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Island of Heaven: A Wario Land RP


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Information before we start: This RP takes place in the Mushroom World, far off the coast of Diamond City to be exact. The time is just after the Wario game, Game & Wario. This is also my second RP (My first was not completed though), so please feel free to give me some pointers on what I’m doing right and wrong, thanks!

Story: Dr. Crygor flew across the sky with his rocket-powered backpack, “Ah, nothing like a nice fly in the sk…” All of a sudden his jet pack stopped working. “What in the- I thought I filled this up completely before flying today!” He then started to fall out of the sky into the sea, yelling as he plummeted into the deep blue waters.


“Ugh… Where am I?” Crygor said. “Wow! This is incredible! This island seems to be filled with scientific studies… research… and inventions galore! This is too good to be true!” He stepped closer to the oasis of science, “I need to tell Diamond City about this!” All of a sudden, his eyes, or should I say eye started to distort. “It seems my electronic eye vision is not functioning properly…” He collapsed on the beach where he was standing. “ENTERING SLEEP MODE” was what his visor read.

-At Crygor’s Lab-

Dribble walked inside of the laboratory. “Doctor, are ya there? Are taxi’s runnin’ low on fuel and we thought you’d have a good supply…” “Find him Dribble?” Spitz asked. “Nope,” Dribble said in response, “But look at this big screen! It says ‘Crygor Vision’ in the corner… And look at all the stuff on that beach!” Spitz looked at it and gasped, “Sci-Fi and high tech stuff everywhere! It’s… beautiful…” “What are you talking about Spitz?” Dribble responded, “It’s obviously brand new cars and an open road in the middle of it!” Spitz and Dribble looked confused at each other and Dribble was the first to say, “Something screwy is going on here and I don’t like the looks of it. We gotta find out where this place is and get to the bottom of this.” “Hey,” Spitz said taking out a cell phone, “I know just the adventurer for the job…”

-Wario’s House-

Wario picked up the phone that read “Spitz” on it. “What is it?” He said to it, “You need to check this out boss, it’s pretty amazing,” Spitz’s voice replied, “Come on down to Dr. Crygor’s lab!” Wario hung up the phone. “This better make me pretty rich or someone’s getting fired…” He got into an old airplane that hasn’t been used for years. “This junk heap better not break on me!” He then flew off towards the lab.

-At Crygor’s Lab once again-

Wario brought his little plane in for a landing. He exited the craft and rushed into the laboratory. What he saw on the screen was wonderful. “GOLD!” He yelled, “PILES OF IT, MOUNDS OF IT!” “I told ya!” Dribble said to Spitz whom were both sitting in some chairs. “It’s heaven for each individual… but how and why?” Wario looked at the both of them, “Pack your bags boys, we’re going treasure hunting on that island! The more people, the more treasure I can haul!” “But boss,” Spitz replied, “How are we gonna get there?” “Just follow the signal he’s sending here and we’ll be there in no time…”

Now here’s where YOU come in:

You are an adventurer as well who has just been stranded on this mysterious island. Electronic devices do not function correctly on the island and it looks as if it is your ideal heaven, as it contains whatever you want it to. But this seems a little bit too good to be true to you. This leads you to delve deeper into the island and discover the secrets of why it seems to be ideal in everyone’s eyes.
Sign-up form: (If you would like, you may use another character from the Mushroom World, such as Mona from Wario Ware, or Goombella from Paper Mario, but remember to give them an appropriate reason for being there in the rest of the sign up.)

Name: Obvious…

Species: Pick a species from the whole Mushroom World! This includes anything from a dog (Like Dribble), to a Goomba, a Boo, or even just a human!

Gender: Boy or girl, pretty straightforward

Age: Also obvious… (Take a guess if it’s an already real character)

What you desire most: Just a few things your character desires or wants to discover, find, etc.

Personality: 6+ sentences on your mental state and personality.

Appearance: 6+ sentences of how you look.

History: 10+ sentences on your past as an adventurer such as where you have ventured before and how it became and interest of yours.

Location: Either you are not on the island yet or are in one of the locations in the next section.

Areas: As you explore the island, I will post various summaries on an area you get to. The first four areas will be posted down below and linked here afterwards.

Northern (Icy part)
Southern (Underground part)

Approved Characters: I am waiting for at least three other characters (besides Dribble and Spitz which will be NPC's) to join the RP before I officially start it up. As of now there is no limit on how many characters can be in it.

NPC: Dribble
NPC: Spitz
*Kyurem* - Wario the Human (Need for Greed)
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Eastern part of the island
Northern Exit: Northern part of the island
Southern Exit: Southern part of the island
Eastern Exit: Eastern Jungle
Western Exit: None

This part is similar to the rest, being beach looking. It is filled with many different animals, and seems as if your favorites are all right here, but they are only hallucinations. A bit farther into this side of the island reveals more plant life and angry monsters such as Spear-Masks and Totsumen. Piranha Plants lurk in the plant life as well, so be cautious of where you step.
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Western part of the island
Northern Exit: Northern part of the island
Southern Exit: Southern part of the island
Eastern Exit: None
Western Exit: The Ruins

This part of the island is filled with what would make whomever lands here's dreams come true. But alas, as the Eastern side was fake, so is the Western. This is also where Dr. Crygor landed and where Wario, Dribble, and Spitz are heading as of now. It is a beach similar to all other parts of the island and a bit farther inside reveals enemies similar to the Eastern side, but is filled with rock and wreckage of some sort. Venus Fire Traps live here and try shooting flames at any trespassers. Clefts also try to knock you down to the ground by charging straight at you! Be very careful when investigating these ruins.
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