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Island of New Sundai (PG 13)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by gmoyes, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. gmoyes

    gmoyes Nerd and Proud of it

    With the newest chapter this fic has gone up to PG 15 For more mature subject matter.

    This is the first fanfic I’m making so sorry if it stinks. Also I’m very lazy so there will probably be a big gap between updates. It shows the Pokémon world from my perspective. I think this will be a great fic if I manage to type it all up. My Beta Reader is my friend Brawlfan1. Anyway, enjoy!

    Chapter List
    Prologue (this post)
    Chapter 1 First Day of School
    Chapter 2 Politics Suck

    PM List

    Island of New Sundai

    Prologue ​

    July 8th Unknown Time, Unknown Location

    Inside of a majestic, massive golden castle, fit for a deity, a dark figure in a pitch black cloak and a blood red collar knelt before a figure on a massive and great throne dressed in ivory-like white and magnificent gold. The dark figure spoke first. “You have sent for me, my lord?”

    “Yes my servant,” the other replied with a nod. “You know of our operation in the region of New Sundai, correct?”

    The dark figure grimaced internally. The plan was just a show of his lord’s paranoia and intense power. He enjoyed the assassination missions his lord sent him on. The last person he was sent to kill put up a fight, but received a quick death, more than he had deserved. The previously mentioned man had a strangely strong affiliation with ground types. “Yes, my lord, I know full and well of your plan. Everyone has been incessantly talking about it.” And about how outrageous it was. Still, no one would dare say so in front of their leader, and, they all had to admit, it would take care of their problem.

    “I am sending you to do some reconnaissance with the spirits. We need to know all that may be useful and harm that which could be a threat.”

    “Pardon, my lord, but those orders are rather... vague.”

    The lord sighed. “I know. But you know with whom we are dealing. We must be prepared for not just anything, but for everything. We have planned this for far too long for it to be ruined by a minuscule detail.”

    The dark figure grimaced inwardly once again. According to what he had heard from the others, this plan had been years in the making. He had even heard that they marked off the start of the plan with the millennium comet celebration. He didn’t even know what the plan fully detailed. Only those closest to his lord knew the plans in full, and he was not included in that esteemed group. All he knew was to make use of his signature trade and to do so quickly. “Why do you select me, my lord? Surely there is someone else who would be of greater use? Can’t the spirits do it without me?”

    “Calm yourself my servant. First of all I trust you, unlike some of my other followers, and the ones I do trust are far too recognisable. Your so called ‘trade’ might be useful as well; you could cause some trouble in the night for any potential threats. There are some other followers already there prepared to help.”

    “How long will this duty be my responsibility?”

    “Two months, give or take. Now if you have nothing else to about which you wish to complain, you are dismissed.”

    The dark figure nodded. He was glad that there was at the very least a deadline, however far away it may have been. “As you wish, my lord.” He turned to leave.

    “One final thing.”

    The dark figure stopped.

    “I’ve let you play for too long in Canalave, Darkrai. Do not disappoint me.”

    This time the dark figure visibly smirked. “Worry not, failing you is something which I shall not do, lord Arceus.”


    Unknown Time, Unknown Location

    “How long have I been here? Lost in this strange place… Will freedom ever come? I know not...

    Normally time is my greatest ally… but here... here, it has become a fearsome foe.

    I hope, I so desperately hope, that the others managed to escape; the plan of the so called "Great One" must not be allowed to come to fruition. The world must know of what is about to happen. I just wish that they will not be too late.”
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  2. gmoyes

    gmoyes Nerd and Proud of it

    Why am I not surprised at no posts? Oh well, maybe after this.

    Chapter 1
    First Day of School​

    September 4th 8:03 AM, Suburbs of Laflira, New Sundai

    Shane Mackenzie quickly sat up in bed when his older sister, Rachel, yelled from outside his door. “Hey, Shane! Get up! You’re gonna be so late for school!”

    Shane looked at the Magnemite styled alarm clock on his bedside table. “Jeez!” He had overslept by an hour. He cursed himself and for forgetting to turn on the alarm of his clock. He quickly grabbed his watch and popped on a shirt from his closet, then proceeding to put on the nearest pair of jeans. He bolted down the stairs to the kitchen, pushing past his sister as he did so.

    “Nice shot, shrimp!” She shouted after him with a grin on her face.

    “Shut it!” Shane shouted back as he poured some water into a glass. He chugged it as he grabbed a couple granola bars from the cupboard. He ran to the door, put on his coat and shoes, snatched his backpack that was sitting by the door as usual and dashed towards his bus stop.

    Cursing the school board for having the first day of school on a Friday of all days, he jogged towards the corner store that had the bus stop in front of it. When he reached the stop, he saw his friend Liam Collins. He swallowed the piece of the granola bar that was filling his mouth and called over to him. “Hey, Liam! Sorry I’m late, I overslept.”

    The boy brushed back the shoulder length hair that was several shades darker and redder than Shane’s own medium brown hair. “Well that explains it,” he said back. “And don’t worry; unless the bus came half an hour ago, you didn’t miss it.”

