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Is this generation your favorite?

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2nd gen. is by far my favorite. Everything just seemed so perfect. Like I was actually a trainer following Red's legacy.. Totodile at my side. Lol.

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I like DPPt's battle system the best, but the story in these games, as well as the setting, is by far my favorite. Probably because it was the first place I played at. Nostalgia beats out the competition. XD


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I like DPPt's battle system the best

What exactly do you mean by battle system? the way the attacks are laid out into Physical/Special and Other? or something else?


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YES!!!! REMAKE PLEASE!!! I can't wait for the day when this is (hopefully!) remade. I miss the Johto starters like crazy, and dual regions to play through.


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Yes, this generation is by far my favorite. I loved the introduction of pokemon eggs, and the pokemon were plain awesome.


Yes. I have better memories of this game, and a amazing nostalgia effect. It also was the most fun. So it is my favorite generation.


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No, 3rd gen was my Way favorite


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Yes. 3rd gen was definitely the worst.


Yes this generation is my favorite thanks to..
New Sprites/Lugia/Day and Night/Eggs/Travel to Kanto and more but i cant think of any atm.


The 2nd generation comes in second to me.

I agree the graphics and everything got a lot better and all and so did the starters but the 1st generation will always be my fav.


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This generation was by far my absolute favorite; and not even just Pokemon either, my favorite all time game. I, too, got this game as my first ever Pokemon (and first game period) as a Christmas gift when I was about five. Weird to say, this game taught me to read really well, and made me smarter earlier.

I even think this game made the one's that followed a letdown. Two regions should have been a recurring theme.


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2nd generation is for sure my favorite, because 2 regions, and shiny pokemon!


2nd gen is my second favorite. I loved the second gen because of the introduction of the new pokemon, and they seemed exciting at the time. Also some new cute ones as well. I adore Gold/Silver/Crstal games and I still play on crystal sometimes.

The games were really exciting and off course the intro of Bellossom is instant love. I was so fascinated with them.

Espeon and Umbreon are the best eeveelutions imo.


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yeah the second pokemon generation was the best ever! then the third generation appeared and they were good too but when the fourth generation appeared i jus though; what the hell are they thinking! this pokemons are ridicolous! they dont have the same exiting feeling over them like the other...

but now that ive played it through i think that there are some pokemons that are good but i fear for the future generations, will they be something worthwile or a real dissapointment for us all?... (and since i ran on bidoof 90% of the time i played the game ive started to hate that little beaver..)


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oh yeah by far. with day/night, days of week, bug contest, eggs, shinies, awesome pokemon, awesome legendaries, and travel to kanto, it was by far the best, in front of
4th gen, then 3rd, and then 1st.


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Yes. It was my first introduction really into the world of Poke'mon on the handheld. I had been an avid follower of the anime since it aired in the U.S., then I noticed my friend with some odd handheld (a Gameboy Color) in the first grade. I eventually got up the nerve to play, only to be utterly surprised that I recognized a Pidgey but not a few other Poke'mon (he had Silver). For that Christmas I received a GBA, and my birthday (which is only like a week and a half later), I recieved Poke'mon Gold, and a guide. All that's left of that guide is every single page that I've glued back together by the spine countless times. It remains my favorite because to me, it captures the essence of Poke'mon perfectly. Not to mention it had twice the fun as any other generation (at least to me, with the 16 badges, and Red the trainer).


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I have played every generation to the point I have a ruined GB, GBA and a nearly dead DS my GBC remains in great condition though;

From best to last I present my list;

1. GSC
2. RBY
3. RSE
4. DP

Diamond and Pearl did absolutely nothing for me - From adding a pokemon that IS not looks like IS a fridge to slow paced battles that constantly frustrated me the 4th generation claims its place as the worst generation.
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