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It Takes Two[Advanceshipping]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by DarkkTrainerr, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. DarkkTrainerr

    DarkkTrainerr Fear The Darkness

    OK, this is my first shipping fic(I haven't done any regular fics on here, but I have on other websites) so please keep that in mind while reading. I know the first chapter is pretty short, but trust me, they will get longer. I repeat, THE CHAPTERS WILL GET LONGER. I didn't put a rating cause I'm not sure if it's PG or PG-13 yet.I will post one ASAP however. Oh yeah, this takes place early in the Battle Frontier.(Ash's Phanpy hasn't evolved yet, May doesn't have Eevee yet, etc) Now, without further ado, let the fic begin!

    Chapter One:A Boy And His Horse

    “Why does this mountain have to be so high?” A young boy complained.

    “Yeah, it’s bad enough being forty degrees up here, but we have to climb a mountain, too?” A girl of around the same age said.

    “There was a lodge back there, why couldn’t we of stopped?” A much younger boy asked.

    “Because we have to get over these mountains to get to the next Battle building.” Answered a man much older than the rest of the group.

    “Oh, sure, Brock is all nice and warm in his pants,” May moaned, “but here we are wearing shorts.”

    “Come on, May, I’m wearing pants and I’m cold too!” Ash retorted.

    “I’m not exactly a furnace, but you’re right. I’m probably warmer than the rest of you.” Brock replied.

    They continued walking up the snow-filled mountain that was just one in the middle of a mountain range called the Peschara Mountains. They were cold and freezing year-round, which was a delight for skiiers, but not for much of anybody else. It was currently snowing where they were.

    “Hey, do you guys hear something?” Max asked.

    “I don’t hear anything except-“

    “Sssh! Be quiet May!” Max scolded.
    They all stopped and listened. Sure enough, they could faintly make out the sound of something that sounded like trampling.

    Max turned around. “Is that…a moving fire?” He asked, pointing toward a small amber light in the distance that was moving fast.

    “Hey, Max is right!” Ash said, turning around also. “Isn’t it moving kinda fast?”

    Brock and May turned also. “He’s right.” Brock said. “A little…too fast, if you ask me.”

    “Hey, it’s getting louder!” May squealed. “Maybe it’s a campfire chariot come to rescue us from the cold!”

    The boys turned to look at her. “A campfire chariot?” They said in unison.

    Brock turned back to the lightsource. “Wait a minute, guys…I think…that’s a Rapidash!” He cried, plowing into them in order to get them out of Rapidash’s line of fire as it dashed past.

    “What the hell is a Rapidash doing in these mountains?!” Brock yelled.

    “Uh, Brock…I think someone was riding that.” Max said, getting up out of the wet snow. “Great, now I’m wet and cold.” He muttered.

    “I still don’t see why someone would bring a Rapidash into these mountains.” Brock said. “I mean, sure, you could get around quicker, but what about when you stopped to rest? Wouldn’t the snow extinguish it’s flames?”

    “I dunno, but I say we keep moving before we freeze to death up here.” Ash said, getting up out of the snow.

    “Good idea.” Brock replied. “Alright guys, let’s keep moving!”

    “Stop it Brock, we know you’re not enjoying this any more than we are…” May commented.
    Before long, they had come the edge of a cliff.

    “Great. Now I see why we were going up so much.” May moaned.

    “Hey, look over there!” Max exclaimed, pointing to a Rapidash who was currently locked in a trance with a glaring Sealeo. “Isn’t that the same Rapidash that nearly ran us over before?”

    Brock nodded. “Yep, that’s the one. Looks like it’s trainer-“ he gestured to a young man standing a few feet behind it in a parka-like jacket-“wants to battle with that Sealeo.”

    “Ha, this should be interesting!” Ash said, seemingly forgetting the freezing weather.

    “Oh come on, Ash! We have to find a way out of these stupid mountains!” May yelled.