    “So… it’s first day of grade 11, huh?” Shane said breaking the ever-present awkward silence before they get the conversation going. They might have been best friends but their socializing skills still matched those of a Porygon, and they weren’t even half as popular as one of the polygonal creatures.

    “No duh.” He sighed. ”I just wish I could skip school and go on a journey. You know, like Red or Lucas back in the day.”

    “Come on Liam, you know that won’t happen. Those days are over. Anyway, we’re not battlers.”

    “I know that, but a guy can dream can’t he?”

    “I wouldn’t know, I never remember mine. And quit daydreaming, you’ll never be a trainer. New Sundai doesn’t have a league; we just make stuff for trainers.”

    “Don’t remind me,” Liam said with a groan. “This place is so hopeless. Other regions have leagues, awesome ruins, actual history, tons of stuff. The only reason trainers come here is to get cheap deals on TMs and Vitamins. That’s why I want to get out of here.”

    “Come on Liam, you’ve said that plenty of times before. It could be worse. We have one of the best universities in the world here. We don’t have a mafia like Team Rocket in Kanto, definitely nothing like the Team Plasma fiasco from Unova a few years back. Our region is quiet and peaceful, just the way I like it.”

    “Too quiet if you ask me. I really wish things could be more exciting around here.”

    “Careful what you wish for, you might just get it.” Shane said grimly. Little did he know that those words would soon ring very true.


    10:52 AM, Interregional University of New Sundai, Laflira

    “And so, to quote the words of the famous professor Birch, ‘Pokémon that travel with trainers are generally better off than those in the wild. They are under care of a trainer, and travelling around means they don’t always battle with the same species of Pokémon every day. Pokémon who live with humans live longer and are much happier.’ Once again we see an example of how humans and Pokémon are much better off together then they could ever be apart. Team Plasma learned that the hard way a couple of years ago. Their moral meter must have been off.”

    This got a couple of laughs from the freshmen crowding the seminar hall where the youngest professor in the university, aged at only twenty-seven, was presenting a brief history of Pokémon training. In this case, brief meant a full hour and a half. The young man gave a slight smirk and nervously pushed his glasses up his nose. He had been forced to do this. The man who usually did couldn’t. He personally thought it was the other professors’ version of hazing. At the very least they allowed him to add those little one- liners to keep the pressure down. “The paths of Pokémon and humans are more interwoven than most people think. Yet still some things about them remain quite mysterious. Now, it may seem dark that I say this, but some of those things are probably better off unknown. This about concludes this speech. If you have some questions stick around, if not I say ‘now go, your university journey awaits.’” He inwardly grinned at the parody of the most famous words of the world-renowned Professor Oak as the vast majority of the students filed out of the room. There was a young woman with blond hair, (who must have thought she was one of those ‘cool’ kids, as she was wearing sunglasses indoors) sitting off to the side as she raised her hand. The professor turned to her and nodded. “Yes?” It appeared that she didn’t notice that he was looking at her. “Miss ‘blond on the right with sunglasses.’”

    The woman didn’t realize she was being spoken to until a guy walking by her nudged her and muttered something to her. She stood up and spoke over the noise of the crowd trying to shove its way out of the doors. “Professor Morgan, do you happen to have any experience with Pokémon training?”

    “Err… Yeah, actually, I do. Here, give me just a moment.” Professor Morgan reached into his pants pocket and felt the familiar shape of two miniaturized Pokéballs. He felt one of them to see if it had a small chip in the metal casing near the button, a factor told the two balls apart. Not feeling the aforementioned chip he drew it out and released the creature inside. “Come on out Miss Masquerain.”

    The bug type Pokémon materialized and hovered in the air in front of him on wings that seemed far too small to suspend her in the air. He had never found out how it was physically possible in all the years he had known her. “Masquerrr,” She cried with a stretch and a yawn. The professor knew he ought to let her out more often but due to his busy life he just didn’t have the time.

    “Hey, cool Pokémon!” a guy called close to the back of the room. “Weak, but cool.”

    Professor Morgan struggled to hold back a laugh as his Pokémon shot a glare at the man in question. While he knew his Pokémon’s special ability was Intimidate, she had yet to learn that it didn’t work on humans nearly as well it did on Pokémon. Still, it was the most fitting response. His Masquerain was stronger than it looked. He had learned the hard way years ago. “Wasn’t one of my points not to make assumptions on a Pokémon simply by looking at it without sufficient experience?”

    The guy just snorted and walked out the door. “Whatever, man.”

    Professor Morgan just rolled his eyes. “Are there any other critics?”

    He clarified some of the things he had said for a couple of the students who needed and/or wanted it. Then the woman who spoke earlier called out again. “So were you an actual Pokémon Trainer? Do you have any other Pokémon?”

    Professor Morgan gave a little chuckle. “This is a seminar, not a biography Miss…”

    “Thompson, Sarah Thompson.”

    Professor Morgan nodded though he knew that he probably wouldn’t remember her name. “Well Miss Thompson, I don’t have much time and some of these other students have other more important matters that I must attend to. Maybe we can talk some other time.” He hid slight frown at the obvious dodge around the subject.

