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Item and Pokerus Thread

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poke' breeder
ok im lookin for ev traning items that help wit ATK, SPD, and S.ATK.
i have water, leaf, thunder and a shiny stone for trade
and now i can do pkrs too.
pm plz. thanks
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Swampert is my Homeboy

Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma
I need a focus sash
Water stones
Ev reducing berries (currently growing in DW)
Zorua, all starters, all fossil pokemon...
and more!! Just ask.
....So yeah pm me people.


I wasn't even there.
I have many Dusk and Moon Stones, along with PokeRus. I'm looking for other evolution stones/items and a Macho Brace (accidentally released a Pokemon while it was holding it...).
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Shiny Hunter

Clicky my trade shop all pokes/items/services there


Claws of Fury
I'm looking for a Power Lens.

Please PM what you want in return.


One with the shadows
Items im offering

1 choice scarf

1 leftovers

Infinite fire stones

Heart scales (4)

1 prism scale


Things i want : metal coats , kings rocks, other evelutionary stones exept fire

Really want a choice band though
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Y u mad, Pikachu?
I have 2 Masterballs, PM for your offer. :3


need a sun stone please!!! =) message me and lets set up a trade
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God of Fire
need a shifter, can offer pokerus


The Eternal Aeon
Hi all. im after 2 Leaf stones. PM me if u have
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Well-Known Member
I'm restarting my black game and will give anyone most of my items if u help me trade some back to me when I restart my game. I'm also looking to get all the gen V starters when i start over.
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I have an overstock on dusk, thunder, and firestones

PM me with offers


Active Member
I am looking for Kelpsy berries (enough to reduce 40 ev's) for Black.

I can offer a Tamato berry, Pokerus, some items, pokemon, and possibly a shiny Pokemon.

Just PM me to see what I have.


Shiny Hunter
x1 moon stones
x4 shiny stones
x3 sun stones
x4 leaf stones
x3 fire stones
x2 dawn stone
x2 dusk stone
I have pokerus also
And Ev reducing berries.

Looking for BP items such as choice items, leftovers, life orb, and focus sash. Pm me


One with the shadows
Im offering:

Fire stones ( unlimited)

5 heart scales

1 metal coat

1 rare candy

1 choice band

1 leftovers


Looking for choice items and bulk ev reducing berries
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