    “Okay Rapidash, Fire Spin now!” The trainer yelled. The flaming horse opened it’s mouth and shot out a spiral of fire at the Sealeo, who jumped and dodged, which sent the Fire Spin right for Max.

    “Aaah!” Max yelled, running out of the way. “Hey, watch where you’re aimin’ that!”

    “Sorry!” The trainer said, waving a hand.

    The Sealeo began to power up a ball of ice in it’s mouth.

    “Heh, an Ice Ball. Rapidash, melt that as soon as it comes near!”

    “Sealeooo!” The Pokemon cried, releasing the small ice ball. Rapidash blasted it with another spiral of fire and melted it. It then aimed another Fire Spin at Sealeo again.

    “C’mon Rapidash, we gotta beat this stupid seal!” The trainer yelled as the Seal Pokemon dodged yet again. This routine continued for some time, until the humans began to notice a blizzard was brewing.

    “Oh no, not a blizzard!” May moaned. “It’s bad enough being stuck up here in these stupid arctic mountains!”
    The two battling Pokemon had moved around so much, now Sealeo was facing them and Rapidash was on their side of the cliff.

    “Rapidash, Overheat!” The trainer yelled, clearly upset.

    The Horse Pokemon shot out a thick stream of fire at the Sealeo, who dodged, but was also starting to get upset. It powered up yet another Ice Ball, which had now grown to be bigger than it’s own head. It fired.

    “Dodge it!” The trainer yelled.

    It obeyed, and now the Ice Ball was sent spiraling right toward Ash and Pikachu.

    “Ooof!” Ash cried as the attack hit him square in the chest. At that very moment, the intense blizzard started.

    “Aaah!” The three yelled in unison. “Where’s Ash?!” May yelled over the quickly rising winds, which was blowing snow in their face at an intense speed.

    Brock turned around. “Ash!!” He yelled.

    Ash was getting blown off the cliff, with Pikachu, having been blown off his shoulder, and was now sent spiraling over the side.

    “Pi pi pi, pi pi pi!” The small mouse Pokemon squealed.

    Back on the top of the cliff, the gang was fighting not being blown off themselves by the intense winds.

    “Rapidash, let’s get out of here!” The trainer yelled, jumping on his Rapidash and instantly dashing off. The Sealeo, however, simply waddled over to the cliff edge and dived off.

    “Guys! I can’t hold on-much-longer!” Max screamed.”Ahhhh!” He lost his grip on the snow, as they had had to get on their bellies and hold on to the ground to prevent being blown away.

    “I’ve-got you-Maaaax!” May yelled, grabbing Max’s hand. However, now that she could only hold on herself with only one hand, she was getting blown up from the ground too.”I’m losing-my grip-too!”

    “Hang on guys!” Brock yelled as May got swept up from the ground as well.”Max, grab May’s hand!” He ordered as he grabbed Max’s own hand.

    “Grab on May!” He yelled, extending his hand.

    “I-can’t-reach!” She yelled.

    “Maaaaaay!” Max screamed as Brock brought him back to the ground and May was blown off the cliff.

    “Don’t worry Max, she’ll be OK!” Brock yelled. “Right now we have to make sure we don’t get blown over as well!”

    “And how are we gonna do that?!” Max yelled back.

    “Hmmm…this IS one helluva blizzard…” Brock muttered to himself.

    “Hurry Brock! This is no time for quiet thinking!” Max said, desperately trying to keep his grip.

    “I’ve got it!” Brock cried out. “This should work. Go, Forretress!” He yelled, tossing his Forretress’s Pokeball.”Forretress, Rapid Spin!”

    “Forretress!” It flew in front of them and began spinning as fast as it could, deflecting the wind and snow.

    “Ahh, much better.” Brock said, getting up from the ground. “But Forretress won’t last forever. We’ve gotta find a way out of this storm, and then we can worry about Ash and May!”

    Max nodded, getting up from the ground as well.”Well, where do we start?”
    Please review!
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2006
  2. This is a very good fic for your first try- it's kind of rushed, but not very. Great description- well, maybe not great, but good all the same. Keep up the good work!

