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Island of Giant Pokémon! (017)


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I liked how this episode showed the Pokemon talking to one another. It was nice to be able to see what they really think for once.

The giant Pokemon were awesome. At first, I found them a little intimidating because I thought they were real. ^^;

It was quite dramatic near the end. I remember watching the TV very closely to see if the Pokemon would make it into the roller coaster thing without being trampled. I was so realieved when they made it there okay. ^_^


My least favorite of the St. Anne episodes. The island filled with giant mechanical Pokémon was interesting at first but I lost interest soon after the trainers started encountering the giant Pokémon. I liked the segments with the Pokémon just talking to each other with subtitles.


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It was nice to see the Pokémon communicating between themselves. The large robot Pokémon were a bit odd seeing as they kept attacking everyone, but I still liked the episode as a whole. The last part with the roller coaster was one of the better scenes!
One of my favorite episodes. It was thrilling and definitely fun to watch. I liked how Giovanni was directly involved in the episode too when it came to Team Rocket and how desperate everyone felt because they thought they were on a desert island. It was interesting.
The subtitles were awesome, they should've done that in more episodes with Pokemon without trainers! Squirtle with fangs talking about a big scary monster was awesome XD And those giant Pokemon being wrecked seen from that boat at the end was cool! And Bulbasaur denying family just to not have to talk to that big scary Venusaur was funny. All in all, a perfect episode, 10/10.


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This episode was really cool!!! I like how they put subtitles when the pokemon talked they should have done that when pikachu was talking to caterpie. TR was funny I laughed when they decided to do their motto over the telephone to Giovanni.
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Just like everyone else has mentioned, I really liked the subtitles here. I have no idea if it was like that in the Japanese version, but it was clever of 4KIDS to do it here. It was really the earliest known instance of us knowing the thoughts of Pokémon. Bonus points for giving both humans and Pokémon equal screentime, we never did see that again, at least not until Meowth and Pikachu were tied together in a future episode.

Anyhoo, I actually had the book of this episode (remember those episode books?), and I read it a lot. So naturally, I like this episode, despite not seeing it on TV a lot. I'm fairly sure this episode is a homage to something (probably Monster Island or Jurassic Park, maybe Lost World, though that's just a guess). Giovanni's first appearance may have been a couple of episodes prior, but I like his appearance here, since we get to see him yell at the trio, which I think is one of the funniest moments in the show.

The climax of the episode is pretty cool to watch. Ever since then, I always wanted to ride in one of those carts xD. And the ending was a nice twist for kids. I actually believed the Pokémon were real.

So yeah, this is a good episode, worth watching over and over.


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This is one of the greatest classic episode of Pokemon, and also a first. This is the first episode that pokemon has been seperated by their trainers. I loved in fact the subtitles of what the pokemon are saying (except for Meowth because he can talk). Even though they got back to their owners, this is still a great episode 11-10


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This episode was classic and good. Why:

-The equal screening time between humans and Pokémon
-The adding of subtitles to the dialogue between the Pokémon
- The humorous conversations.
- A unique plot ( You don't see in nowadays episodes the protagonists and deuteragonists stuck on an island with giant robotic Pokémon)

I can see both sides of the story and why in some instances, it fell flat on its face. But this episode remains a golden moment in the era of the beginning of the Pokémon anime.


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Our heroes find themselves stranded on a Mysterious Island, separated from their beloved Pokemon. How will they escape?

Not a bad episode; I hearing (well, reading) the Pokemon's thoughts. Team Rocket's plan to follow the phone line was actually pretty smart, but they didn't expect a GIANT pikachu to ruin everything. Just one question: Why didn't Ash use Butterfree & Pidgeotto to search for Pikachu and the others?

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I do like how the subtitles give the Pokémon more obvious personalities beyond "SQUIRTSQUIRTSQUIRRRTLLE!" and what the humans say the 'mons say.

However, I hate how they never did this again (but constantly recycle the "protagonists lose Pokés, Pokés search for trainers, trainers search for Pokés" plot) and that they say that no Pokémon is evil.

Apparantely, because of that ONE line from the season where real animals coexist with Pokémon, Rhydon can be beaten with Thunderbolt if one directs it at the bodily appendage utilised for offence, the Gym Leaders look nothing like they do in the games and Gastly is the strongest Pokémon ever, any evil looking Pokémon (e.g. Deoxys, Houndoom, Darkrai) is automatically made a goody-goody, no matter how nonsensical it is.
Okay, the pokemon talking to each other with subtitles was nice. I wonder why they didn't do that with the DP episode when Pikachu and Piplup were seperated from Ash and Dawn.

But, that is one dangerous theme park if five idiots can destroy it with their imaginations. This is one of my least favorite episode due to it being full of nonsense.
How in the world did Goldeen, Staryu, and Starmie get back in their Poke Balls when the gang landed? This was a good episode, I like the happy moments. :) Haha, when they Pokemon were running to the cart, Koffing would have no problem getting to James, since it can Levitate.