    Miss Thompson nodded and collected her things, including a thin metal pole that she used for tapping the floor in front of her as she walked out of the room. It was then that the professor realised that the student was blind. He committed her name to memory and pledged that when he saw her next, he would help her as much as he could.

    After answering a few more questions pertaining to the seminar, Professor Morgan bid the few remaining students farewell and exited through a side door, his Masquerain still hovering over his shoulder. He grinned to himself and the fact that the seminar didn’t go nearly as bad as he believed. He still wished that he didn’t have to do the task, nor did want to do it again that afternoon. However, this was what he signed up for.

    He paused in front of the door to the office for the Professors of Technology to look at the names on it. “Prof. Alex S. Morgan”. He had worked hard to make it here and the name had a nice ring to it. It was listed underneath a second name on the door, a “Prof. Albert K. Halley”, the man with whom he shared the office and the one whom he had to cover for today. Professor Halley was thirty years Alex’s senior and had an extreme fear of bug type Pokémon. While Alex didn’t know the entire story, though he suspected that it had something to do with Beedrill. This was due to the fact that he triggered a prank meant for his colleague that involved a recording of what was indefinitely the cries and buzzing of a large swarm of Beedrill. Alex had quickly disarmed the trap and warned Professor Halley about its existence. The professor had chuckled and told him that pranks like that were even more common between the professors of the university than between the students. None the less, he thanked Alex and warned him that the only reason that he hadn’t been on the receiving end of one yet was because no one knew anything about him. Alex nodded to him and thanked him for the warning, though he knew that if anyone found out about his past, pranks wouldn’t be the only thing he would have to worry about.

    Alex took the chance of his colleague’s absence and let Masquerain explore their office as he awoke the laptop on his desk. While he waited for his calendar to load, he sifted through some of the papers piled on his desk. He didn’t know how Professor Halley completed paperwork like this for so many years. Alex had only been there a month and already stuff had piled up. He told himself that his workload only looked bigger because he had smaller desk and it wasn’t as organized, but he knew he was just fooling himself. He sighed and looked at his to do list. Other than the seminar he had to do that afternoon, he had to assist some of the senior students in a creating a new addition to the Pokédex. Hypothetically it was supposed to track family lines and show if there was another sibling, parent, clone or so on that belonged to some other trainer. Alex guessed that this was all due to Pokémon wanting to have family reunions. Good in theory, sure, but not all the time, especially for bug types, who could have upwards of a thousand siblings, or for those Pokémon who simply just didn’t care.

    Alex sat back in his desk and spun around slightly to look at the electronics sitting on the shelves that lined the back wall. Other than a couple of books he managed to cram in on his end of the shelf and his Masquerain perched on the top shelf, there was nothing outside different versions, including prototypes, of Pokédexs, Poké gears, Pokétchs and the like. Alex always had a head for technology and it was a rapidly growing business. If he had really wanted to he could have gotten a higher paying job at RIM, or Research In Motion, the local company that produced most, if not all, of the TMs used worldwide. Instead, he got a job at the university that involved more freedom and paperwork, sacrificing pay, but gaining a lot more free time. The people were more interesting as well; such as Professor Halley who was one of original professors who worked on the Pokédex project.

    While most people solely credit Professor Oak with the invention of the Pokédex, it was actually the collaboration of several professors around the world. Professor Oak, although coming up with the idea and leading the project, had mainly just programmed the Pokémon recognition software and created some of the informational text that described each Pokémon, text which some people claim is biased and faulty. Alex had heard stories that Professor Oak was quite an artist back in the day. He even heard that an assistant of his found an old book that contained a sketch of the Legendary Pokémon Celebi. Various other professors added things from their own fields of expertise: Prof. Rowan for evolution chains; Prof. Birch on Pokémon habitats; Prof. Ivy on egg groups; etcetera. Professor Halley was even in on the project, due to his expertise on the usage of TMs from being the former head scientist for RIM. He designed the capability for the Pokédex to activate and utilise TMs. That was before he had retired and became a professor at the university.

    Alex sighed and shook his head for allowing his mind to get off track. He opened the task list on the calendar and typed in “Find Miss Sarah Thompson and help her in any way possible”. He then picked up a pen and started doing some of the paperwork wondering all the while where Professor Halley had disappeared to.


    11:37 University Grounds, Laflira

    By this time, Sarah Thompson was making her way around the campus looking for a private space, were she could rest without people looking. While of course she couldn’t see any people, she had an ability that very few people had; the closest anyone got was the Aura Guardians of old and even they weren’t as acute as she was. She could see spirit or as most people put it, aura. Every living thing produced their own unique colour based on what they value and to what degree. She was attracted to this university because the hundred plus years of great minds wandering the halls had left an imprint of a warm yellow glow on the place, the colour of intelligence.

    Using her sense, she homed in on the largest center of yellow spirit in the school and using her walking stick to guide her along, she walked into the library. This was where she should be, reading anything she could lay her hands on. Her power could let her sense who touched the book and in the cases of some older book, the spirit of who wrote it. But the actual words on the pages were dead, she couldn’t pick them up. Of course there was braille but hardly anything was written in it and being read to just wasn’t the same.

