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Is there a difference between Bisexuals and Pansexuals?

Bi meaning 2, and Pan meaning all, in order for them to be the same, there would have to be only 2 genders. If there are only 2 genders, then it would be the same as "water" and "dihydrogen monoxide" (the same thing, in essence but with 2 different names).

But if there are more than 2 genders... well I don't know much more than that, so I'll stop there.


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I read that Pansexual are attracted to everything, there are only two genders male and female...people who are attracted to both genders are called "bisexuals" but "pansexuals" well you could say they are attracted to animals and well EVERYTHING!


I think pansexuality is kind of a myth. Regardless, the two are different.


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Looking at the definitions of the two, I don't really see much of a difference. The only thing that seems to separate them is a lot of roundabout explanation and people who are just unwilling to call themselves bisexual.

That's just the way I see it, though. I personally identify as bi, just as point of interest.


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I seriously doubt that.

Anyway, Bisexuals means 2 genders, Pansexuals mean all genders.
...Does that mean Pansexuals love hermaphrodites, too?
ugh have u ever spoke to a pansexual? well that's what he told me and when I mean EVERYTHING is not that if they see tin can would fall in love..but yeah hermaphrodites, animals...


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Yeah there is a difference, Pansexuals fall in love with anything that breathes and Bisexual with Homosapiens genders.