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Is there, another player. That can play real media, besides real player

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by Silver Dragonair, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Silver Dragonair

    Silver Dragonair OMG internetz

    Because, to put it bluntly. Real player, fucking sucks. I hate it so much, somebody uploaded some YYH episodes. But to my bad luck, they are in real format. Now, I refuse to even, download the piece of shit that is known as real player.

    I tried VLC, wich supposedly can run any type of video. But it failed, I couldnt play the YYH on there.
  2. facetious

    facetious machtverfilzung

  3. Silver Dragonair

    Silver Dragonair OMG internetz

    ^if it works, I love you in a completely platonic way


    it doesnt work, Im starting toget irritated. I just wanted to watch some Yu yu hakusho. But I have to use real player. But that screws up my computer.

    DAMMIT!!!!! Im ******
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2006
  4. facetious

    facetious machtverfilzung

  5. Silver Dragonair

    Silver Dragonair OMG internetz

    Thanks, for at least attempting to help me. I know you are trying your best. Sorry if it seems I was yelling at you...

    Im just trying to watch some YYH. You ever think you get closer to your goal?? Then another obstacle comes in the way??? Yeah, thats what it is basically like

    EDIT: I got media player classic, and shizz. THen put the real alternative on it. But it still doesnt work.

    WHat did I do wrong??
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2006
  6. Penguin

    Penguin The Chappy Bunny

    Have you tried DivX Player?
  7. Windows Media Player?

    Quick Time Player?
  8. Silver Dragonair

    Silver Dragonair OMG internetz

    It is just not working, I dont know what to do anymore. I think I am going to cry. I hate real media player, and I would like to give a big fuck you to the people who made that piece of shit. Another super sized fuck you to the people who upload files in those formats.

    I am getting no where. I got Media Player classic, and real alternative installed. I still cant watch RM files. Im trying to watch files labled as RMVB.
  9. muckers

    muckers *yawn*

    Why not just put up with Real Player for a bit? If you can't get these other things to work, there's no point in getting annoyed when you could solve the problem by just downloading Real Player.

    It's only to watch those eps. after all - it's not exactly going to become your main media player, is it? ;)

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