    After exiting the building, she finally found a spot in a tiny park; it was inside a small grove of trees. Sensing no one nearby, she focused her energy and her body spasmed as though it was struck by a Thunderbolt. That was when her body disintegrated, revealing her true form at the core. She stretched her arms and twin tails, though she kept its eyes closed. She ‘looked’ to the sky and located a distant, but very powerful pure white spirit and made a connection with it. “Lord Arceus, it is I, Uxie, reporting.”

    Another signal was sent immediately back. “I trust your mission was successful?”

    “The human, Halley, knew nothing. There isn’t enough time to interrogate another one, and even if there was, they would be either too important to go without an alert, or not important enough to know anything. Halley was our best bet.”

    “I take it you took care of him?”

    “Yes sir, he won’t remember a thing.” Uxie sensed displeasure from her master. “Sir, he’s just a harmless old man. I didn’t need to kill him.”

    “Uxie! It’s the old ones we need to worry about the most! Don’t you remember the war the humans had? Hundreds of Pokémon senselessly killed just because humans couldn’t stop bickering.”

    “You ended it in the end, though.”

    Uxie practically felt her master’s spit of disgust and saw a couple purple sparks shoot through his spirit, an event that was becoming more and more common. “Yes, but only because I had to work with those two narcissistic, hypocritical, Johtonian scumbags.”

    Uxie smirked at the irony of her master’s words against the legendary duo Lugia and Ho-oh. “We’ll not have to worry about them this time, Milord. What are my orders now?”

    There was short a pause, and then her master replied. “Darkrai has put a lot of pressure on the human leader. Epsilon Team is enroute to break him. Monitor them and make sure they complete the task. When finished you may continue monitoring the human establishment which you’re residing at now.”

    “Yes, lord Arceus.” Uxie terminated the mental connection as she began floating off invisibly to the to the spirit signature of Epsilon Team. Though she knew that nothing harmful to their cause was going on at the university, she felt attracted to the place. For some reason, however, one of the professors stood out for her. Their spirit was almost a pure white, with a very slight orange hue. White was extremely rare in humans and finding one that is steady white was even rarer. Something special will come from them, though what, she didn’t know. She shook the feeling off and prepared for the mission at hand.
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  3. gmoyes

    gmoyes Nerd and Proud of it

    You know the saying parting makes the heart grow stronger? Well I don't know about heart, but my writing skills and people who know me has grown. So without further ado, here's chapter 2!

    Chapter 2
    Politics Suck​

    12:27 Parliament Building, Laflira

    Horace McCain was built and raised to be a bodyguard. Tall, massive, intimidating, any employer would hire him on the spot to be a potential difference between life and death. He knew a couple of different martial arts and was a great shot with a gun. He made himself known by guarding the likes of the Silph co. president and Pokémon League officials.

    So why the hell was he sitting behind a desk like some sort of secretary?

    Someone with his résumé and stature simply couldn’t be crammed into a desk job, not just figuratively, but literally as well, with his ample girth not sitting well in the chair. His holstered pistol was digging into his side and his legs were falling asleep. The only reason he hadn’t gotten up and quit was because it would look bad on his record and the ‘paranoid head honcho’ on the other side of the door would not be happy. The pay was also what you would expect of a government job; lousy, but better than nothing.

    His head jolted up from his inner complaints as a man entered the hallway from down the passage. The man had long dark hair, a large overcoat and had ‘shady’ written all over him. Horace, glad for an opportunity to move, got out of his seat and moved to intercept him. “Excuse me, but this area is restricted. If you want to see the Premier, you have to-“

    His sentence was interrupted by the man pulling a badge and a piece of paper from out of his coat. The badge identified the man as an ‘Agent Claude Noir’ of the International Police. The paper was mainly a bunch of legal jargon which in short, allowed him through. Giving him a once over and seeing no concealed weapons he waved him through. He returned to his seat and pressed a button to let the Premier know that someone was here to see him. Though he wondered why the man didn’t say anything, but remembered that international meant that they didn’t have to speak English. He heard that even some of their top agents couldn’t speak English right. Well if there was any trouble, the Premier would give the signal for him to go in with guns blazing.

    What he didn’t notice, however, was that as the man passed through the door, with a smirk on his face, the badge and paper disintegrated.


    12:24 Premier’s Office

    Henry Reagan wondered if the Premier could get away with murder. He was sure that the guy in charge could hire a hit man or hide it under a ton of legal ****. At this point, he would do just about anything to get rid of the relentless droning across the desk of his right hand man, Conner Gallagher.

    “-this has been the fourth break- in at one of the Research In Motion warehouses and over three thousand obsolete Technical Machines have be recorded missing at this latest one,” the seedy looking man went on, looking over a large pair of glasses at the report in his hand “It is currently unknown who the perpetrators are but there is no doubt that they will be sold on the black market overseas. If anyone has any information pertaining to this case please contact yadda, yadda, yadda”. He stopped and looked at his employer.

