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Issues posting your RMT Thread? Read this.

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I've received PMs from people that have issues posting their team threads, the most common reason being that it's denying the thread creation, citing that you're not allowed to post links with low postcount even though no links were posted.

Serebii uses a filter which disallowes people with under 15 posts from posting forum links. This is used for adbot prevention. Unfortunately, the symbol "@" triggers this feature, so people are being hit even though they never actually posted a full link.

To remedy this, you will need to either increase your postcount to 15 or not include the "@" symbol. Even though this doesn't follow the recommended format for listing, you won't be penalised for not including it as we can see that you have a low post count (you're fine just as long as you include all information which is required for a rate and the structure is coherent).

Of course if you choose the route of increasing your postcount, then you have to obey the general forum rules as well as the specific rules of the section you're posting in. Do not spam to increase your post count.

Of course if you posted a thread and it seems to have sent through, but doesn't appear, it'll be in the moderating queue awaiting approval from a moderator. Here is our policy on that as outlined in the forum rules for this section:

4. Don't PM moderators about thread approval.

We have systems in place which shows us new threads added to the moderation queue and we patrol the forums regularly. So once we see a thread added to the queue, we evaluate it in a timely manner andthen make the decision to approve or deny it. If it's not appearing after a week9, then it was not approved as it didn't follow any of the rules in this section. When this happens, you can make changes to the post so it obeys the forum rules and resubmit the team, but if it still breaks the rules you will have to repeat the process as we'll deny it. Refer to part 3 of the rules (section titled:"3. Your team must be formatted properly. You also need to explain IN DETAIL why you have chosen a certain Pokemon.") to get an idea of what we are looking for.​
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