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Island of Giant Pokémon! (017)


I didn't get why Slowpoke was shown so much like at the random bar. Then he evolved and even that didn't affect the episode's storyline.

The island's wild Yadon was just a gag character. It wasn't meant to do anything major other than act as a background character for laughs.
Giovanni's theme park looked so deserted so it wasn't a big loss when the mechanical Pokemon ruined the whole thing. I felt bad when Koffing and Ekans were drunk and crying.


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I think this is one of those episodes every Poke-fan remembers because of the Pokemon being subtitled. Shame that wasn't a series tradition. Also shame Brock and Misty's Pokemon didn't get in the action and Ash's two most underdeveloped Pokemon were left out. Bulbasaur was quite the cynic.

This episode had one of my favorite showcasings of the Team Rocket Motto ever with them being so dedicated to the motto they have to say it to their boss.


Also shame Brock and Misty's Pokemon didn't get in the action and Ash's two most underdeveloped Pokemon were left out.

It was a shame, although Takeshi and Kasumi's Pokemon at this point were kind of vapid in terms of design, so I can tell that they weren't very popular. Maybe that's why they didn't get some screen-time here.


I call you honey
Wow so Giovanni owned the theme park even though it seemed totally unlike him. I wish we had seen Ash and his friends team up with Jessie and James right from the beginning.
The subtitles made me realize just how silly Ash's Squirtle was and how serious Bulbasaur acted. Ekans and Koffing crying in the bar scene made me sad since they seemed genuinely distraught. I liked how the whole island was a theme park owned by Giovanni. Seems like he's super rich.


Call of Fate
A meh episode. I liked Squirtle's antics and Ekans and Koffing showing how much they cared for their Trainers. Ekans' line about there being no evil Pokemon puzzled me, since some Pokemon in later series (such as the Spiritomb from DP) were clearly shown to be evil. Jessie and James annoyed me when they decided to recite their motto to Giovanni.


FullmetalJackie said:
The subtitles made me realize just how silly Ash's Squirtle was and how serious Bulbasaur acted.

Zenigame had always shown his amusing side however, as seen in his debut episode where we saw just how quirky he was.
I might be alone in thinking this but I didn't think that subtitles were needed to understand what the Pokemon were saying. I would rather have seen the Pokemon wander the island without knowing what they were thinking. I liked the scene where Jessie and James were pulling on the telephone box's cable and then the roller coaster scene where all the mechanical Pokemon got destroyed. It seemed like the mechanical Pokemon were actually trying to kill everyone. 8/10
This is one of my favorite filler episodes because we get to see the Pokémon interact with each other IN SUBTITLES, not having them actually talk cough Pikachu's Exciting Adventure cough


The scene where Giovanni hangs up on Jessie and James is easily one of their funniest interactions with him ever.

Jessie: "Well, I suppose we'll have to get off this island ourselves."

James: "The phone didn't help."

James is comedy gold. He states the obvious in a completely dry manner that could either be taken seriously or sarcastically. It is 100% ambiguous whether or not he is speaking in agreement with Jessie or making a sarcastic dig at her decision to call the boss.

This kind of stuff is why he quickly became my favorite character even before his backstory was introduced.


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Ekans' line might have been dub only but even if it wasn't I think that the writers just didn't think that they'd ever introduce truly evil Pokemon.
The early years were an odd case due to Shudo's bizarre handling of the Pokemon lore and how much got cut up from his original plans. It treats disobient Pokemon in a bizarre way characterisation wise as well.

Granted since Ekans was kinda talking in a basic way, it might have been implying that THEY 'Pokemon' aren't bad. Also, you know, they might have had it in for Meowth for being an arrogant blowhard at these points. Notice the Wobbuffet years onwards, the other TR Pokemon don't have any problems listening to him.


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OS was good at giving pokemon good and colorful personalities and this episode shows that. It was interesting to see the pokemon talking to each other.