    ~Kitteh ;258;
  3. DarkWobbuffet

    DarkWobbuffet BEEEEAAAARR!!!

    Woahmg, Foretosu actully DID something! O_O I like this fic already!

    ... *coughs*

    You seem to be building up to an interesting plot. I'd like to see how this carries out. Looking forward to the next chapter!
  4. Flame-lord#01

    Flame-lord#01 <- fear my Raichu!

    Hmm not bat for your first try keep on trying to improve on it and you might become a great shipping fic writer.And as DarkWobbufet said this is building up to a quite interesting plot.
  5. DarkkTrainerr

    DarkkTrainerr Fear The Darkness

    Wow, people actually liked it!:eek: Thanks for the reviews guys...and those of you who think I'm going to rush into a big shippy explosion down in the [SPOIL]underground Ice Pokemon paradise-type place[/SPOIL](that's what they fell into), rest assured! There will be no confessions of undying affection for a long while...
  6. Oooh... a shippy explosion.... o_O Can't wait for that one!!! XD

    ~Kitteh ;258;
  7. DarkkTrainerr

    DarkkTrainerr Fear The Darkness

    Yeah that will come later...next chapter up tomorrow!
  8. Ok. Can't wait for it!! XD

    ~Kitteh ;258;
  9. DarkkTrainerr

    DarkkTrainerr Fear The Darkness

    Before Ch.2, I should rephrase what I said in my first post. I will try to make the chapters longer, but I seem to like the current length. So you'll just have to wait and find out...anyways, on with the show!

    Chapter 2: Walrein’s Task

    “Ow…” Ash moaned as he got up from the hard cavern floor. He couldn’t tell
    how far he had fallen exactly, but he was sure that it was at least fifty feet.

    “Hey, wait a minute…” He said as he got the feeling he was missing
    something. “PIKACHU!” He screamed. Pikachu had fallen off the cliff too,
    right? So where was he?

    “Uuuhhh…” A familiar voice moaned. Ash knew that voice, it was May’s! But
    how did she get down here?


    Ash jumped. That was Pikachu’s voice! “Pikachu! Where are-“

    “Ash, stop screaming…” May said groggily. “Pikachu’s right…” She turned to
    show him that Pikachu had landed right next to her, but it turned out Pikachu
    had indeed landed right next to her. In her curve, actually.

    “PIKACHU! WHAT ARE YOU-“ May screamed at Pikachu, who was slowing
    coming to.

    “Pika…” It moaned as it got up.

    “May, what’s wrong?” Ash asked. “Pikachu’s not hurt, is he?”

    May turned to him. “No, he’s fine…it’s just…”

    “What??” Ash persisted as Pikachu ran over to him.

    “Oh, nothing you would understand…” She muttered as she got up off the ground.

    “Okaaay…” Ash replied, very confused at this point. Suddenly, a Sealeo went sliding past them.

    “Isn’t that the same Sealeo we saw earlier?” Ash asked as it slid off into the blackness.

    May was denied the chance to answer by Pikachu bounding off after it.

    “Hey, Pikachu, wait!” Ash called as he ran after it.

    “Why does Pikachu always do that??” May asked as she ran behind Ash.

    “How should I know? Leave it to a Pokemon to-“

    But when he saw where Sealeo- and Pikachu- had ran off to, he quickly
    stopped talking.

    There was a huge underground spring, filled with Ice Pokemon ranging from
    Shellder to Walrein, completely hidden underground. Right in front of them
    was a family of Seal and Dewgong, frolicking near some small ice platforms
    floating in the water. The Sealeo they had just seen had slid onto a ramp-
    like ice crystal that sent him soaring into the air, and then splashing into the
    gigantic pool of water. There were a few Glalie hovering over the surface of
    the water, with their Snorunt children happily scratch-drawing on the walls
    with their pointy heads. There was a large waterfall at the back, which
    housed a Walrein and his family, clearly the leader of this underground Ice
    Pokemon paradise.