    Henry looked back at him after a pause. “Well what the heck are we supposed to do? The police can handle it just fine.”

    “The guys at RIM are breathing down our necks about it. We’ve gotta support them somehow.”

    Henry rolled his eyes. If he didn’t know better he would think that his friend was only telling him to help was because the company produced the BlukBerry he was addicted to. While it wasn’t as Pokémon centric as the Pokétch or Pokégear, it had a much more secure network and was more adapt to the non-trainer crowd. “There are more things to worry about than some stolen merchandise, Conner. We’re planning that big upcoming tournament, remember?”

    It was usually the Pokémon League’s duty to organize all things dealing with Pokémon but since they didn’t have a league here, all tournaments and the like had to fall to the main government. Not that there was going to be a big turnout anyway. Most trainers stuck to the more mainstream regions like Kanto or Sinnoh.

    Henry groaned and rubbed his eyes. His already scattered sleep pattern had been plagued lately of nightmares of disaster after disaster befalling New Sundai with him powerless to prevent it. It was probably something every leader faced with but these were so realistic. He could hear the screams of his people and could see his island swallowed up by darkness. And they left were alone, isolated from the rest of the world. The details were different every time but the end was the same. Everything was gone.

    His train of thought was interrupted by a small chime that went with a small light lighting up on his desk. It looked like they had a visitor, not an urgent matter, but an important person none of the less. He sighed and waved Conner off to the side. He sat up in his chair and tried to put on his ‘serious politician’ face, usually having limited success. The door to his office opened revealing a man dressed in black who quickly closed the door behind him. Henry raised an eyebrow. Whatever it was about, it was clearly important.

    However as soon as the man turned to the Premier, a flash of light emitted from somewhere in his coat revealing a blue bipedal Pokémon with metal spikes protruding from its chest and hands, characteristics that identified the Pokémon in front of him as a Lucario. Henry swore under his breath, Horace was supposed to confiscate all weapons and Pokémon before anyone came in. With good reason, because the moment the fighting and steel type gained its bearings, it charged straight for him.

    “Furret take it down!” Henry glanced to his side to see Conner’s partner Pokémon streaking towards the enemy. He was somewhat impressed with his friend’s reaction time; he wouldn’t have gotten his own Pokémon out before the Lucario would be on him. However, it was in vain, the normal type was knocked out instantly by an orb of blue energy launched from the palm of the fighting type. The Pokémon didn’t even break its stride and before Henry or Conner could do anything it had leaped over the desk and pinned the Premier to the floor. Conner made a move towards his boss but froze as the man pulled a gun out of his coat and pointed at him.

    Henry felt helpless under the weight of the Lucario, its metal strengthened body pressing down on his chest. Breath was starting to be crushed out of his body. “What do you want?!” he managed to cough out.

    An angry male voice rang out in his head. It was telepathy, straight from his attacker. “Paying you back for all the pain you and your kind have dealt to us Pokémon. Every last one of you will feel our pain. By the name of Arceus, you will pay.”

    Henry couldn’t summon up enough air for a response, but Conner replied for him. “What are you talking about? We haven’t done anything!”

    “Typical,” the aura Pokémon replied with a snort. “Ignorant about your own people. Do you know about all the garbage ruining our land? The cruel capturing of our friends and family that tears us from our roots? How about the hunt of Pokémon, where your kind hunt us down for your own gain? It makes me sick that you would let your people do this to us, to your so called ‘partners’.”

    Henry was running out of air. They must have come here to kill him. This was no professional murder squad, this was personal. Out of all the ways to kill him, strangling him in his office was probably the easiest way to get caught but these guys didn’t seem worried about that. Either they knew they wouldn’t get caught or that it wouldn’t matter even if they did. That scared him; there must have been more of them, maybe an offshoot group of Team Plasma. Conner put words to his thoughts. “So what are gonna do, kill us?”

    An unintelligible growl came from the man and the Lucario let out a sneer and stood up. Henry took that chance to reflate his lungs and crawl towards his desk. “As much as I would enjoy that, we have orders not to. We’re here to give you a message. We are going to make sure every single one of you pays for your actions. I would consider this message received.”

    “Consider this,” Henry muttered as he pressed the alarm button on the bottom of his desk. Instantly Horace burst through the doors and sighting the gunman, squeezed a shot off his pistol at the man before he could swing his own weapon towards him. The man let out yelp and-


    In place of the man stood an unarmed black Pokémon clutching its left shoulder. Its long black hair with red highlights identified it as a Zoroark. The man must have been an illusion the whole time, and since the gun was nowhere to be seen, it must have been part of illusion as well. Henry smirked and laid a hand on the pokéball in his pocket. “It looks like we have the advantage.”

    The Lucario growled and charged some blue energy into his fist while his partner did likewise with black energy. Henry pulled his pokéball out of his pocket, Conner frantically tried to revive his own Pokémon and Horace keeping his aim steady on the dark type. “Looks like we have a standoff here,” the bodyguard stated calmly.

