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Is there life in outer space?

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Alien life has always been a topic of much debate among astronomers.I am of the belief that there IS life in space.Sooner or later,we ARE going to find SOLID evidence of Alien life.It is stupid that Earth is the only life-supporting planet in such a big universe.

What do you think?


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I say that there is definitely a chance for life 'out there'. This would be feasible by using the fact that Earth has life, water, and all the chemicals needed to sustain life due to it's location in comparison to the sun (placement in our universe/galaxy to say). This pretty much means that there is a chance that another planet somewhere can sustain life due to it's positioning and environment.
Will aliens come to us or shall we come to them? Well that depends on how far away they are AND the time that they have been developing. Earth could be relatively young compared to some planets and galaxies. Will we find evidence soon? Maybe. But most likely not.

Other than that, there is almost definitely life out there.


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I'd be extremely disapointed if it was ever proven that we are alone in the universe. i believe so strongly that there is life out there that i want to say i know there is... but i have no proof lol


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Surely the probability of other life is high. Consider the number of planets that have been discovered, and the pecentage of those that are in the "goldilocks zone" of its star system. It's ridiculous to think that there is only the one planet in millions, or even billions that have precisely the right conditions for life. Also, don't forget that life may not have to be limited to being carbon based, the other elements of group 6 on the peridodic table may also be possible, especially silicon. So, i strongly believe there is a high chance that life exists elsewhere.


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I am 100% positive that there is life somewhere else. I'm not so sure that we could reach it though. If there are hardly any life forms out there, then they must be few and fat between. We may never find them.


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There is life out there. And more than likely they are trying to find out if they are alone too. If there are over 1,000,000 stars in our section of the Milky Way, more than likely 10 at least have the ability to support life. Probably 2 or 3 do. THan factor in the rest of the Milky Way and you may get around 100. Then the rest of the Universe maybe 1,000,000,000. There has to be more intelligent life out there.


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I'm sure that we're the only ones here because Genesis said that God created us.

Kidding. Anyway, we've found complex organic chemicals in outer space; formaldehyde in interstellar clods and methane on the moon Titan. I'm sure there were at least bacteria on Mars at one point, and that we're going to find water sooner or later. Life is like a disease; it spreads everywhere.


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I hope our satellites catch a galaxy blink, that would be wowzers.
Life needs a liquid, a gas and a source of energy (it can be anything from light to sulphur acid).

So yeah the chances are extremely close to 100%

Most planets with life probably don't have any species that has a civilisation but I'm sure some of them have. And some of them are probably more primitive than we are, others equal us and others have a much better developed form of technology.


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We cannot be absolute, but when we analyze probability, namely how many Solar Systems there are, it seems incredibly likely there is another biosphere. There's another biosphere in our solar system, one of the moon's of Jupiter (with ammonia as a viable liquid medium). However, just because there's probably billions of biosphere doesn't mean life started given how small of a chance that is to happen (I forget what the percentage is). Still, given the fact there is so many biospheres, and the probability of life is based upon the chemical composition of earth in which another planet may have a biosphere more optimized for abiogenesis, it is quite possible there is another lifeform out there.

Point is though, we're just talking about probability which is always inabsolute, so it's rather a moot point to be talking about whether or not we know there is other life when we cannot know. I think there is other life somewhere, but again, it's based off inabsolute data.


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Of course. The space is big. Who's know? Maybe the Aliens are asking the same question, is there life on Earth? Life is full of suprise.


Yes. Of course.

Otherwise, we would not be spending millions of $$$ on telescopes and other equipment just to scan the universe for other intelligent life right?


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Yep. I'm 99.9% sure there is.

There's got to be some other life form out there. I will be very disappointed if it was just us in this lonely galaxy, seriously.


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Chances are greater that there are than that there aren't. The idea that we're alone in the universe is statistically absurd.
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