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Is this generation your favorite?

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This has probably been mentioned a thousand times, but, are Gold, Silver, and Crystal your favorite Pokemon games? I suppose it was inevitable that they would be mine, because they were my first. I got Gold as a Christmas gift the year they first came out, I was about twelve at the time. I went on to play Blue, Crystal, Ruby, and, most recently, Pearl. I am picking up a GameCube for myself this Christmas with a copy of Metroid Prime and Metal Gear Solid, and in all likelihood, I will be picking up Pokemon XD as well. So, this was the generation that started it all for me, and, as I'm sure, many of the people here. I think that the improvements made from Red, Blue, and Yellow to G/S/C were greater even than those from R/S/E to P/D/Pt. So you know my opinion. But are they your favorites? Or some other generation?


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Heak yes. I loved 2nd gen. Best Gen of my life.


Yes it was by far my favorite. It had day oriented events diverse environments and inventive wats of doing things like headbutting trees. The key is that is was a true continueation of the first set of games.
I like the 2nd and the 3rd generation the most. The 2nd gen is more fun to actually beat, but the 3rd has the Frontier and everything.


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Yes this is by far the best gen. The best starters of all time
I love 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gen but I get more enjoyment from the 2nd gen. It's just... more fun than the rest to replay.


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The second generation was the best, the third generation was the worst.
This was certainly my favorite generation, the awesome post-game and nostalgic exploration of Kanto was awesome.


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The 2nd generation is my favorite along with the 4th gneration.


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No... My favoirte generation for playing would have to be the third generation... I havn't played diamond for very long so... The 2nd generation would be in last place for my picks... There was just something about it that i did not like...


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Yes the 2nd gen is my favorite (I still play my G/C and I would play S but it don't work no more). I wish they would remake it for the nentendo ds so I could get a version for it that has amazing graphics. My 2nd fav is the 4th gen, then the 3rd, and finally the 1st.


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um, yeah, second generation pokes were like unique in their own way.
but the third gen games were my favorite because of the climax, legendary pokes, and all the new things it has to offer, especially pokemon natures.


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I'm sorry, but my favorite Generation would have to be the 3rd one. I started looking at the competitive side of Pokemon during the 3rd Gen.

It was during that gen when I became a breeder who is skilled in the arts of Move Inheritance and IV Inheritance.

It was during the 3rd Gen when I decided to aim high as a trainer.

And the Battle Tower format in Emerald is better than the one in Crystal. It starts out easy and it gets harder as you progress.

And if my calculations serves me correctly, I just ranked back up to Earth Trainer Rank.


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2nd Gen was definitely the best for me. It took all the things that made the first generation of games so great and expanded on it while keeping gameplay simple enough to enjoy.

Day and night, berries, held items, breeding, new legendaries, Bug Catching Contests.....GSC had it all. ;160;
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