    Then everything happened at once. The fighting type lunged at the Premier and Horace quickly shifted his aim and shot at the attacker. However, it left him wide open for attack and the Zoroark took full advantage. It swung an arc of dark energy at the bodyguard. Conner was crouched over his Furret unable to do anything as Henry brought his arm up hoping to block the attack.

    Just then another telepathic message rang out, this was one female but had much more power behind it. “STOP!”

    And everything did.

    The Lucario’s fist strained to move the last couple inches to make contact with Henry’s face while the attack from the Zoroark dissipated before it reached Horace. Even the bullet froze in mid-air before dropping to the ground. And in the center of the room appeared a Pokémon that Henry only heard about in legends. Small with blond hair wrapped around its oversized head and twin hand-like tails.


    “Mistress Uxie!” the Lucario cried out with joy, no longer trying to push against the power of the psychic type. “I must thank you for coming to our-“

    “Shut up Lucario,” the legendary snarled. “You two screwed up and I’m here to clean up your mess.”

    Henry’s heart pounded. These two Pokémon had a legendary backing them? These weren’t some random nutjobs. This was a trump card, and the end was enviable. They were going to forget all of this and they could do nothing about it. “What do you want?”

    “With these two idiots talking to you I’m surprised you don’t know the entire plan already.” Uxie smirked. “And even if told you, you’ll just go and forget it. Now then, let’s try to forget that all this happened.”

    Henry tried to look away and close his eyes but his body went against his orders. His eyes met with the closed lids of the legendary’s.

    And they opened.

    Henry could do nothing but stare, he had no clue if he was back in control of his body or not. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was the eyes. They stole his focus, entrancing him, like the center of the universe. There was nothing but the eyes. They were beyond all human understanding.

    Henry blinked and looked around his office seeing a confused looking Horace and a blank faced Conner. “Did I just blank out?”

    Conner shook his head as if to clear it. “You and me both. What are you doing here Mr. McCain?”

    The bodyguard frowned and examined his drawn gun. “Didn’t you just sound the hidden alarm?”

    Henry blinked. “Did I? My apologies, it must have been an accident. There’s no problem here so you can go return to your post.”

    Horace gave a half salute and as he exited the office Henry sighed and rubbed his eyes. “Ok, where were we?”

    Conner quickly tapped at his BlukBerry checking the schedule. “Lunch date with a VIP from Hoenn.” He checked his watch. “****, we need to get going now or else we’ll be late.”

    Henry released another sigh as he got out of his desk chair. “Why don’t they just kill me?”

    “Because if they did, the entire region would be hunting them down.”

    Henry just rolled his eyes as grabbed his hat off a rack.


    12:56 Non-descript alley, Laflira

    “You fools!”

    Uxie sent a wave of yellow psychic energy that forced the cobalt blue spirit that was the Lucario into the brick wall of a grungy building, pinning its owner there. Her own spirit grew whiter as rage started to balance out her yellow and she had to restrain herself from killing the fighting type right there and then. She saw his partner out of the corner of her eye shaking in fear. Good. “What the hell were you guys thinking?! You blew your cover and almost got yourselves captured! You’re just lucky I was around to contain it before the entire planet knew! What are we going to do?!”

    “W-we were just following orders, Mistress,” the dark type stammered, his aura naturally blocked by his typing, though he carried the trace spirit of his partner.

    “Your orders were to scare him, not try to kill him!”

    “We had him scared and we didn’t kill him!” The Lucario cried out. “Yeah I screwed up by letting him sound the alarm. But we solved that problem!”

    Uxie grabbed the fighting type’s spirit with hers again and slammed him into the opposite wall. Why in hell did Darkrai choose these two? “The problem is that you were too cocky and bragged about what we were going to do. This is on your head Lucario.”

    “I have a name,” the aura Pokémon grunted.

    “Good for you.” She released him and he collapsed to the ground. She paused and looked at the spirit void that was the Zoroark. “There’s supposed to be three of you. Isn’t there a Spiritomb on your team? Where is it?”

    The illusion Pokémon made a movement and gave a hiss of pain, it must have been that the movement of shrugging his shoulders aggravated his wound. “Out doing whatever ghosts do. Probably found some children to molest.”

    Uxie just gave a little grimace. “Find it and get into cover. I can’t be bothered to do anything more to you. But if you two screw up again, I’m reporting this to Arceus personally.”

    “Yes Mistress, we’ll be going,” the Zoroark said, making a movement that concentrated the fighting type’s spirit into a ball in the palm of the dark type, apparently into some pokéball. It must have been a brown release ball, the only type that they allowed for their agents. Then with a bow the illusion Pokémon walked off, most likely in his ‘Agent Claude Noir’ persona.

    Uxie was mildly impressed that the duo managed to get their hands on a so a called ‘release ball’. It was one of the earlier models of pokéballs, made so that the Pokémon inside could come out whenever it wanted. It was discontinued for obvious reasons; the Pokémon had a habit of popping out at the worst possible times. More than one fatal accident has occurred when an oversized Pokémon came out in cramped quarters. Still, it was useful for them, they could smuggle themselves in places easier and could be able to come out on signal.