    ‘What…is this place?” May asked, still staring at the giant pool in awe.


    “I’m glad that giant blizzard is over.” Max noted as him and Brock treked
    around the area where Ash and May had gotten blown off the cliff.

    “Yeah, but we still have no idea where Ash and May are. There has to be an
    entrance to a cave or a tunnel or something around here somewhere.” Brock

    Max sighed. “We’re never getting out of these stupid mountains…” He
    muttered to himself.

    “Hey, look at that!” Brock exclaimed, pointing to what appeared to be a small
    floating orange light in the distance.

    “Ohhh no.” Max said, waving his hands. “Remember what happened last time
    we saw something like that?”

    “Yeah, but this is too small to be a Rapidash – hell, it’s too small to even be a

    “I’m still not going-“ But Max was cut off by the sound of a voice.

    “Hey! You out there! You lost?”

    “Uhh…” Brock stuttered. “Are you the one carrying that orange light?” He
    yelled back.

    “Oh, this?” The voice yelled as the light began to move around. “It’s my
    lantern. So, are you lost or what?!”

    “No, we’re not lost!” Brock screamed. “But some friends of ours are! They
    fell off the cliff near here and we can’t find them!”

    Silence. Then-

    “Follow me!” It yelled back, louder than ever.

    “How?!” Brock questioned.

    “Follow the light, of course!”

    Brock and Max sighed. “Oh boy…” Max muttered as the light began to get smaller.


    “Pika! Pikachu!” Pikachu said, pointing to the Walrein by the waterfall.

    “What? Do you want me to talk to that Walrein or something?” Ash said.

    Pikachu nodded and began to run over to it.

    “Once again…why is Pikachu always running off without you?” May
    questioned as they began to chase it again.

    “I have no idea!” Ash replied.

    Once they reached Walrein, Ash and Pikachu walked up to it. “Uh…h-hi,

    Walrein turned suddenly. “WALREIN!!” It roared.

    “No, no! I don’t want to hurt you!” Ash replied. “Me and my friend fell in
    here, and we just want to know how to get back up to the surface…”

    “Walll…Walrein! Walllrein!” He fired Ice Beam at the ground, and began to
    construct a small replica of the cavern they were in. Then it made the wall
    on the right, and made a mirror image of the springs on the other side.

    “Uhh…uh…oh, there’s another section of these springs on the other side of
    the wall?” Ash asked.

    Walrein nodded and used a more powerful Ice Beam to crush the middle wall
    between the two, then looked at Ash.

    “Umm…you want us to break the wall in between? But how?”

    Walrein constructed a path with a weak Ice Beam – so the ice was a lighter
    color – on the right side of the gigantic pool on the model that led to the
    back of the second area.

    “So, there’s a tunnel in the pool that takes us there?”

    Walrein nodded, and motioned for Ash to go.

    “Uhh…OK! You can count on us!” He said, raising a hand to wave as he
    climbed back down the slope by the waterfall.

    “So, what’d he say?” May asked tenatively.

    “There’s a tunnel underwater that will take us to an alternate section of this…
    cavern. Once we get there, we have to break the wall down so the Ice
    Pokemon can access it. Then he will show us the way out.” Ash told her.

    “Oh…” She sounded disappointed. “Ok.”

    “Well, then…” Ash said, moving toward the water. “Shall we go?”

    I don't know why the text only goes to the half-page point, don't ask me...
    Next chapter will include: First acts of shippyness, a town under attack, and lots of falling ice!
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2006
  10. qwerqwer

    qwerqwer Well-Known Member

    nice. and i don't even support this shipping. great mechanics and plot also. just dont rush anything.
  11. This chapter is great! Awesome description, and the length's kinda a problem, kinda not a problem... confusing... o_O... keep up the good work!!!

