrett

    Hetran would definitely be the best thanks to its bulk and the fact that it isn't weak to SR. It wouldn't just be the best Drought user, it would be the best Weather Summoner in OU period. It would almost have to run Shed Shell though because everyone would be using Dugtrio to try and trap it.
  7. Puma Italia

    Puma Italia Well-Known Member

    I would say Heatran would be the best Drought user of those three, for reasons that were already mentioned above.
  8. As far as which one would make the best Drought user, Heatran is the obvious pick. Even without Drought, it's a pretty consistent top 10 Pokemon in even the 1850 usage stats, so it's obviously already the best of the three in OU in general. It'd be able to take advantage of the same traits that currently make it so good in order to be a consistent Drought user, namely it's great typing, bulk, power, and movepool. The second best choice is a tough one, but I actually think I'd like for it to be Arcanine. Remember that a good trait in a weather user is its ability to switch repeatedly in and out when needed, and neither Arcanine nor Victini have the optimal typing for that. However, Arcanine does have a few advantages of its own. Intimidate is a major one, making it much easier for Arcanine to switch in and out when up against physically offensive Pokemon. Morning Sun is huge as well. Not only does it give Arcanine a form of healing (which the others lack), but it's boosted to 66% healing by its own ability to set up Sun. This would make Arcanine much better at switching in and out as much as necessary. Victini would still be a great Drought user, especially with a ridiculously powerful V-Create at its disposal. However, its Psychic typing makes it Pursuit weak, which is dangerous; Tyranitar is the main problem, switching in to change the weather and Pursuit trap Victini. Of course, I honestly think any Pokemon with Drought would easily make OU (Ninetales would be in PU if not for Drought), so any of the three would do nicely.
  9. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Sunny weather is harder to use well than sandstom and rain. But it's still easier than hail.
  10. I Like Pie!

    I Like Pie! Smile smile smile!

    I personally prefer Sun teams over the over-over-overused Rain teams. Ninetales is a great weather inducer, and with Scarf/ Specs, can act as a potent offensive threat. Chlorophyll users such as Venusaur and Sawsbuck are near unstoppable once checks are removed, and Pokémon such as Heatran can abuse the Sun to deal powerful damage to foes. Sun, in general, is an awesome weather, and even though Rain has boats more abusers, I don't see Sun teams going out of fashion anytime soon.
  11. 1.21GWs

    1.21GWs Member

    I have a sunny day team that seems to do really well in online wifi battles. I've won 17 matches (unincluding tons of dc'ers) for two losses using Ninetales, Typhlosion, and Cherrim. Eruption with helping hand and sunny day up does crippling damage to the foe, and if you choice scarf Typhlosion he will always go first. If they don't have wide guard or fake-out Typhlosion, it is pretty much game over on the first turn as Eruption will likely K.O anything that doesn't resist fire, and most things that do are left at orange/red hp for Ninetales to come heatwave. It isn't too hard to counter this but I'm surprised just how successful this has been. If my Typhlosion is K.O'd, flower gift and sunny day allow Infernape and Arcanine to have two 1.5x upgrades on their fire moves making them hit ridiculously hard as well.

    Also, this seems to destroy those pesky Politoad rain dance teams too!
  12. Moonclawz

    Moonclawz Aura Trainer

    Sun teams are still very viable, but they require a lot of support as Ninetails and common sun abusers like Volcarona and Victini are weak to Stealth Rocks. Dugtrio helps out with this a lot by eliminating Tyranitar and opposing Heatran that would cause trouble for sun teams.
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