    She shook her head cursing herself for getting off track. She wasted a lot time cleaning up after Team Epsilon; using psychic powers to clean Zoroark blood from carpet was harder than many people would think. It was like trying to pick up wood shavings with a magnet. She had a much easier time cleaning and reloading the guard’s sidearm.

    She checked what else she had to do from her mental calendar. Sunday night was when Lord Arceus’s plan was going to be put into action. There was nothing to do until then except a planned ‘lunch date’ with her sisters tomorrow. Nothing to do except store energy and continue get information from the university.

    As she transformed into her human form and made her way back to the yellow spiritually charged school, she felt a malevolent dark indigo spirit approaching her. If it was a Pokémon she would have immediately identified as a ghost type. But this was a human, one with angry feelings. She started to turn towards it but was roughly grabbed and felt a blade pressed against her neck. “Hello girl,” a male voice hissed in her ear. “Are you lost? I’ll guide you to someplace safe.”

    His breath reeked of tobacco and alcohol. Uxie nervously gulped and dropped her walking stick, though inwardly smirked. She couldn’t be killed, even if she let the man slit her throat. However they were out in the open and she couldn’t attack him without giving herself away. She would have to erase his memory, even though this was a perfect opportunity to take out some rage. “You prey on blind girls? How pathetic can you get?”

    “Pathetic eh? I’m not the one wandering the streets like a lost Poochyena. Don’t worry, I’ll set you straight.” He started to drag her somewhere, probably somewhere private where they wouldn’t be interrupted.

    She saw a cascade of red sparks fly through the man’s spirit, and she could imagine a predatory grin on his face. This guy was getting horny, it would be best for her to end this quick. “If you think you’re so good, come look at me face to face.”

    The man chortled. “Anything you say girl.” His grip shifted and she saw his spirit move in front of her, right where she wanted it.

    Her smirk became visible as she peered over her darkglasses, catching the man straight in the eye. He immediately went into some sort of stupor, dropping the knife as he lost the ability to think. Her grin grew, it was rare for her to have a chance to see. However she couldn’t break eye contact with whoever she was concentrating on or else they might get worse than amnesia. When she had faced the human leader and his lackeys she had to remove only the memories of them which required precision work. For this guy however, she would give him a full purge. It required a lot less effort.

    As the man’s memories disappeared, his spirit brightened gradually into a dull grey, the colour of a new spirit, untouched by outside things. The only time anything got this colour was if they were newly born. So in a way, this man was being reborn, getting his slate wiped clean. It may be more than he deserved, but everyone needed second chances. Maybe his spirit will change for the better, which would be up for him to decide.

    Having finished her work, Uxie closed her eyes and using her memory of her peripheral vision during the period her eyes were open to find her walking stick. She picked it up and started tapping her way back to the university.

    4:24 Shane’s House, Laflira

    Shane grinned as his Bronzong spun across the TV screen covered in a white glow and slammed into the Excadrill belonging to Liam. The blow demolished the final quarter on the subterranean Pokémon. Making an overdramatic flourish, it fell over as the trainer representing Liam called it back to its pokeball. The words ‘YOU WIN’ flashed onto the screen as the psychic and steel type spun in a victory dance. Shane laughed and leaned back on the couch. “I believe that makes it three in a row Liam.”

    “Shut up,” his friend snapped as he threw his controller onto the couch. “You just got lucky with that Zen Headbutt flinching the heck out of my team.”

    “Not to mention that you used three very different teams against me. I seriously can’t believe you tried to use Toxic on my Ferrothorn.”

    “Shut up.”

    “Also I swept your water team after I managed to set up all those Curses.”

    “Shane, enough, I get it.”

    “Trying to Hyper Beam my Gliscor to death and letting it send a Swords Dance to my Mamoswine who absolutely obliterated your dragons.”

    “Hey, a Choice Banded Ice Shard would have been able to put a huge dent in anyone’s team, you just had to show off by giving it more power. Also Lance has Hyper Beam on his Dragonite, why can’t I have it on mine?”

    “Because Hyper Beam sucks in the games.”

    Just then his sister stuck her head into the room. “Hey could you two stop bickering? Mom’s trying to sleep.”

    “Sorry,” he replied sheepishly. Their mother woke up at 4 o’ clock every morning to go to work at the local news station’s morning show. She took care of practically all of the organizing behind the set. Rough hours, but it allowed her to be home after school. Though more likely than not, she ends up knocked out on the couch.

    “Sure you are. Anyway dad will be home soon. I’ll be at my computer if you need me.” She ducked back out the doorway.

    Shane rolled his eyes. Rachel was an aspiring author and hardly spent her time elsewhere. She had more book ideas than a dump had Trubbish. The current story she was working on was about a pack of Mightyena getting special powers, having different moves and abilities than other members of their species. The female leader was based on herself, while the grumpy second tier beta male was based off of him. While she wasn’t that far into the book, he had the feeling that his character would be killed off. He shook his head and turned back to his friend. “So, want to do a few more rounds?”

    “Sure, but now I know all your tricks.”

    “Not all of them,” he replied with a smirk.