    ~Kitteh ;258;
  12. DarkkTrainerr

    DarkkTrainerr Fear The Darkness

    Okay, about the rating...I think this is somewhere in-between PG and PG-13...the fic's 'content' is going to pretty much be the same stuff you've seen so far. I guess it's like PG+ or something. The next chapter should be up Wednesday-ish
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2006
  13. DarkkTrainerr

    DarkkTrainerr Fear The Darkness

    Sorry, been a little busy, so the next chapter will be delayed until Saturday.
  14. DarkWobbuffet

    DarkWobbuffet BEEEEAAAARR!!!

    Wow, when you get someone who dosen't like a shipping to like your fic, you know you're doing good. :D

    Good second chapter. Looking forward to Saturday. ./'
  15. DarkkTrainerr

    DarkkTrainerr Fear The Darkness

    Chapter 3: The Icicle Caves

    "So...this is Gagat Town?" Brock asked as they approached a cluster of small buildings.

    "Yeah...I never told you guys my name, did I? It's Zane."

    "Nice to meet you. I'm Max, and this is Brock." Max replied. "Why is this place so...so..."

    "Worn? Damaged?" Zane finished, grinning.

    "Yeah. Why are all the buildings so damaged?" Max continued, pointing to a small wooden house with parts of the roof missing.

    "That's because we are constantly under attack from a mysterious band of Ice Pokemon." Zane replied. "We can't drive them off becuase they're too powerful. About every week they appear out of nowhere and start attacking us. We just have to take cover in the shelter-" He pointed to a trapdoor next to a hotel-looking place. "- and wait until they leave." Zane sighed.

    "Why don't you try attacking them? There has to be someone in this town with Fire Pokemon..." Brock reasoned.

    "The only one of us who has a Fire-type is Aaron, he has a Rapidash. But one Rapidash is still not enough to defeat an entire band of Ice Pokemon."

    Max and Brock looked at each other. "A Rapidash, huh..." Brock trailed.

    "What's wrong?" Zane asked.

    "We saw a guy riding a Rapidash in the mountains. He almost ran us over, too." Brock replied.

    "Yeah, and later we saw him fighting a Sealeo. That's where our friends got blown off the cliff." Max added.

    "That'd be Aaron." Zane said, chuckling. "He always rides around here with his Rapidash in search of Ice Pokemon. He thinks if he defeats enough of them, the Ice Pokemon that come here will surrender or something."

    "Why don't you just try taking out their leader?" Brock asked.

    "Because," Zane said, "their leader is a giant Walrein."


    "Oohhh man, I am so soaked!" May moaned as her and Ash exitted the underwater tunnel.

    "Calm down, it's not like we nearly drowned or something." Ash replied. "But that water was a little cold..."

    "A little? A LITTLE?!" May yelled. "I nearly froze to death!"

    Ash sighed and looked around. They had emerged into a narrow tunnel, which, Ash noted, had icicles covering almost the entire ceiling. "Looks like we have to go through some more cold snow..." Ash mumbled.

    May turned around and looked at the tunnel. "Figures..." She said. "It's bad enough we have to walk so far, but we have to do it through snow while we're freezing cold too!" She complained.

    For once Ash sympathized with her. The clothes she was wearing were definitely not suited for this kind of enviroment. "Well...we might as well get going."

    "Yeah, I guess you're right. "May replied. "The sooner we get this over with, the better."

    As they were walking, snow crunching noisily under their shoes, they heard a slight cracking sound above them.

    "What was that?" Ash asked, looking at the ceiling. He thought he saw an icicle wobble a little, but quickly dismissed the thought, not wanting to think about what would happen if the ceiling decided to cave in.

    "I dunno...sounded like cracking ic-"

    Suddenly a flurry of icicles fell from the ceiling and stabbed the ground inches from where May's right foot was.

    "Uh-oh..." Ash said, looking up at the ceiling. Sure enough, numerous cracks had appeared in the ceiling, which were releasing icicles from their resting place rather quickly.

    "Let's get out of here!" May screamed, running down the tunnel.

