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It won't evolve right!

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Well I have a shiny Wurmple and I want a Shiny Beautifly but my Wurmple keeps evolving into Cascoon. How can I stop this so I can get Silcoon?


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you can't. when you catch it, it randomly picks one of the two possible evolutions and will always evolve into that one. you're stuck with a shiny dustox.

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Nope, it's predetermined at catch. Sorry.

~Chaos Sneasel ;215;


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Yea,dont beileive rumors on the evolution,I tested the night,day thing,my wurmple evolved into cascoon when it was day so its obviously rong
dont belive natures,i have 2 of the same nature,they evolved diff
im sry but ur stuck with a cascoon
Contrary to popular belief, Wurmple evolves randomly. COMPLETELY RANDOM. According to Serebii, there is a some sort of number (called a Personality Value) already placed in any Wurmple. If the number is 4 or lower, it will evolve to Silcoon (which eventually evolves to Beautifly). If the number is 5 or higher, it will evolve to Cascoon (which eventually evolves to Dustox).

So, no gender, no night-day, no nothing...just random. So if your shiny Wurmple evolves to Cascoon, it WILL ALWAYS evolve to Cascoon. I'm sorry to say this, but the only other way to get a Shiny Beautifly is to catch another Shiny Silcoon, or catch another Shiny Wurmple and pray that it would evolve to Silcoon. Sorry :D


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You could always breed more Wurmple...it's easier than catching them to me. But whatever works for you. ^^


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but it would take a long time to breed another shiny wumple... the whole point is that he wants his one shiny to evolve into beautifly.


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I feel your pain. I've got exactly the same problem. I'm hoping with the change to the diamond and pearl, the wurmple system is changed too. Shiny beautifly is so much nicer than ugly gross dustox. ;049;


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LOL: shiny gross dustox. That just sounded weird. You will just have to keep your shiny dustox (better than nothing at all). Make the best of it and use it for contests or something. I am quite pleased with my two shinies.


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Just think of this:

Your lucky you have a shiny pokemn and most people don't. Some people even kill to get a shiny pokemon.

Anyway I hope that feature changes on diamond and pearl.


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Find someone with a shiny butifly and trade it for your shiny dustox. problem solved. (if you can find someone with a shiny butifly :()


Confusion is bliss
i heard it something like the ratio of attack/deffense....but i might just be thinking of tyrogue


.:Guilty Love
shirika2436 said:
i heard it something like the ratio of attack/deffense....but i might just be thinking of tyrogue

Yeah. That's Tyrogue. I believe it's:

ATK > DEF = Hitmonlee
ATK < DEF = Hitmonchan
ATK = DEF = Hitmontop

I don't see what's wrong with Dustox though. I've always prefered it over Beautifly. ;O;
Maybe Wurmple will evolve depending on Night/Day on DP. You could wait until DP comes out, trade over, and evolve it there at morning. This might not happen though. =/


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It's annoying, isn't it? I got a Wurmple, evolve it to Cascoon then Dustox. Then I got a new one, I tried to evolved it to Silcoon, but it was a Cascoon. I tried it again and again and I finnally got it half an hour later.

And does Tyrouge's attack and defence have to be exactly the same? Wouldn't that be a bit hard?


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heres a faster way than all the stuff u guys said:

catch a shiny SILCOON.
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