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Island Time! (401)

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
This episode was pretty decent. The TC was interesting. I thought Wailmer sounded a little weird. Wailord was awesome and it was cool to see a Water Spout. There were 3 parts and 1 quote I found to be funny.
1. James' reaction to hearing that Jessie sold all of his old bottlecaps
2. Skitty playing with Wailmer and seeming to be the only pokemon in the group not helping to build the boat
3. Munchlax getting bloated (it never gets old)
4. James (after Cacnea is KOed by Pikachu): "No one treats Cacnea that way except me!"

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
I think it is. I don't think he shows up during the league. So poor Ludi only has one more appearance before he gets thrown into the black hole where filler characters and many Pokemon go when the writers are done with them.

Robin, I get it. Though they could have named the Wailmer/Wailord Friday to drive it home for the little kiddies.
This episode has been basically driven from my mind. Since I've been gone until a few minutes ago, the details have all melded into one. However, I must say, this was a great episode, a lot better than I expected. Just goes to show the emotional impact of some episodes can't be caught in pictures :)

The 8th Champion


Team Rocket's rockin
Pretty good for a filler.

If I were that Wailord, I'd want to roam the Hoenn ocean for adventure or something now that I've evolved, rather than return to that dinky little island. >_>

...yeah. 7/10.


Team Awesome
Gahhhh, I'm a week behind in my episodes. I haven't even finished watching the meowth in boots episode yet.

Anyway, I did like this episode. It had a nice story, even though Team Rocket and Team Twerp being together wasn't as great here as it has been in previous episodes. Robin was an interesting guest character, and his backstory was interesting. A workaholic who discovers there's more to life, that's something you don't see every day on pokemon. He was the best part of this episode. I also liked Chimecho's brief scene. :D I can't help it, that thing is adorable.

Anyway, 7/10 for me. Very nice story.

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
This is one of the worst filler eps ever because of Jessie's arrogance. Of course what else can you expect from her?


Well-Known Member
Kind of ironic that the schedule of the show appearing everyday on CN (America) ended up showing an episode about a plane crash on 9/11's 5th anniversary.


Well-Known Member
An ok episode coming off the Grand Festival, I enjoyed seeing Wailmer and Wailord and the Pokemon working together to build the boat, other than that nothing else really enjoyable about the episode for me.


Aspiring Guitarist
Wailmer was really cool in this episode. The teamwork between the pokemon was also good!
And it was good to see a wailord. He was pretty huge, huh?


Hmm i loved this episode..

And may's pokemon were great...

Wailmer was so big, and so strong also!



this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
Not bad for a filler. Especially one that makes us wait longer for the league. I love how the plane just crashes onto the beach, and then everybody just walks out like nothing happened. The Robin guy is nuts too, wanting to stay on the island. Just catch the Wailord. You won't be suiciding.

Overall, 7/10.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Just catch the Wailord. You won't be suiciding.

Is that even a word? Rofl.

Anyway, has anyone noticed that Team Rocket, OUR Team Rocket is supposed to be the poorest squad there is? But they can still afford to rent bots, blimps, and now, an airplane?

I loved the crash on a deserted island, it was like the Orange Saga all over again. Having to survive was tough though, with Team Rocket trying to steal Pikachu, despite the trouble they caused.

So Ash and Co. ride Wailord to safety and they reach the ship that'll take them to Evergrande. Nice Filler right before the League. 7/10
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