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Is this a problem?


Waiting for summer
Ok, I really need to know if this is a problem. I usually make my fanfic poem ideas (and sometimes write them) out of pure impulse. Is that a bad thing, I'm not really sure, I honestly feel like it's a mixed blessing but what does somebody else think?
(I don't really mind if you quote anything for proof, I just want an answer)
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I don't think it's bad. In fact, it's pretty good :) So long as you proofread them once your inspiration runs out or before you post them.

I myself often don't even have the drive to write something the minute it pops into my head. I mull it over in my brain for so long that by the time I'm satisfied with the idea as a whole, I find it too cumbersome to write.

So consider your blessing to be a good one! :D


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No, it isn't a problem. XD Or else I'd have it too.

I think writing it out of sheer impulse is the best, at least for me. You get the feeling of it and you just write. If I don't write my ideas out quickly enough or vocalize it to someone, I might end up losing it forever. XD Even a rough draft will do sometimes.

'course I'm not saying that posting it up right afterwards is a good thing, but it's good for some short ideas that have a short timeslot. It's just for the sake of remembering it, I guess.
Almost all ideas are pure impulses, for poem writing especially. It's a blessing if you get them often.

I wrote a one-shot on pure impulse once. I was horrible (ironically, I got the impulse from reading one of your poems)
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It just feels like a good time to say this lol:

A good thing to do is wait 5ish days after you write something then read it again, you may find that there are bits you think need changing now or you might think up new ideas to include.

Ok now i end my random advice ermmm givingness