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Is This Pheromosa a Lost Cause?

I know this should probably go in the "ask a question" thread, but I noticed the date of the last post in there and didn't want to cause any necromancy.

Mods, if I won't get penalized for necroposting that thread, let me know and delete this thread and I'll repost this question in there.

Anyway, I'm not really a competitive player, but I do make "pseudo-competitive" mons for battling (by that I mean only EV training is done on the pokemon, I don't IV breed, and natures may or may not be optimal)

I recently caught a shiny pheromosa an hour or so ago. I was set to replace my normal choice band pheromosa with it before I realized it had one of the worst possible natures it could have. (Sassy)

It's not even a nature I could work around, as on top of crippling the pheromosa's speed, it raises a stat that does not benefit it at all. (And to add insult to injury the stat judge said it has a perfect speed IV too.)

I'm wondering if there could be any gimmicks I could run on this pheromosa to at least salvage it somewhat, or if I should just label it a lost cause and keep it as a trophy. Any suggestions?

(Also yes, I know I could probably scarf it to work around the speed reduction, though it would be sacrificing the pheromosa's effectiveness as a glass cannon if I do so)


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Figure out what exactly your Pheromosa fails to outspeed (look particularly at common scarfers) and then adjust accordingly. Given Beast Boost and Pheromosa's speed tier, there are probably worse stats to be docked in - it's not as if it sits at, say, 105 Speed and needs to outrun very specific threats to be effective. If it had a lower attacking stat, it would always be hitting weaker, but I can't imagine Sassy sees dozens of Pokémon now outspeeding it.