    True to his word, he won six times, caused Liam to ragequit twice and tied once due to Liam’s Scizor knocking itself out with recoil when it finished off his Ferrothorn. As his Gliscor wrecked his friend’s Forrtress, he heard the door to outside open and his dad’s voice call out.

    “Shane, Rachel, come here! I have something to show you.”

    Shane and Liam exchanged looks, jumped off the couch and went out to the hallway to find out what Shane’s father had for them. The stout, dweebish looking man was just kicking off his shoes when he looked up. “Oh, you’re here too Liam.” He lowered his right arm slightly to show that there was something nestled into the crook of his elbow. “Look.”

    It was a small blue quadrupled Pokémon that appeared to be asleep. It had a large fin on its head and orange cheeks. “Is that a Mudkip?” Liam asked, looking over Shane’s shoulder.

    “Looks like it,” Shane replied. “I wonder if it belongs to anyone.”

    “Around here?” Liam said with a snort. “They’d be on the first boat to another region.”

    Like father like son, both Shane and his father glared at him. “Anyway,” his father continued, “I found this little guy on the way from the bus stop. It was wandering around lost and almost walked right out onto the road before I picked him up. It’s probably wild but I’ll ask around to see if anyone owns it.”

    “So are you guys keeping it?” Liam asked.

    “You’re not taking it, your house is crowded enough as it is,” Shane said with a knowing grin. Liam’s mother worked at a local Pokémon shelter that looked after stray Pokémon. However, like many people she often brought her work home with her and there were currently a dozen Pokémon of assorted species staying there.

    Just then the water type woke up and looked around. “Mudkippp…” it said drowsily.

    “Hey, look who’s awake.” Shane said with a grin.

    The mudskipper Pokémon looked at Shane and broke out in a wide grin of its own face. “Mudkip!” It leaped out of the arms holding it and ran up to Shane’s feet. “Mud- mudkip!”

    His father smiled. “It looks like somebody likes you.”

    Shane just kept on grinning and crouched down to pet it. The Mudkip stood there and seemed to be talking to itself in joy. “Mud-mud- mudkip. Mu. Kip kip mud.”

    “Hey, sorry I took so long. What’s going on?”

    Shane turned slightly and he could see his sister coming down the stairs. “Hey Rach, look at what Dad brought home.”

    Spotting the newcomer a grin sprouted on her face. She ran right up to it over and picked it up. “Aww, what a cutie. Are we seriously keeping it Dad?”

    He nodded. “I’d have to take that up with your mother, but I’m all for it.”

    The Mudkip looked up nervously Rachel. “Mudkip mudkip…” It opened its mouth and shot a jet of water in her face.

    “Argh!” She jumped back and dropped the water typed. She wiped her face off with her sleeve. “Very funny.”

    Everyone else laughed. “Actually it is rather funny,” Shane’s dad said while chuckling. Rachel fumed but held her tongue.

    “So who’s going to be its ‘trainer’?” Shane asked, knowing that whenever someone wanted to catch a Pokémon they had to get a licence depending on their needs. If anyone only wanted a Pokémon as a pet, they would only need the lowest level, D. However if someone wanted more and stronger Pokémon, they would need an increased licence. A level was usually reserved for Gym Leaders and Elite Four members. To take place in the Pokémon league, you had to have at least a B, or a C with restrictions. Of course a Pokémon can only legally belong to one person.

    “Well your mom and I are too busy to give it the attention it needs, so-“

    “I get it!” his daughter butted in with a wide grin.

    Shane snorted. “Sure. What do you know about training?”

    “Enough. I’m older and more responsible.”

    “It just shot you in the face with a Water Gun.”

    “Yeah so? I can train it out of that.”

    “Doubt it. Remember when you tried to train Jake?”

    He saw his sister cringe and a grin came to his face. It was quite an experience for her the one time she tried to train their grandparent’s Houndoom. Her old raincoat still had that gaping wide hole in it. “Yeah, well, this is different.”

    “Um guys? Maybe I could take-“

    “Shut it Liam!” the siblings snapped in unison.

    “Ok guys enough,” their father put in. “Calm down. I’ll talk to your mother about it. In the meantime, try not to kill each other.”

    Shane nodded and inwardly grimaced. When they were younger they had a frequent habit of getting into scuffles and Rachel had no problems with fighting dirty, from scratching and biting to spiting in his face. They hadn’t had a physical brawl in a while, but he was always wary that it could happen again.

    “So, uh, want to get back to battling?” Liam asked.

    Rachel rolled her eyes and went back upstairs. “Boys and their games,” she muttered under her breath.

    Shane rolled his own eyes and turned to his father. “So, when’s supper going to be ready?”

    “Just wait a minute, I only just got in the door. I’ll get it ready and I’ll call when it’s done. Are you staying for supper Liam?” He received a nod from him. “Ok then.” He disappeared into the kitchen.

    “Get moving on that Dad,” he said with a grin, then turned to his friend. “Well, I guess we have time for a few more rounds.”

    “I should add a Swampert to my team, in honour of our new friend.”

    “Ferrothorn says hi.”

    “Oh, shut up Shane.”
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