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Island of Giant Pokémon! (017)


Tis a nice episode
I loved this episode. The translations really let you know what the pokemon were really like. I laughed when Squirtle tried to talk to the robot Blastoise.
My favorite line is when Squirtle comments on maybe their masters were eaten by wild pokemon and he does the Crunch attack. I still LOL when seeing it.


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At first, totally believed that those were infact Pokemon...but HUGE! :eek: But after revealing they were just robots, ehh, I was punk'd. XD


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This is one of the funniest episodes in the first season like when all the pokemon are drunk and team rocket trying to follow the wire to find the phone company.


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I remember this episode, too. Before I watched this one, I thought Venusaurs were the same size of Ivysaurs, but I was wrong. It was hilarious of how in the end, the heroes and villians destroyed an amuzement park.


That Dragon Rage looked more like a Twister to me, now that I look back on it. & that Slowpoke was awesome :) I also liked how the had sub-titles in this ep, especially when Squirtle said Ash, Misty & Brock got eaten...lol. What amazes me is that Ash was the only one that lost his Pokemon, why didn't Misty loose Staryu or Starmie? & why didn't Brock lose Zubat or Onix? The writers should have made it fair & made them all lose at least one poke, IMO. But overall, I was pleased with the results. Especially when the Pokemon tried to talk to the Giant Pokemon....haha.

I give this episode a:


I loved to see those giant poke although they were only machines.

And the pokemon talking was great, and funny....



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It was ok, with the subtitles and all.

I loved that the Pokemon themselves got an episode all to themselves. That was great. Loved to see what they really thought of Ash and their trainers.

Loved the end, with the whole train chase and the mechanical Pokemon crashing into each other. 9/10


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This episode is a true classic. They really need to do another one like this, with just the pokemon, and all their talking subtitled ... and with great lines like this one had.

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This is one of my favorite episodes because of the Giant Pokemon. It was nice seeing many of them but pity they were robots. I wonder if Givoanni ever knew that J&J were part of the destruction of the park.

You think Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur would already know who their evolved forms were.


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This was simply a classic episode. Seeing the pokemon communicate and learning what they thought about their trainers was excellent. The Giant Pokemon were also great and so were the roller coaster scenes. This was easily one of my favorite episode.


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Yes, this was one of my favorite episodes. The pokemon and the humans were a different world for a second, and I thought that would never end or happen again.

Too bad Ash and Co. didn't saw this but at least we have a translation all along lol...


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One of the best eps. We finally get to see Ash's pokemon talk.....kinda.


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They could have continued this kind of translation whenever they were to have a Pokemon seperation or with a Pikachu and Piplup episode. That way it wouldn't seem so boring all the time.
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Really liked this episode, especially with how unique it was. Getting into the heads of the Pokemon was awesome, I wish they would do that more often. The reaction by the tour guide when she noticed the destruction of the robots was priceless!