    "May! Look out!" Ash yelled back. An icicle had fallen and was on a collision course with her skull. "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

    "Pikaaachu!" The lightning rodent leaped off Ash's shoulder and shot a surge of electricity toward the icicle, shattering it.

    "Thanks, Pikachu!" May yelled as the remains fell around her.

    "No time for that now!" Ash replied as he and Pikachu ran side by side to catch up with May. "Pikachu, you go on ahead! Use Agility to avoid the icicles, and wait for us at the end of this stupid thing!"

    "Pika!" It nodded and sprinted down the corridor.

    "Come on, May!" Ash yelled. May nodded and they ran down the tunnel as well.

    Icicles were shattering right on their heels now. Then, suddenly, a group of icicles began to loosen a few yards in front of them.

    About two feet before they got under it, it began to fall.

    "May! Look out!" Ash yelled, leaping forward and slamming into her back to get her out of the way.

    However, in the second they lay on the ground recovering, the barrage of falling ice they had been running from managed to catch up with them.

    "Ahhhh!" May screamed. "Combusken, use Fire Spin!" She cried, releasing her Fire Pokemon.

    "Cooooombusken!" It shot out a spiral-ish stream of fire from it's open beak, melting the oncoming wave of falling ice.

    "Keep it up, Combusken!" May cheered. Spirits boosted by its trainer's praise, Combusken moved in front of them and began blasting the falling matter they hadn't reached yet.

    Then, for the first time since she had hit the ground, she felt Ash on her back. Even though she lay on arctic-class snow, in a cavern full of falling ice, she didn't feel cold. Instead, she felt the warmth of his body pressed against hers. She wasn't sure if she liked the feeling or not.

    "Ooof...are you alright?" He asked as he got up. He seemed a little dizzy from the fall.

    "I'm...fine." May replied.

    "Looks like Combusken's taking care of the ice..." Ash said, watching Combusken melt the ice like rubber as it fell.

    "Uh-huh..." May said, too lost in her own thoughts to say anything else. Sure, Ash had charged into her before to get her out of the way, but never had she fallen against a cold surface and really felt his body against hers. It was nice not to be cold, yes, but did she like the actual feeling of Ash...well, laying on her?

    "Come on, let's go get Pikachu." Ash said.

    "Oh, right..." May replied. "Combusken, return."

    It was about thirty seconds before they saw Pikachu waiting at the end of the tunnel.

    "Pi pi!"

    "What's up, Pikachu?" Ash asked.

    "Pika, pika Pikachu!" It replied, turning and pointing into the room behind it.

    "What is..." May asked as her and Ash entered the room.

    "...this place?" Ash finished. It seemed as if they had entered another dimension. Icicles lined the ceiling and some of the walls, sticking out at odd angles, such as one group that stuck out right from a corner in the wall, and another that hung horizontally from the ceiling. The walls seemed to reflect the colors of the rainbow. There was a frozen waterfall at the wall opposite the entrance, similiar to the one Walrein lived in. There was another pool, only this one was twice as big as the first.

    "If that was paradise for the Ice Pokemon," Ash said, "then this must be heaven!"

    As said before, don't worry about a hasty 'i-like-him' realization from May. This isn't gonna be super-long like CyberCubed's, but it'll be quite long. So no worries about hastys shipping, kay?
    Next chapter: A wildfire, an angry Walrein and lots of shattering ice!
  16. Kitteh's review!

    Well, here's my review!
    Hmm.... a couple minor mistakes I'm too lazy to point out, great sense of emotion. This chap was really good! Keep it up!
  17. DarkkTrainerr

    DarkkTrainerr Fear The Darkness

    I think I know the mistakes you are talking about, but I'm too lazy to fix them:p Now, I think you can see how the two groups(Max/Brock--Ash/May) meet up*wink* unless of course, you are extremely dense...

    Okay, I figured out how long the chapters should be, and I will try to make the following ones that long...anyways expect a big length change next chap!
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2006

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