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Is this normal?

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Sorry for yet another noob question from me, but the strangest thing happened, and I was wondering if it was a fluke or common. I was fishing for a Feebas, and went down the waterfall. I was just past surfing under the bridge when Hex Maniac Valerie called my Pokenav. She said "Right now, behind you.. wasn't there something...? The power of the Pokemon here at Mt. Pyre... It's telling me about you... You should walk away quickly and never once look back." I turned myself around and lo and behold it was my Feebas square. Is this normal? It really freaked me out.;280;

(Edited because I found the sheet I wrote it on for an exact quote)
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Lord wackruntlje

Speed up, n00b!
Propbaly its just coincidence... but if she actually told things like that i wish she could tell me where that f*****g Latios is.


Fog Trainer

just a wierd coincidence. although it would b nice lol if it happens :p


Psephophthalmus artu
my advice is catch a whole bunch of feebas so u dont have to go back to the square again

and thats is very wierd


TC expert
Praetor said:
my advice is catch a whole bunch of feebas so u dont have to go back to the square again

and thats is very wierd
There is somthing called egg hatching


Yeah, that's kind of wierd. Make sure to catch a bunch or make note of where that spot is.


Yeah, about that...
Well i do think if you breed it with a ditto it will be easier and way cheaper and saves you pokeballs.


Pinin' for the fjord
Nice! I'm thinking coincidence, since Valerie called me when I was in Fortree City to say the same thing, and it wasn't as if a shiny popped out of nowhere. But hey, why second-guess it?


Cool... must have been a weird cooincidence! I grabbed about 10 from the square... finally have a Milotec. Thanks again for your insight all. I'm still a pretty big pokemon noob. LOL.


Mew The Origin
I dont think you're a noob knifey spooney and i don't think the question you asked was a noob question either so stop calling yourself a noob.

On topic:By the way, where is Valerie?

Sonata Arctica

On topic:By the way, where is Valerie?

Route 121, just after the berry girl who talks about pokeblocks (or watering berries) being an expression of love.

Never had that call from Valerie though, but it will be just a coincedence, chances are.

Magma Leader Maxie

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I'm creeped out!

Man, that was about as lucky as you get! If you tried to get her to call you on that square again, you'd probably waste more time than you need to catch 300 shiny Chimechos! (I'll throw in 800 shiny Relicanths for good measure as well). It's also really creepy, when I read what she said, a shiver ran up my back. I'm impressed!
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